I live in Arizona and I keep getting calls from Share Group call center despite requesting that they drop my number over a dozen time during the past 2 weeks. They say in their message that they'll drop your number from your their list within 72 hours, but they don't, they just continue calling; I don't even know how they got my number since I'm on the National "Do not call list.". The numbers that they've been calling me from are 202-315-5355 through and including 202-315-5389. Anyone have any ideas? I've left them messages threatening to contact the police, but they just don't get it. I am having the police involved, though they've told me there isn't much that they can do!
 May 23rd, 2010
these people call from a slightly different number about five times a week. it's so irritating because they never say anything
 Apr 16th, 2010
This number calls 2 to 3 times a day. SHARE GROUP INC. No one on the line if you answer.
Big Guy
 Mar 16th, 2010
got this call, just got silence, then hang up. Tried calling the number and get instant disconnect.
 Dec 17th, 2009