Indian call center. Once your number is on the list it stays forever. If you change your number the odds are that the new number will also be on that list. Do not talk to them - never answer any call if you do not recognize the caller ID. Take your name off of your outgoing voicemail - this keeps them from selling the number w/your name to other Indian call centers. If you do make the mistake of answering the phone do not curse, blow a whistle or place a fake order. Simply say "sorry, wrong number" and hang up. Save the number in your phone's contact list with a silent ringer. After a while the calls will slow down. Once you engage them in an argument you have no choice but to change your phone number since they change theirs every 6 weeks so call blocking is an endless cycle. Any reaction from you is like money in their pocket. Do Not Call list does not apply to India.
 Jan 14th, 2011
I have been getting calls from the same company using different numbers...They tell me that I have purchased from them before, but when I ask them what address they have on file - they tell me that they don't keep that information (for my privacy), when I ask them what doctor the prescription is written under - they don't have that either (again...privacy). I have the multiple numbers on my cell phone showing up as Viagra scam 1,....2,....3,...4 I can take their calls when I'm feeling bored and waste their time. If not - I give the phone to my two year old and they talk with them for a while...
 Jan 09th, 2011
Several calls during my work hours, tried to call back but invalid number. Finally answered and an Indian accented man said he was from Western Pharmaceuticals. I told him to never call this number, remove it from all his lists and to never call back ever. I think I made my point.
 Dec 23rd, 2010
Several calls from this number with no response. Call back comes up invalid number
 Dec 16th, 2010
This # keeps calling and no one answers. Cant call the # back.
 Dec 14th, 2010