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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

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Most reported today

  1. (727) 121-5555 (19)
  2. (919) 218-1674 (4)
  3. (321) 403-4129 (4)
  4. (458) 201-1153 (3)
  5. (910) 431-3415 (2)
  6. (216) 539-9428 (2)
  7. (518) 417-1294 (2)
  8. (888) 389-7026 (2)
  9. (701) 204-7330 (2)
  10. (914) 205-4300 (2)

Most reported this week

  1. (727) 121-5555 (19)
  2. (512) 230-1243 (12)
  3. 22404932141 (7)
  4. (267) 309-6203 (7)
  5. (518) 417-1294 (6)
  6. (323) 204-1487 (6)
  7. (239) 214-8594 (6)
  8. (516) 220-4762 (6)
  9. (919) 218-1674 (6)
  10. 401 (4)

(888) 254-0911 8 minutes ago

Rec'd call from someone pretending to be with Chase. I called the regular Chase 800# and had no request for an add'l card pending.

(727) 121-5555 40 minutes ago

Just got called on my cell phone from 727-121-5555. It rang only 3 times and gone.

(727) 121-5555 51 minutes ago

Said that my account waslocked and to press 1 to be connected to their security department.

(727) 121-5555 58 minutes ago

Robo call received that said my account was locked and asked me to enter the 16 digit card number. I entered 1234567890123456 and the response was that the number was invalid. I just wanted to get more information to see what would happen next. This call came in on my cell phone and woke me up at 8:00 am EST while I was sleeping I could strangle the people who are behind this I hope they go to jail!

0115186183392 1 hour ago

The call came in, we didn't answer it and no message was left. The 011 would possibly mean that it's an overseas call.

(319) 208-3656 1 hour ago

Recorded political call from candidate.

(760) 718-3254 1 hour ago

Hung up

(504) 206-3655 1 hour ago

Phone rang, I answered, and there appeared to be no one there.

(727) 121-5555 2 hours ago

Just received call from this number, I heard your account has been locked press 1 to activate or 2 to leave. When I press 2 the recording just repeats. If it helps I'm in Hawaii and just received this call at 2:13pm Hawaii Pacific time. Not sure what this is either.

(727) 121-5555 2 hours ago

Just received this scam phone call. Can't hear the first few words, but the giveway was '...your account is deactivated. Press 1 to transfer to security dept.' The phone number is fake: prefix '121' does not exist in the 727 area code.

(727) 121-5555 2 hours ago

Its fishy. Called and said "you account is deactivated. Press 1 to transfer to security dept."....Then some...."bank"....blah blah.

(662) 586-2672 2 hours ago

This guy is a salesman from the Ben E. Keith wholesale company, he delivers to gas stations, etc.

(512) 425-0269 2 hours ago

how can you stop them when everything is automated never given option to talk to live person or opt out number how is this legal???

(402) 952-4444 2 hours ago

If it is not important enough to leave a message, then it is not important enough to dial my number in the first place. Stop calling me!

(402) 952-4444 3 hours ago

On do not call list. I don't give out my cell number to anyone except family, close friends and work. These people are violating the Do Not Call registry. Why aren't these laws being enforced? Time to call our congressmen, oh yea, that's right, they are busy taking vacations!

(142) 557-8787 3 hours ago

again, no message and I assume a DNC list violator - I freaking hate these people!!!

(321) 206-4229 3 hours ago

no message - another DNC list violator I guess since they don't leave a message

(360) 623-1550 3 hours ago

This is Fairway Collection Agency...

(972) 639-0212 3 hours ago

didn't answer - another DNC list violator I imagine since they couldn't be bothered to leave a message

(972) 791-8011 3 hours ago

didn't answer - left some message with a child's voice in the background

(972) 791-8011 3 hours ago

calling from Nationwide Insurance, strong accent which I can barely understand, wanting to speak to my husband to know if we want more insurance....I know how to call my insurance agent if I want more insurance, I am getting tired of these DNC list violators

(972) 639-9710 3 hours ago

some dumba$$ who can barely speak English wanting to know if I want a roof inspection for hail damage - I guess the DNC list doesn't apply to them

(626) 159-9111 3 hours ago

Just a female voice asking for me by name, then a disconnect

(585) 397-7573 3 hours ago

leaves no message

(914) 275-4144 3 hours ago

Robocall telemarketer. Illegal phone calls to cell phone.

