Dear Consumer Sentinel@FTC.GOV: REST ASSURED: _ALL_ of our telephone numbers _HAVE_ been successfully registered with _SINCE_ 2005 - when the web site in question was first established. Naturally we were UNABLE to report telemarketers/organized crime ring operators to you _BEFORE_ the establishment of the official web site in 2005._relentless_ telephone calls "from" "MED ADVANCE" [yeah right!] 240-397-5331 _AND_ "SURVEY" [yeah right!] 414-219-0007 [yeah right!] _AND_ from"CONSUMER SVCS" 321-209-7122 [yeah right!] we think this is an organized crime ring operating in Western PA/Eastern OH/Northern WV with _POSSIBLE_ "connections" in FLORIDA,USA-check this out with WTOV9 Wheeling WV USA television station-they covered the embezzlement of SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND from a local non-profit. _ALSO_:_relentless_ telephone calls "from""LIFE ALERT" 240-397-5331 [yeah right!] we think this is an organized crime ring operating in Western PA/Eastern OH/Northern WV. IN ADDITION: _relentless_ telephone calls "from"CONSUMER SVCS" [yeah right!] 586-231-3657 [yeah right!] _in addition to_ _relentless_ telephone calls "from"CONSUMER SVCS" "WARREN, MI" [yeah right!] 586-231-3657 we _USED_ to get relentless calls from-get this!-LUCRE[no kidding!] MI Caller ID display indicated: "Consumer Svcs" [yeah right!] _ALSO_ calls from 570-983-3796 [yeah right!]__relentless_ telephone calls "from"CONSUMER SVCS" 914-530-2264_relentless_ telephone calls "from"CONSUMER SVCS" [yeah right!] 570-983-3796 - [yeah right!]_AND_ _relentless_ telephone calls "from"CONSUMER SVCS 914-530-2264 [yeah right!] in _ADDITION_ to: _relentless_ telephone calls "from""RACHEL[yeah right!] with "Card Holder Services" [yeah right!] calling with an "important offer" [yeah right!] _AND_ "before that" "CONSUMER SVCS" 570-983-3796 [we think this is organized crime] and from relentless calls from LIFE ALERT 307-316-7473 and from 570-983-3796: We "frequently" "hear" what "sounds" like "male voices" floating past our home and _EVERY_ time withOUT FAIL these "sounds" are "followed" by BOMBARDING via telephone [landline] via e-mail message - via USPS of UNWANTED telemarketing "targeted" to us.. We have signed up with DMA-online-we have registered ALL OUR NUMBERS with with ALL to NO AVAIL-it seems. _relentless_ telephone calls "from" wireless caller 407-385-9357 _relentless_ telephone calls "from" WINNETKA, CA 747-444-9417 09/19/2014 at 3:00 PM EASTERN DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME _ALSO_ _relentless_ telephone calls "from" "LIFE ALERT" 307-316-7473 most "recently" on September 16th, 2014 we think it's an ORGANIZED CRIME RING _SINCE_ "LIFE ALERT" is _NOT_ a "charity" - almost _DEFINITELY_ an "organized crime ring scammer" we are pretty sure signing up with "ought" to STOP these calls [?] _ALSO_ _relentless_ telephone calls "from" "CONSUMER SVCS" 914-530-2264 _AND_ from "NEW YORK"212-662-2315 "recently" on September 15th, 2014 we think it's an ORGANIZED CRIME RINGOn September 11th, 2014 we write RE: _relentless_ telephone calls "from" LIFE ALERT 307-316-7473 On September 9th, 2014 we wrote - not for the First/Last/One Millionth Time regarding: RE: _relentless_ telephone calls "from" "CONSUMER