The number came up on our phone connected to the name Kristy Phillips...
 Aug 07th, 2008
I received a call from this number on my cellphone last week. The call was identical to the hundred or more calls that I've been receiving both at home and also, a few times, on my cellphone for the past 9 months. Each time, the call is a recording that starts out saying that it's either the "last notice" or the "second notice" that my car's warranty is about to expire. Considering that I have a non-published telephone #, I wonder how they might have obtained both numbers. The only place that I can think of that I have given both numbers to is the Advance Auto Parts store. They always want a phone number, saying that they need it for the warranty on the parts that you buy there. I'm wondering if they might be selling these phone numbers to telemarketers.
 Aug 05th, 2008
I called the Warranty Direct number provided above and was told that they are the 'administrators' and do not call anyone. Instead, resellers/agents handle all of the cold-calling. This is nothing more than phone spam. Where did they get my number? Why, Volvo of Pleasanton of course. I bought my car while in the process of changing addresses; hence I provided my cell-phone number. I only use my cell for my wife and co-workers so my guess is that Hendrick Automotive Group is selling names. What's your story? Buy a car recently?
 Aug 05th, 2008
see bottom entry for the answer!
 Aug 02nd, 2008
went to the effort of following up the recording, and it connected me to the business below (information from BBB site). When asked to remove my number off the list, the salesperson became very rude, which is why I am now tracking down more information about this business. ;)

333 Earle Ovington Blvd. #700
Uniondale, NY 11553

Shaun Fetherston, Chief Executive Officer
Phone Number:
Additional Phone Numbers:

Fax Number:
Additional Websites:
 Aug 02nd, 2008
Didnt answer comes up as Kristy Phillips 10606 Hunnicutt Rd Cottondale ALABAMA call this creep back! shes also registered in Jasper born in 1971 heres some more numbers for "HER" harrass back! 205-387-2825 or 205-384-4719.. the number 205-556-6922 says its disconnected but I just recvd call from there.. www.zabasearch.com
fight back and give em a taste of there own medicine!
 Aug 01st, 2008
I missed the call, they didn't leave a message. A reverse phone number look-up gave the name Kristy Phillips in Alabama. I've been getting calls like this from random numbers all over the country. They started 2 months ago. When I googled the first mystery number (the area code was for somewhere in Michigan) I found many complaints like this number here and several people claimed the calls started after they visited a Jiffy Lube and gave their phone number in the paper work. I had just been to Jiffy Lube for the first time 3 days prior to the first phone call. I've learned my lesson to not give out my cell number anymore unless it's absolutely necessary.
 Aug 01st, 2008
Thanks to those reporting, I knew not to answer.
 Aug 01st, 2008
Car warranty offer. Get it at home, cell and work. I have gotten my "final notice" about a dozen times in the last couple months. I agree it must be some random dialer.
 Aug 01st, 2008
2055566922 From automated caller, selling auto extended warranty program. Funny, my care is 10 years old, so I know this is a scam. I waited for a person once, was told my cell # phone would be removed. That was several calls ago, never been able to get a human since.
 Aug 01st, 2008
I keep getting calls from this number (about once a month) I get a recorded message that says my manufacturers car warranty is about to expire on my car. This must be a scam I don't own a car.
 Aug 01st, 2008
Car warranty recording. I pressed 1 to speak with a rep, when he answered I asked for the company name but he would not give it to me and hung up on me. I keep getting calls like this all the time.
 Aug 01st, 2008
They call about 2-3 times a month on the house phone and once a week on my cell Sick of it!!!!!
 Aug 01st, 2008
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 Aug 01st, 2008
called today, i sent to voicemail, it left a message sounds like an auto dialer it stated " i did not understand that. Don't answer it.
 Jul 31st, 2008
was called once today - car warranty expiration scam call
 Jul 31st, 2008
It called twice today. Same car warranty expiration scam call that I have received before with other numbers. It looks like they are picking any working number at random. The last number was a Florida number. This one is a number in Alabama. Who knows what they will use next!
LA HABRA 90631
 Jul 30th, 2008