Called 3 times. 1st time no one there. 2nd time, no one there. 3rd time, lady couldn't get her info correct. Stated that my birthday was not the month it truly is. Wanted me to "clairify" it by giving it to her. I told her I already get all my prescriptions through Medco. She said thank you and hung up. Sounded as if she was sick or something. Maybe on cold meds? Could not hear her 1/2 the time and something seemed suspicious to me. They may be legit but, maybe they should have someone man the phones who knows what they are doing.
 May 06th, 2011
First call, they left no message. Second call, I answered on the 2nd ring, but they didn't say anything!
What the hell is this? I use Medco for my prescriptions. If they don't want to talk to me, then they shouldn't call in the first place!
 Jan 26th, 2011