SVCS" 914-530-2664 [the calls are always "Carmen" or "Bridget" [yeah right!] telephoning to offer a LAST CHANCE [yeah right!] to "lower interest rate on credit card" [yeah right!] The _THING_ is _NEITHER_ "Carmen" nor "Bridget" enjoy the _SLIGHTEST_ "authority" to "lower" ANYONE'S "interest rates!" let _ALONE_ issue anyone a LEGAL-AUTHORIZED credit card [!] Oops! for "Carmen" and/or ""Bridget" [!]"NEW YORK"212-662-2315 "recently" on September 8th, 2014 11:00 AM _AND_ "from""BETHANY, WV" 3048294527 "recently" in September 2014. "Other" _relentless_ telephone calls from "CONSUMER SVCS 914-530-2264" "latest" call from 914-530-2264 received on September 5th, 2014 NOON Eastern Time before that on: September 2nd, 2014 11:23 AMEST- before that at 1 PM EST hour - closer to 2 PM on August 29th, 2014 - "previously" "BETHANY, WV" 3048294527 "previously" "BARBOURSVLE WV" 304-948-5685 _PREVIOUSLY_ 3048294527 _PREVIOUSLY_ 321 209 6988 -we think this is organized crime NEXT-TO-"newest" call on August 29th, 2014 10AM EST hour. For YEARS+YEARS - close to a DECADE _SINCE_ 2004 - we used to be "relentlessly" "targeted" _BY_ telephone calls _EVERY_ USA HOLIDAY WEEKEND WITHOUT EXCEPTION [this one in 2014 being Labor Day Weekend!] "for" "Donate to breast cancer research" [NEEDLESS TO SAY NOT ONE PENNY OF THE FUNDRAISED MONEY EVER WENT TO BREAST CANCER PATIENTS!] "Donate to Veterans" [NEEDLESS TO SAY NOT ONE PENNY OF THE FUNDRAISED MONEY EVER WENT TO ACTUALLY HELP VETERANS!] "Donate to A Fund to Assist CHILDREN of Policemen Fallen In The Line of Duty" [NEEDLESS TO SAY NOT ONE PENNY OF THE FUNDRAISED MONEY EVER WENT TO ACTUALLY HELP CHILDREN OF POLICE OFFICERS FELLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY!] We are wondering NOW: "Hmm _ARE_ the relentless telephone calls that began in June 2014 relentlessly "targeting" our telephone numbers - calls that caller ID displays _EITHER_ as "CONSUMER SVCS 914-530-2264 _OR_ as "Bethany, WV 304 829 4527" _ALSO_ a "typical"-these-days-FUNDRAISING SCAM??????????????????????????? _SINCE_ JOSEPH PINIZIOTTO OF 732-691-4832 OF TOMS RIVER NEW JERSEY USA [110% INNOCENT _UNTIL_ proven GUILTY naturally!-in 2014!] STOLE our 1994 [nineteen ninety four] USA citizenship-1994 USA naturalization papers_IN_ MARCH 1994 we wonder: "Hmmm has JOSEPH PINIZIOTTO "acquired" "our" telephone number-and therefore "we" are being relentlessly bombarded by organized crime and/or organized telemarketers "by" "LIFE ALERT 307-316-7473 - in 2014? _OR_ has JOSEPH PINIZIOTTO possible THIEF of our 1994 USA citizenship papers - IN MARCH 1994 experienced "mortgage" re-fi "issues" and/or is in _DESPERATE_ "need" of a mortgage at ANY cost??? and _therefore" "we" [emphatically NOT Joseph Piniziotto!] are bombarded night+day 24/7 on every internet web page we visit with ads for: "SIGN UP FOR OBAMA RE-FI MORTGAGE PLANS!" _NATURALLY_ there would have been _ZERO_ "need" for our 20 years STRAIGHT of "distress" over our "loss" _ZERO_ "need" for any of this _IF_ USA BCIS had "bothered" to LISTEN to our concerns and _RETURN_ our 1994 USA citizenship papers to US-their LEGAL OWNERS _IN_ 1994 [!] MARCH 1994 to be _PRECISE_ [!] or in the "intervening" TWENTY YEARS _since_ MARCH 1994.
West Virginia
 Oct 11th, 2014