(210) 807-3101 3 hours ago

Called twice today. I don't answer and they don't leave a message. For what it's worth...I'll send a complaint to the do not call registry.

(727) 121-5555 3 hours ago

15:22 local (California). Total call time 22 seconds. Computerized voice (female equivalent):"This is Netsend. We regret to inform you that your account has been locked. Please press one to be connected to the security department."

(484) 550-7918 4 hours ago

Very pushy and rude .Telling me to switch and she is with pp&l. She has a big rebate for me

(202) 400-3795 4 hours ago

bad caller # 95 called my cell phone number which i have NOT given out. it is also on DNC list. left no message.

(678) 898-0128 4 hours ago

Debt consolidation telemarketer.

(520) 277-9097 4 hours ago

Security alarm scam...

(630) 318-4762 4 hours ago

Similar experience to Twizzler, but referencing my upstate NY utility provider, and some recently-pass 'deregulation act' that I am not familiar with. Caller quickly 'bailed' when I suggested I would like to confirm with utility company before proceeding. This is definitely a predatory outfit that is taking advantage of those who are willing to give-up info.

(440) 617-5624 4 hours ago

hung up on me. ? ad?

(727) 121-5555 4 hours ago

Same as others. Couldn't hear anything other than press 1 for customer service. I waited for the automated voice to repeat the message before it was disconnected.

(727) 121-5555 4 hours ago

got a call at 2:25PM PST said: "something" account locked press 1 to talk to customer service

(714) 656-4895 4 hours ago

Sirius Radio

(914) 368-2559 5 hours ago

Another attempt by the March of Dimes!!!

(914) 205-4300 5 hours ago

Caller ID read..MOD....March of Dimes?!?

(727) 121-5555 5 hours ago

Said Acct Locked. Press 1 for customer service. Hung Up

(314) 332-2966 5 hours ago

Bill collector.

(518) 444-2217 5 hours ago

Called but left no message...

(850) 610-2923 5 hours ago

Probably a peddler. They hung up before the answering machine came on.

(972) 232-7111 5 hours ago

Some sort of call center.. Bill Collection

(423) 213-1273 5 hours ago

Spammers. Just hang up on them. They claim to file or that they need your adress to file a claim against you. No such thing.

385003000 5 hours ago

Obviously, there are not enough numbers here. They call about every 15 min. No caller ID. It's been going on for about 3 days. When I picked up, no one was there.

(323) 984-7318 6 hours ago

Calls once a day. No message left. No caller ID.

(924) 618-5247 6 hours ago

Fake area code to hey but Barbara had a female voice this time.

(404) 947-7500 6 hours ago

Called my house phone twice the same day. I didn't answer just like with any unidentified number. They leave no message.

(909) 863-3076 6 hours ago

This number calls everyday 3 times a day. I never answer because of my poor sprint reception so I couldn't speak to whoever it is anyway. They never leave a message either.

(361) 400-5687 6 hours ago

Called At 3:16 Did'nt bother to answer

(206) 436-4856 6 hours ago

Indian guy called....I reported this number to the IRS

(305) 517-5678 6 hours ago

Smells bad, like a debt collector or card services.

(866) 920-2010 6 hours ago

Call for optometrist appointment in NE Texas

(866) 511-6909 6 hours ago

If you received a postcard claim for "gift savings" from Redemption Center in Arvada, Colorado with this number on it, know that it is a grievous scam where you are highly overcharged for magazines, and receive small rebates that are only valid after you spend hundreds of dollars on merchandise. The company will never cancel the recurring charges. How this isn't illegal is beyond me. The PO Box and number will likely change many more times while these crooks continue operating. This is filed as report #817423 at Ripoff Report.

