This is an old scam which for some reason has come back into fashion the past couple of years. It's known as the ''phoner toner'', among other names. It sounds like Sue is ahead of this game, but I'll remark for the benefit of others.

The office machine supplies, if you ever receive them, will be the worst junk scraped from the back of a Chinese boat. The cost will be jacked up to maybe four times the street price of *good* supplies, and an obscene ''delivery fee'' is also likely. The scammer tries to find the one flunkie in a company who can be fooled into agreeing to a product order, and heavily edited responses from that employee will be waved in your bosses' faces as ''proof'' that a bill is owed if contested. Then will come hostile and/or illegal collection calls, probably with an even more inflated amount claimed.

The US has an old postal rule which says that any merchandise received without an order may be kept as a gift. The sender can huff and fume all he likes, but will not get any flimsy fake billing to stick. Possibly there are similar laws where you live.
 Mar 27th, 2012
someone called Oscar rang on this number this morning. Said his company wants to send us vouchers but to home address. Asked me to confirm details of company, ie number of staff, number of printers, etc started with 'do you still have between 20/50 staff I agreed then he asked me to confirm number of printers - I said 15 he said thats what he had (we have 3!). He says he is sending out 2 cartridges as samples but wanted an order number as they cost £325 each. I told him he can send them but they had better not come with an invoice and then got a spiel about as they are so valuable he has to but he won't invoice them until we are happy with them as he is in the area in a couple of weeks and wants our ongoing business. Says the company is Crown and his name is Oscar Jones. I asked for his contact details and thats when he gave me is name and phone number and an email address of shosowing@yahoo.co.uk. Phone number doesn't seem to exist.
 Mar 27th, 2012