MRS has more phone numbers than brains.

Fed up with the calls? Capitol Hill is responsible for this
economic melt-down.
(Our lying and corrupt politicians).
Check out the link and see what I did to these credit card collections hogs.


It's MRS Associates, and I don't remember signing ANY kind
of agreement with your crap agency. Ahhh, these idiots bought a bad
debt. Get in line, you jerks. Can you believe these morons THINK they
have some kind of mystical powers to get people to pay ?? Oh, sue me.
I've already lost everything, and since this country is STILL spinning
out of control, I don't think I'll have anything in the near future either.
Get ready America, as we all start to feel like we're living in Cuba.
Is it time to call Obama "Fidel Obama" ??
For those of you who think this is really an irresponsible approach to all
of this... NO COMMENT... until you've walked in the shoes. And I don't want
to hear any crap about Suzy Ormon.

Don't give these scum-bags one bit of info and not one red cent of your money.
If people would quit paying these bottom feeder collection agencies, they would
all collapse. As they say in the Wizard of Oz... be gone, before somebody
drops a house on you.
 Jan 26th, 2011
mrs collction fools
 Mar 26th, 2010
It's media or msi or something like that And were pleasant on the phone. They were collecting on a deliquent capital one acct
 Mar 02nd, 2010
I'm suddenly getting a new swarm of calls from all over NH and the Northeast from places I don't know anyone. By "swarm" I mean 5-10 per day, none of which leave a VM message. Last time I suspected Feature Films for Families had some slimey way to manipulate their automated calls to trick people into answering or just find out when they were home--and I posted my suspicions here on this site. The very next day, the calls stopped completely.

I suspect, though, that other viral phone dogs are also using this hack to get around their number being blocked. Though certainly unethical, it probably is not "technically" illegal for some loopholey reason, and won't be until enough people realize what's happening and complain loud enough to get it on the radar screen.
 Jan 26th, 2010
Any one know who this is???
Who/what ever this is calling also called me today from 201-297-4628... They/it hangs up when voicemail kicks in.
 Nov 18th, 2009
Who/what ever this is hung up whn voicemail kicked in.
 Nov 16th, 2009