(727) 121-5555 6 hours ago

phishing call. Said Acct Locked. Press 1 for customer service. Hung Up

(727) 121-5555 6 hours ago

same as mentioned before. robo voice asked to press 1 and then disconnected

(480) 337-3274 6 hours ago

The man left a voice mail pronouncing my name incorrectly and identifying himself as Miles, I was unable to understand his last name. He claimed to be from Wells Fargo and requested I call him back. This was definitely a spam call.

(877) 647-8552 7 hours ago

left no message

(727) 121-5555 7 hours ago

very ratty robo-call said an acct was blocked and prompted me to enter one to connect to customer service, then disconnected. Probly validating number for fraud

(866) 596-5276 7 hours ago

I don't understand why TruGreen doesn't identify themselves on these calls. They are just letting you know they'll be by in a day or so.

(436) 987-2564 7 hours ago

We are registered with DO NOT CALL LIST ... caller continues to call.

(503) 820-0961 7 hours ago


(925) 357-4034 7 hours ago

I agree. This number just says California on caller ID but no identification, no messages left on answering machine, but keeps calling every afternoon. Very annoying

(586) 461-1004 7 hours ago

Credit Acceptance

(916) 550-8617 7 hours ago

This is Sacm run by ex convict and con man in Sacramento California

(715) 204-3334 7 hours ago

Company Name: Home Media Innovations
Address: 226 Locust St #2, Hudson, WI, 54016
Phone: 715-204-3334
Our company offers a wide range of audio and video services since 2008. With 2 year workmanship guarantee we ensure your complete satisfaction. Call us now!


(229) 245-4851 7 hours ago

Credit Bureau Valdosta GA.

(888) 389-7026 7 hours ago


(877) 223-9245 7 hours ago

no message left

(858) 529-6800 7 hours ago

Application to National Funding produced this phone call within SECONDS!!!

(661) 670-2566 7 hours ago

Scam-11 in my contacts called again.

(661) 434-1081 7 hours ago

Scam-8 called again. Didn't answer

(727) 121-5555 7 hours ago

Said an acct was blocked and prompted me to enter info to unlock the acct

(404) 891-5588 7 hours ago

I have been called several times by someone at this number. I can NOT even understand what he is saying, much less believe one word he is saying !!! I am sure it is a scam of some kind so beware !!

(727) 121-5555 8 hours ago

This scam robocall says my "account has been locked," then wants me to put in an account number, pin, etc, to reactivate it.

(469) 464-4882 8 hours ago

Rosemary Moreno
Customer Advocate Team
Time Warner Cable
North Texas Division

(518) 261-2252 8 hours ago

They have called here a few times and never leave a message. Today they called and I picked it up. They wanted me to take a subscription to the paper. I said no!

(727) 121-5555 8 hours ago

I am very tired of recieving calls from this number without the decency of a voice mail.

(916) 827-8989 8 hours ago

IT'S NOT FROM THERE! It's from the person below in some country I never heard of.
Mobile Number : 9168278989
Telecom Circle : Tamil Nadu
Network Operator : *Cheers Mobile [ETISALAT]

* - if not ported to another operator
Signal Type: GSM
Note: incl Pondichery except Yanam, usually excludes Chennai, MEPZ, Mahabalipuram and Minjur

(727) 121-5555 8 hours ago

Who calls at 4:45 in the freakin' morning to sell perfume?????????????? That's so rude and unprofessional I'm done with Ulta.

(559) 473-2028 9 hours ago

keeps calling my fax # going on 13 times within a week and no fax sent o.O

(202) 870-5866 9 hours ago

robo caller recorded voice claims not to be a sales call - but is from an alarm company trying to see you an alarm system.

(413) 207-8582 9 hours ago

Burning the minutes off my cell phone. The govt. can listen to all our calls and do nothing ??????

(701) 393-5811 9 hours ago

Call from "Scott with card services" recorded message. I've gotten a dozen or more of these over the last 3 months. They don't seem to be willing to remove me.

