Whatever you do, don't call this number unless you are ready for the Fugitive Squad to bust down your door. If your caller ID shows you received a call from this number, DO NOT RETURN THE CALL. Apparently they place calls to friends and relatives of fugitives and if you return the call, you will be asked to rat out your friend, or if they think YOU are the fugitive, you might be getting a knock (or busted down door) at 3 am. Use your brains. If this bunch is looking for you, why would you want to make it easy for them to locate you?
 Aug 04th, 2011
These calls are coming from Interagency Task Force Special Investigations Division. They apparently assist other departments in tracking down fugitives and criminals who use prepaid cell phones to conduct scams and frauds. Don't answer their questions. My brother was stupid and answered their questions and an hour later a SWAT TEAM broke his door down and hauled him away.
 Feb 13th, 2010
I wasnt available when this person called so I'm glad I wasnt available. This sounds like a typical phone scam and this person or person should be brought up on charges for identity theft. Do Not give your personal info out over a phone to this number. The U.S Government doesn't make personal calls and if they did they would know your info already. Thank you
 Jan 05th, 2009
John Podesta called and left word on my machine. My caller ID showed he called from this number, but he left the number 202-540-3000 on my voice mail. That number checks out to the US Government, but this number is apparently an unlisted number in the same place.
 Nov 26th, 2008
Some guy left word on my voice mail. Said his name was John (couldn't understand his last name, sounded like Podesta.) This number was on my caller ID but the name of the calling party was blocked. He said the number he was calling from is unlisted, but to call him back at 202-540-3000.
 Nov 24th, 2008
Received a call from a male who asked for the personnel dept. He said he was trying to verify some employment information on a former employee, and didn't seem to realize this is a small company, and we didn't have a personnel dept. He refused to give his name to anyone except the personnel manager. I tracked the number on my caller ID to this site. The former employee he was asking about is now a lawyer, and had previous law enforcement experience, and he was politically active. I suspect he might have applied for a government job.
 Nov 20th, 2008
Got call from Jennifer at this number. She said she is working a temp job with the "Transition Committee" and needed to confirm some personal information about me. She said someone had submitted my name to them as being qualified for some job or another, but she was very evasive when I asked for the name of the person who had referred my name to them, and the nature of the job involved. So I didn't give her the info she wanted to know. Most of her questions involved whether or not I was a lobbyist, if I had any income that was not disclosed to the IRS, etc. The questions were so invasive, I told her to cross my name off her list.
 Nov 18th, 2008