Today, March 24, is presidential primary day in Louisiana. All day yesterday my phone was deluged with robo-calls from politicians and political parties, and even the National Association for Marriage. I reported all the numbers to the FCC. It appears that Greg also got inundated with such calls, at least 8 judging from his postings to WCU.

This abuse of the phone for political purposes is outright harassment of American citizens. The Do Not Call list should be changed to block once and for good this RUDENESS and downright BAD MANNERS. We see enough commercials on TV; we certainly do not need to have them parading into our homes under the guise of telephone calls!
 Mar 24th, 2012
Reported as a violation of the DNCL.
 Mar 24th, 2012
When I came home this number was on my ans machine. They left no message but if I had been at home I wouldn't have answered it. I have gotten to the point that I hardly answer any calls I dont recognize.
 Feb 06th, 2012
All day today my phone has been deluged with junk phone calls, most from 000-000-0000. The new sneak attack seems to be to leave a message on your phone without making the phone ring. Then, when you go to check your calls later on in the day, there are all these Unknown Caller missed calls, and you were within a couple of steps of the phone itself - and you never heard it ring.

Someone is making lots of money from this. They also probably have lots of political clout up in D.C., and the money they are making is used to grease palms on Capitol Hill. The phone is not like a radio, a TV, or a computer website where advertisements are a part of life. The phone was meant to be a private means of communication, without commercials -- we pay enough to make the connection from this computer I'm typing on to the land line phone system out here -- and I don't appreciate having my regular phone attacked by nincompoops.

Change the laws. Get advertisers off the phone!
Cherryl Walker
 Dec 17th, 2011
1st call from that number--I did not answer. I'm listed on Do Not Call and that is a joke! Whoever calls from this number again will get an ear full of me screaming into the receiver! Try it; it works!
 Dec 16th, 2011
Doesn't do any good to be on that list or to file a complaint with it.
 Dec 09th, 2011
Looks like credit card services calling again because they have over 400 #'s they call from and a lot of there #'s have spoofed id's and I told them to stop calling me and there rep hung up on me and I been dealing with them for months now. And I also filed another complaint on them again at the National Do Not Call Registry and the link is toward the bottom of this page...
 Oct 28th, 2011