they get paid for the amount of TIME they keep you on the phone. I know this because a friend of mine is in telemarketing, but the kind where YOU call them! BUT, she started out with one of these kinds of companies. They laugh because they don't care if you talk to them all day... they do NOT record the calls unless there is harassment involved on the "Consumers" part. So, if you answer, don't reply at all, just hang up, and the best thing would be not to answer at all, the computer does it all, and they have over 100 DIFFERENT numbers for EACH company, and they rotate those numbers out every 30 days to get around the do not call registry.... But for the sake of having fun, if you want to see them squirm, and get them to stop calling, ask them for their home number, that you are from a religion of choice, and you would like to call them at home and talk to them about their salvation and their walk with Jesus. I bet they don't call back....
 Jul 28th, 2009
I recieved calls from Warranty Solutions from the following numbers and states. I'm sure these are robo call all originating from same boiler room. Here's a list times, dates and numbers showing on my cell phone since April 29th.

April 29 2:09 PM CST 603-875-6285 New Hampshire
April 30 10:39 AM CST 603-875-6285 New Hampshire
May 4 10:33 AM CST 703-445-9790 Virginia
May 4 4:22 PM CST 800-465-7962 Toll Free
May 4 4:42 PM CST 203-637-4783 Connecticut
May 5 10:32 AM CST 203-637-4783 Connecticut
May 7 2:29 PM CST 773-728-8019 Illinois
May 10 2:17 PM CST 269-788-0460 Michigan
 May 11th, 2009
I got this call regarding my car warranty. I answered because it's a local number for me. I've notice I started getting these calls after applying for a position on NES Employment site. I'm unemployed so I've been very care about scams. This one is clearly one I didn't see. I get bombarded with spam and these rediculous calls regarding the warranty on my car, it's ten years old. We need to stop these assbags from wasting our time and our minutes we all have better things to do then being frustrated by these scam artist trying to profit out of innocent people. I started getting these calls on April 14, 2009, these are other numbers I've been getting also 870-780-6248,203-637-4783,908-636-0390,636-688-5522, 908-636-0390 and twice from 509-935-0671. I just got one today 5/8/09 from 773-728-8019. These calls have nothing to do with what cell phone plan you have, it's the internet. This has got to STOP!
 May 08th, 2009
Why can't the FCC stop these nuiance calls? Maybe the FCC should be allowed to go into "bankruptcy."
 May 03rd, 2009
203-637-4783 is being used too
 Apr 30th, 2009
617-625-5509 is being used too
 Apr 30th, 2009
hahahaha they called a few times befor but i was too busy to talk but today i pressed 1 and waited on hold for a couple secends. someone answerd and all they new was my phone number. NOTHING else, I have a brand new car and they where trying to sell me an extended warrenty and my current warrenty through VW is not even close to its expiration date. SO... they said they where confirming info and i lied about everything, which of course now i new it was a complete scam. i had some free time and and keep feeding them false info. now they gave be unusual warranty options and told me they where all the same price but i had to pick one first then they could tell me how much it cost; wierd??? So he decided for me and said how about we go with this option, i said how bout ya blow me! so i started to conclude the call by telling them off and he was getting all aggrivated and i said awww are you going to hang up on me b/c you cant handle what im saying to you. he said i was mad b/c i couldnt afford it. i told him i new it was a scam you people call me all the time. he said o ok then how about we call you every 20 mins. i said Did you just threaten me. then i dared him to call me every 5 mins. i told him i could pay his warranty in full price, i make 3 times as much as you and am probobly about 10 times smarter but prob not any more because my IQ had def dropped a couple points after listening to all there B/S. i told him he was an idiot and could't even scam someone. he was mad. he said o your just not a happy person. i told him i am extreamly happy with my life and i even broke my toe 2 days ago.... then i heard the whole office laughing (it was great!!!). then i told him to turn the speaker phone up. this is so fun lets get even more people laughing ya f'n insignificunt loser. then he hung up. what a POS. get a real job. they havnt called back yet but if they do i will mess with them again and again all the way till its time to make a payment then blow thier spot up.