(269) 506-3843 10 hours ago

Seven Blades Lawncare
634 S Constantine St, Three Rivers, MI, 49093

(630) 812-2812 10 hours ago

Stoneleigh Recovery Management

(509) 863-8894 10 hours ago

OMC Lawn Care
510 N Mitchell Ct, Liberty Lake, WA, 99019
(509) 863-8894

Time to fertilize your lawn? Need shrub trimming services? Organic Micro-Cut uses green and organic treatments!


(360) 322-6714 10 hours ago

Robocall to lower credit card rates. Listed as "Senior Shield".

(321) 403-4129 10 hours ago

Called the "unavailable" phone number back and voicemail is full. My # is on the Do Not Call list but doesn't seem to stop this annoying group

(915) 474-5867 10 hours ago

Lakes Pools and Concrete
El Paso, TX, 79912
(915) 474-5867

(866) 834-2214 11 hours ago

Same here. Just left a message stating a complaint filed against my name and SSN. I have no clue whom they are either.

(585) 444-7053 11 hours ago

Caller ID shows 'West Henriet NY.' They have called repeatedly over multiple days. I don't answer numbers unknown to me. Eventually they left a message for 'Mr Bradford' (not my name). I answered when they kept calling, thinking to tell them they had the wrong number. A gentleman with a thick accent claimed to be with the IRS and wanted to discuss my 'tax problems.' I was immediately on guard, and advised him my accountant would handle any problems. This appears to be either a devious marketing ploy, or an outright scam. Our local news stations have announced repeadedly IRS does not call or e-mail anyone.

(443) 327-9295 11 hours ago

This is a "free security system" scam. The caller "Raymond" with "Home Protection Services" hung up when I asked how the scam works. I guess this is some kind of new franchise scam, since I get frequent calls like this from many different numbers using many different company names. It seems that it is now almost as popular as the "Rachel" and "Heather" credit card scams. Probably has the same goal, to get your credit card number. The recorded message says that you are "recommended" by someone, but even this early in the message it is obvious that they are lying since they are calling a business number and then they want to speak to the "homeowner".

(561) 245-2166 11 hours ago

Leave daily voicemails regarding student loans. No one answers when calling back.

(682) 498-5052 11 hours ago

an automated message stated i have been approved for a payday loan. i have never applied to such people or site, it is quite annoying. please stop these automated calls

(701) 204-7330 11 hours ago

Saying our account shows we qualify for a business loan

(405) 638-3029 11 hours ago

I answered it and no one was there after I said hello, most likely some scam due that they didn't answer back a robo dialer

(502) 871-3340 12 hours ago

they call me every hour on the hour; I do not answer because I do not recognize the number and they never leave a message ... it is getting very annoying

(855) 255-0064 12 hours ago

spoke offensive language

(504) 234-3559 19 hours ago

Ponchatrain Concrete
1512 Lake Ave., Metairie, LA 70005
(504) 234-3559
We offer concrete services for the area of Metairie LA since 2006.
Concrete Contractor, Concrete Repair, Concrete Restoration Service, Concrete Service, Concrete Company


(213) 740-5115 20 hours ago

It's the USC Alumni Office requesting donations from grads.  Nobody here went to the wealthy-only-please USC, however, Keck USC just took over local hospital where we've been patients.  Also go to The Doctors of USC specialists.  Maybe they are trolling their billing records for donors.  Told them I never went to USC, am on the Do Not Call list and am looking for work, so I have no money....unless they can offer me a job, they need to remove me from the list and STOP CALLING.  Good luck...

(312) 219-2046 21 hours ago

this number is nothing more then a scam. Don't even bother with it. Not worth your time,energy or minuets.

(703) 999-1631 23 hours ago

I called it back and it was a political organization for some congressman.

(970) 279-4416 24 hours ago

I blocked the bastards from calling me everyday on one number. Now they are calling from a new number. This one will be blocked too!

(704) 247-4057 25 hours ago

Called my cell phone twice within two hours. Did not leave a message. No one in household requested insurance quote.

