212-756-9000 -aka- 202-599-9478 -aka- 202-630-1038 -aka- 202-657-4727 -aka- 202-657-6938 -aka- 202-666-2376 -aka- 202-666-3552 -aka- 202-666-3850 -aka- 202-666-4642 -aka- 202-666-8001 -aka- 202-666-8563 -aka- 202-670-2495 -aka- 202-697-9891 -aka- 202-856-7690 just called our business. Caller ID stated "New York NY". We answered the call and we could hear that it was clearly a boiler room call center, because you could hear the hundreds of people in the background all reciting the very same script to the people that they had illegally called. The man with the very heavy Hindi accent on the other end of the illegal scam call claimed to be calling from the "United States Grants Department". Yeah right. Knew it was a scam instantly. Told them No Thank You and hung up. Then while typing this to post about the call, these scumbags called right back from a different number 202-789-5587. Reporting ALL of these numbers and blocking them immediately.
 May 03rd, 2017
This call have been send to me many time
and they said they are America government.
I think its a really bad thing for our country.
 Sep 27th, 2013
Heavily accented caller...'You have a govt grant of $7500 waiting for you'. I need you to confirm info and call 202.657.6938 and give them this code number and you pick up your cash at the nearest Western Union office. Then wanted my birth date. I would not give him any correct info, but made some up to see what he was after. DUH!
Harry M
 Oct 03rd, 2012