: hi,my name is brooke davis.i used to work in a call centre called del communication in karachi,pakistan.i know you people have a lot of reasons to hate me as i was once one of the agents who called you people but my conscience has risen from the ashes and i am very ashmed.As my ethical duty i will warn all you people.del communication is owned by a man named murad.this chap hires unprofessional teenagers and curropts the innocent minds by teachin them trawdry tactics of how to fool people into looting them.the agents sell a holiday package for 599$ but in the end the victim customer ends up paying thousands of dollars!!! i felt so sorry that i quit. :( i used to find sleeping at night very hard.i used to cry for hours.Mr murad(the mastermind of the scham) used to tell us(teh agents) that this work is ethical.He went on and even compared us to artists!(how can schamers ever be analogous to artists??!? the ones who do such beauty).Anyway,he is a shrew who has taught all agents very well.He taught them how to fool and how to collect credit cards.this business not only contacts austailians but also people in the united kingdom.and i am asmhamed that so many poor souls are fooled and end up victums.these monstors dont even spare the poor old people who leave on pension!!.so i ask you people who have been bothered for forgiveness and i request you to spread this message as much as you can. brooke davis :(
 Nov 13th, 2008
MCS Mutual Consolidated Programs, call about debt, lower interest rates, holiday/vacation. Persistent. uses various
Mutual Consolidated Savings, Mutual Consolidated Programs, Mutual Consolidated Holidays, Mutual Consumer Savings Program, Four Vacations etc.

Mutual Consolidated Savings,
1215 Earnest S. Brazil Suite 33
Tacoma, WA 98405-4025

International Office:

Contact telephone numbers:
1-888-786-5201 ext 255

If opportunity,
Request DNC for all associated/affiliated/connected companies.

They have just recently posted a web address to Request the DNC online. Just key in phone number and submit, this is it:

There is a Comment section where there is an opportunity to request a DNC for all associated/affiliated/connected companies. Use their own info to fill in the blanks and for email put or or site not working

Be Heard.
File Complaint, easy, documented, fines, possible phone lines shut down:

Need to contact political representative to tighten up laws regarding telephone auto dialers.
 Oct 25th, 2008
I had a call from this number today. Same deal as below: An Indian or Pakastani lady supposed to be calling me from Florida. She claimed to be from Four Vacation Company. As I am a major (Visa or Mastercard) owner I was entered into a draw (presumably with 90% of the world's population) and was lucky enough to be selected for a free US holiday (even though the recorded voice told me I had won a holiday to somewhere else). She probably just looked me up in the White Pages, as didn't know my full first name, though knew my address. She wanted birth date and to confirm credit card expiry date. I told her I had many cards and asked her for the credit card number that she wanted the corresponding expiry date, and she seemed to hesitate and told me any will do. She wanted upfront payment for $580 worth of taxes. I hinted that this seemed like a scam and she told me that scammers don't offer refundable tickets like they do!
 Oct 09th, 2008
got a phone call and spoke to "Galleria Thomas". told me same details as harvest316 mentioned. see this link:
It is a phone scam.
glad it wasnt my mum who answered and i told them i couldnt speak for my mum as i'm still not 18. :'P
i just ended up getting the details of their scam and not planning to call back AT ALL~!
Yes, she sounded like Indian... and i asked for their company name and they said MCS holidays, and asked what time their office opens and the girl was not sure what time i can call her back.
 Sep 30th, 2008
This mob are phoning everywhere from usa to uk to australia with the same scam. I am in south/east australia & had a call today.

first off you hear an american female voice recording telling you the great news that you have "won a free holiday" & urging you to "press 1 to speak to a real-live operator". I then found myself chatting with the very pakistani-sounding "real-live operator": Victoria Thomas.
"free holiday, just need your credit card details for verification & to pay taxes".
what a crock.

mcs holidays are based in pakistan. am pretty sure that they must be getting everyone's details from the card companies: they seem to know an awful lot about the person they are callin. what they really want is your code#. they seem to target visa & mastercard holders.

shonky, shonky, shonky.

they hang up soon enough if you ask lots of questions. of course, you could just hang up yourself. they have a website but it seems to change isp quite often.
 Sep 26th, 2008
It was Mastercard's "Vacation Department" calling. We had apparently won a 4 person trip to Florida, for being such good mastercard customers. Only needed to pay $599 for airport taxes now, and no it couldnt wait till we get the paperwork. They gave a Customer Care number of 02 8014 7597 which is a wrong number. Everyone sounded Indian. I called back to ask them where their offices were, and they're based in Florida, but it was midnight there.
 Sep 25th, 2008