(440) 361-7093 25 hours ago

Anyone know who this caller is? Annoying.

(818) 857-3420 25 hours ago

Calls multiple times each day. I've lifted receiver, then hung up right away; they call back after an hour or so. When I pick up and listen, there's silence on the line.

(310) 645-5971 25 hours ago

i picked up this call, and a machine said "good Bye"

(850) 926-5531 26 hours ago

Hang up.

(305) 507-5477 26 hours ago

Illegal Robo Call. Auto-dumped to voice mail. No messages, so far.

(360) 253-5934 26 hours ago

Illegal Robo Call. Auto-dumped to voice mail. No messages, so far.

(480) 428-3389 26 hours ago

Confirmed Scottsdale AZ roofing company with F rating at BBB. Continues to call after asked to stop. Reported to state AGO, FTC and FCC. Might have to take them to small claims court for maximum penalty of $2500 every 10 calls.

(661) 318-8335 26 hours ago

Repeat illegal robo call. Sent to voice mail. No messages.

(810) 814-5313 26 hours ago

Repeat illegal robo call. Sent to voice mail. No messages.

(310) 703-5788 26 hours ago

Fake debt collector. Credit card SCAM. Threatened I would go to jail if I didn't pay by green dot card today.

(801) 377-7003 26 hours ago

Repeat illegal robo call. Sent to voice mail. No messages.

(305) 507-4577 27 hours ago

Repeat illegal robo call. Sent to voice mail. No messages.

(239) 673-5213 27 hours ago

Repeat illegal robo call. Continued to call again after asking them to stop calling. Sent to voice mail. No messages. Reported to FTC, FCC and State Attorney General's Office each new call.

(602) 957-7770 27 hours ago

Repeat illegal robo call. Sent to voice mail. No messages.

(702) 733-1327 27 hours ago

Repeat illegal robo call. Sent to voice mail. No messages.

(402) 509-5055 27 hours ago


(801) 656-2093 27 hours ago

unknown accent caller called and hung up

(314) 300-2995 27 hours ago

This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They claim to be providing an identity protection service, but demonstrate that they have no concerns for privacy or information protection by having already placed the offensive and illegal marketing call. When you ask for a phone number, the operator hangs up, rather than complying with the TCPA by providing the phone number and address as required when asked. This is clearly a scam, no legitimate business would hang up on a prospect because the prospect asked for a phone number... Do not provide this scammer with any personal or financial information.

(800) 352-7751 27 hours ago

They called our home and our son who lives out of state. All because we had the same last name as the person they were looking for. I demanded they remove our number and was told they had every right to call due to they were looking for someone specific.. I explained we have not done any business with them ever and certainly would not care to do business if this is the way they handle their calls.
I informed them they are in violation of the do not call lists and had no right what so ever to contact us or our son, who also is on the do not call lists as well.
IF they continue to harass us again they will continually be reported

(814) 571-8435 27 hours ago

Company Name: Hargrave Builders
Address: 215 Mountain Rd, State College, PA, 16801
Phone: 814-571-8435
With more than 30 years of experience and fully licensed by state of PA our company specializes in residential bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Call us now!


(408) 385-2555 27 hours ago

My phone rang, displaying this on my caller ID. But when I answered "Hello" they hung up.

(863) 588-7702 27 hours ago

Miracle Flights

(781) 275-1762 28 hours ago

Company Name: Pat's Painting
Address: 73 Loomis St, Bedford, MA, 01730
Phone: 781-275-1762
Pat's Painting and Surface Care is professional painter. We do the painting neat and clean with care and attention towards detail. You can count on us!

(443) 844-3557 28 hours ago

This number has been calling our home multiple times a day for about 2 weeks and never leaves a message. I have no idea what who it is or why they are calling--very annoying. We never answer calls that say out of the area, unkown or unassigned since they are usually junk calls. I blocked this # on our phone.

(443) 992-4968 28 hours ago

This number has been calling our home multiple times a day for about 2 weeks and never leaves a message. I have no idea who it is or why they are calling--very annoying. We never answer calls that say out of the area, unkown or unassigned since they are usually junk calls. I blocked this # on our phone.

