receive calls from this number, also from 12129978. never leave messages.
the gibster
 Jun 16th, 2011
This company has been calling for a month offering me a $25,000 auto loan. The calls were at first coming through as unavailable with no number. I reported the call to the phone company since I'm supposed to have anonymous call rejection. Then I began receiving calls from 7 digit numbers with no area code (212-9999, 212-9978). The caller claims to from USa Finance based in CA but each person has a foreign accent (maybe oriental??). I have asked to be removed from their calling list 5 times. Yesterday they called back within 2 minutes after being told not to call again to ask if I was the owner of the number. Very frustrating to deal with. I'm going out to buy a REALLY loud horn or whistle. If I can't stop them from calling, I will make it very uncomfortable for them when they call.
 Jun 03rd, 2011