When I picked up, it was just a few seconds of some rock guitar and then it hung up.
 Jun 08th, 2009
A person saying his name was "Josh" called from this phone number claiming to be from Discover Card and wanted to speak with me (I was not home, my wife answered). We called Discover Card this evening after Googling the phone number and this person is not affiliated with Discover Card and we were told they had received other reports. If you receive this call do not give the person ANY personal or account information and report it immediately to Discover Card.
Attorney BJN
 Jun 02nd, 2009
3:37 same day as my previous entry. I again got a call from the 201-297-5705 and this time was able to speak to a live person. It is Discover card trying to sell us some type of add on protection etc for the discover card. I again asked them to stop calling. that makes 3 times they have called so far today ..
 May 28th, 2009
got a discover card a few months ago and every since then.. i have had calls starting at 8 am and up unitl 8:30 pm. They don't leave a message and I was fooled into calling it back from the house phone at long distrance rates a few times only to get a recorded message saying thank you for calling discover card and push 1 to speak to a rep.. then told its a 4 minute wait. I did wait and spent time talking to them and they assured me they had removed me from anymore marketing calls and suggested I get on the donotcall list.. I'm on it already, Now i call 1-800-discover each time and they assure me they have removed me from the call list each time and mark it in the file that i'm still getting them. Today they called at 8 am.. and at 3 pm as i was talking to the 1 800 number they called in from the 201 297 5705 ... really is getting on my last nerve,
 May 28th, 2009
They have called my house. Something about Discover Card. I told them they aren't from discover card because my phone ID lists them as being a "Johnny Bae" in Closter, NJ.
I am going to report them to the FTC!
Cathy McEntee
 May 27th, 2009
Caller ID said New Jersey call
 May 27th, 2009
Was Discover Card calling to offer my wife some plan of some sort on her card.
 May 26th, 2009