This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call list in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They further violate the TCPA by failing to have an operator on the line when the call is answered, and still further violate the TCPA by playing a recorded message without an operator on the line to stop or pause the recording and answer questions. Their recording is offering a free medical alert system to seniors to prevent death from accident. This scare tactic is highly unethical, and as their multiple violations of the TCPA already demonstrate, they are highly suspect in their operations and likely a scam. When you do get to an operator and ask for a phone number (which they are required to provide under the TCPA, and that any legitimate company would gladly provide to someone they wanted to do business with) they just hang up on you. This is clearly a scam. Do not provide this scammer any information.
 Nov 07th, 2014