Apparently a particularly dumb autodialer -- now blocked and reported to GSA and FTC.
 Dec 19th, 2013
Got a live person when I called and she is asking me for my business's block of numbers as if I would give her all those numbers!
 Dec 17th, 2013
This is a scam. They claim to be a "consulting" firm working for GSA (General Services Administration) helping business owners get federal government contracts. I called GSA - these people have no connection with them and are not authorized to invoke GSA's name.

They are just trolling business listing databases with their autodialer, looking for suckers. They'll take your money, but not provide you with any useful information or contacts to get a government contract. Fact is, nothing these assholes give you is any different than what you could find on GSA's website, for FREE.

If they call, let them know that you know they're a scam, then also let them know you are going to report them to GSA.
 Nov 07th, 2013
Got a call but no message from this number - so I called it back (*67). Some dude answers and says "hello". So I say, "who are you and why are you calling my phone number". He mumbles something like "operator actvate voice recognition and auto disconnect", then hangs up. So now he's going to get a call every hour of every day until he identifies who he really is.
 Nov 07th, 2013
seemingly an unattended autodialer -- I answered and it never connected on the remote end
 Nov 04th, 2013