5(062) 280-0009 showed up on our caller ID. The name was listed as "unknown name". I have since found out nothing about the number. I did not answer.
Ylanne Sorrows
 Jul 10th, 2008
Don't know who they are or what they want, never leave message. After blocking 800-966-6214, next number called (in less than 5 minutes)showed 888-748-4956. Blocked that number also and less than 5 minutes again the number 850-473-1276 showed up. Blocked this number, and now the numbers 5-062-255-9782 and 5-062-280-0009 are showing up. All of this after having initiated the call block against the first number. When researched, the first number is a telemarketer for lower mortgage rate, the second number was supposedly a collection company for capital one (don't have their card), and I believe the other numbers beginning with the 5 062 is the same company as one of the prior listed using the caller ID cover method. This allows the caller to put any number they want as the display number.
 Jul 10th, 2008