what ever you do dont give them any real info about yourself and when they ask if this is the best number to call you on say no its actually wierd i never have this phone, what a coincidence, you should call blah blah blah(a fake).

if you have the time, waste theres and have fun with it. may as well i havnt figured out how to get a hold of these people on the phone or in person. but i WILL hahaha.

if you do something along the lines i did, please share its hilarious.

i hope the dude reads this and calls me. i dare you!!!
 Apr 28th, 2009
When you try to call back this number, you get a phoney message that says the number is disconnected. My wife has gotten numerous calls. Told them to stop and of course they don't. PS. We're not pidgeons, clay or otherwise.
Jim Dorsey
 Apr 27th, 2009
This number called me and when I said Hello I heard complete silence and when I said Hello again complete silence and the next sound was a dial tone. I use to get calls all the time to renew my factory warranty but that call was coming out of Florida, I guess they relocated to another state. This is just as bad as those foreigners spaming me saying how I won 6 million dollars and they need my bank account information to complete the money transfer.
 Apr 27th, 2009
About 203-637-4783

This number called me and when I said Hello I heard complete silence and when I said Hello again complete silence and the next sound was a dial tone. I use to get calls all the time to renew my factory warranty but that call was coming out of Florida, I guess they relocated to Connecticut. This is just as bad as those foreigners spaming me saying how I won 6 million dollars and they need my bank account information to complete the money transfer.
Another Scam
 Apr 27th, 2009
They said this was the SECOND notice that the "warranty on my vehicle was about to expire". Guess this is a continuation of the scam/attempt to gather personal information. They called a business. They cal everyone! Someone needs to track them down & throw them in jail! I listened to the whole message this time & pressed 2 to remove me from follow up call lists. Let us see if it actually works...
 Apr 27th, 2009
they call me two time is Automated recording selling car warranty
 Apr 27th, 2009
 Apr 27th, 2009
I received a call from this number today and haven't listened to the message yet but I assume it is an automated car warranty call as it was one digit different from 203-637-4783 which called last week ( and I share the complaints already written regarding that number.)
K.J. Palladino
 Apr 27th, 2009
I never answer when the call is coming from an unknown number. The fact that the call is coming to my cell phone annoys me the most as I have not shared that number with anyone other then friends and family.
 Apr 27th, 2009
I get a lot of calls on my cell phone like this one. I refuse to answer unless I know who is calling, and I've disabled voice messages. My answer on cell phone tells who ever is calling just to call my home phone number instead, and I don't provide my home number of course! That way, only people who really know me can call my home phone number.

These people are calling cell phones illegally by using a recorded message. I wish someone would stop them. I think only the phone companies have the resources and ability to stop these people, but they won't because they make more money by letting these illegal calls happen.

The only way that phone companies will be willing to do ANYTHING, is when these calls COST them instead of generating profits. If everyone did what I do, I think the phone companies might be willing to take action.

Here's my suggestions:

1) Never answer unless you know who is calling.
2) Never listen to voice mail over your cell phone ... turn it off if possible.
3) Use an answering machine on your home phone to screen callers.
4) Leave a message on your cell phone instructing callers to call your home phone, but don't give out the number!

This will reduce the revenue generated to the phone companies from these illegal cell phone calls, and the usage of the phone companies' networks will eventually cost them $$$. They may eventually get involved if enough of us do this. Spread the word!
 Apr 25th, 2009
i get this ALL THE TIME. and it is SO annoying. How do i get this to stop?
 Apr 25th, 2009
Automated recording selling car warranty
 Apr 25th, 2009
I'm a Receptionist w/100 lines to answer. This was my first call as soon as I turned on the switchboard. Why call and not say ANYTHING or leave a message? How annoying can these scammers be? don't answer - I know because I had 7 calls from 4 different numbers yesterday in the first 4 hours on duty.
 Apr 25th, 2009
Telemarketing recording trying to sell you a warranty on your car.
 Apr 24th, 2009