Caller ID says Tea Party. They call multiple times a day. Usually no one on other end when I answer. Today, I spoke to a rude man. When I asked him to stop calling us, he hung up.
 Dec 24th, 2016
Luckily the fax machine came on. Hopefully they'll think it's not a human number. 8:45 pm Sep 6, 2016
 Sep 07th, 2016
Claimed to be a representative of The Tea Party seeking supporters of Trump who want to defeat "crooked" Hillary. For the discounted sum of $100, I would receive a special Tea Party membership with pin, card etc. I told the a-hole that just like Trump, I charge for my brand so pay me $10K for my membership. He knocked the price down to $25. I told him my price was still $10K but would go higher if I rec'd anymore hateful nonsense as the call contained. He then asked me to listen to a recorded message ... I hung up. This smells like a scam. The Tea Party is certainly smarter than trying to sell membership with vitriolic nonsense.
 Jun 11th, 2016
they are driving me crazy! they call early in the morning through late at night! Please make it's form of torture!!
 Aug 08th, 2013
These calls are VERY disruptive to my bed bound alzheimer's mother! Who the hell calls at 8:45 on a Saturday morning????
 Feb 24th, 2012
The dirty secret is that many charity calls are placed by a commercial fundraiser, such as Associated Community Services, Dial America, Donor Services Group, Harris, InfoCision, MDS, and TeleFund. These non-sales calls are exempt from federal DNC, even though such call centers are very much for-profit and pocket most of what their periodic campaigns collect. At times the ''charity'' client is itself a closet profit enterprise, compounding the deception.

However, as commercial entities, these hired call centers are expected to honor an internal no-call list and add any number upon request. Break that order, the FTC declares, and ''the telemarketer may be subject to a fine of up to $16,000.'' They are also covered to a point by other regulations for telepests, so you can kvetch about abandoned calls, bot calls to mobile phones, and so on.

What else to do? File complaints with the FTC and attorneys general, and the charity group doing the hiring. When the boiler room calls, try getting on a master ''no-call'' list for all of that firm's charity clients. (See more discussion under this number: 901-881-9984 ) If a given commercial fundraiser seems deaf to your demands, and/or merely renews its pestering with the next campaign, turn up your volume on paper. Send a cease-comm notice via USPS Certified with return card. It need not say more than to stop calling and writing whatever numbers and addresses you want protected.

A charity call campaign must usually be cleared through some agency or regulator in your state, and many states make activity reports available online. They often reveal a specified period of weeks or months in which the group is permitted to solicit, sometimes tracking well with the observations on these call forums. Find those reports and you'll find one more desk to advise of your displeasure.

The DNC registry is not ''a joke'' and has done wonders within its scope. The following URL links to the FTC FAQ page which the DNC site *twice* coaxed you to read before you registered your numbers. See items 28 through 32 in particular.
 Sep 14th, 2011
This is intrusive and incessant. I would never contribute to this agency. What can I do to stop this?
Doug C
 Sep 14th, 2011
AICR is the American Institute of Cancer Research with an aggressive and reportedly impolite fund raising program. As a charity they get a one star out of a possible four star rating with the President and VP commanding salaries of over $275,000 each. For a direct link to the Charity Navigator report see
 Jul 17th, 2009
The "Do Not Call" list is a joke. It seems I have received more annoying calls since signing up on the list. I would like these people to quit calling at all hours. I bet they would not appreciate being harrassed all the time. As already stated, if I want to give to a charity I would. I do help where I can and don't need the constant harrasment of calls. That is the easiest way for me NOT to give.
 May 08th, 2009
Constant calls from this number... no message. No idea who they are or what they want but apparently it does no good to be on the national and state do not call lists...who or what is AICR?
 May 07th, 2009
what do they want cancer what
michelle parm
 May 06th, 2009
AICR calls under several different numbers, all 202 area code. They call all day, starting at 8:45 AM. After the first couple of times that the answering machine kicked in, they now limit rings to 3 so the machine isn't triggered as they never leave a message. Even if I wanted to answer it, I wouldn't reach the phone in 3 rings most of the time! It is too bad that charities are exempt from the Do Not Call list, because their unsolicited calls are just as annoying and time-wasting as any other telemarketer. If I wanted to donate to an organization, I would do it without needing to be hounded by repeated phone calls.
 May 06th, 2009
Called 0830, left no message. Home number on do not call list.
 May 06th, 2009
Have received several calls from AICR under different numbers (all area code 202). The want you to distribute 12 envelopes to solicit donations for their organization.
 May 05th, 2009
left no message. On do not call list
 May 05th, 2009