(215) 249-6168 28 hours ago

Political caller.

(567) 218-0752 28 hours ago

Calls, does not leave a message.

(855) 302-8650 29 hours ago

This number calls multiple times per week, but when I answer NOBODY responds. HOW IS THIS NOT ILLEGAL? If I did this to somebody I would be arrested for making obscene phone calls or stalking!

(631) 804-8726 29 hours ago


(516) 441-2508 29 hours ago

Person sent text only claiming to be Jack Smith. Replied to my craigslist ad for a air conditioner in Austin, TX, told me he is an Oceanographer out at sea and can only text (no calls). Wanted to pay by check..NO CASH. Looked up the phone number and it is out of NEW YORK. SCAM...

(801) 715-5347 29 hours ago

Just rang and didn't leave message.

(312) 578-7015 29 hours ago

Called on my cell phone. When I don't recognize the caller's number, I simply click answer and immediately hang up. That usually gets rid of them.

(707) 396-5047 29 hours ago

Telemarketing company Provino calling for Chateau St Jean. Wont stop calling...

(337) 707-2654 29 hours ago

can you tell me the numbers who called 337 707 2654 today

(404) 418-5168 29 hours ago

Magazine reordering

(337) 707-2654 29 hours ago

tell me what numbers called this phone number 337 7072654

(754) 264-7134 29 hours ago

No idea who this is....

(905) 695-9048 29 hours ago

I too received a phone call, thought it was regitimate but obviously it is not. I had made an appt to see him tonight however am trying to cancel appt but also receiving a busy signal. Will not open door and will put big note up on door to leave......

(800) 898-0227 30 hours ago

Recorded message, not sure what is being sold. They've called 3 times in the last 2 days.

(702) 357-8315 30 hours ago

Call from Desiree from EMB payment systems
Bogus call

(919) 861-2400 30 hours ago

Collection Agency..Doctor

(503) 468-5069 31 hours ago

Still up to the same BS, mass spamming

(973) 852-4473 31 hours ago


(979) 823-4073 31 hours ago

who are they???

(213) 281-5571 31 hours ago

Diversify consultants is the name of the number above

(760) 946-6581 31 hours ago

Scam-7 at it again. Didn't answer.

(310) 913-0589 31 hours ago

Hawkeye Landscape Design
3183 Gold Hill Cir, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360
(310) 913-0589

Hawkeye Landscape Design has been creating gardens and exterior design throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties for 17 years. Residential landscape design that transforms your surroundings into a personal reflection of your lifestyle


(306) 988-1521 31 hours ago

Called saying they were The Liver Foundation of Canada, asked what charity I was donating to when the verifier came on & then had to write my name and address down when I said I'd send a cheque. Really high tech obviously, I won't be sending anything.

(561) 235-3906 31 hours ago

Caller was in a very noisy call center. Asked for a name I didn't recognize. I said he had a wrong number. His reply "Oh, I'm just trying to reach anyone with diabetes. Are you diabetic?"

I replied "Now you're in violation of federal do-not-call laws" and he promptly hung up. (I would have tried to get more info, but I'm at work on a conference call.)

35373237383 32 hours ago

Strange number. I picked up and they said nothing then disconnected.

(614) 335-6111 32 hours ago

called me did not leave a message, I returned the phone call and they asked me if I wanted to be a movie extra in my area. I allowed the lady to talk and give details (just to find out the cost) She stated that the only fee was 1.29 (a one time fee) for the professional online portfolio. I hung up after that, knowing that more than likely it was a scam.

(520) 277-9097 32 hours ago

Played recorded offer to reduce interest rate on credit card

(708) 483-8168 32 hours ago

Apple Express
1001 W 15th St, Lower West Side Chicago, IL, 60608
(708) 483-8168

(972) 345-8968 32 hours ago

no message left but when I called back it was the voice mail of a Brenda Palmer - apparently some telemarketer or political call because I don't know anyone by this name and they couldn't be bothered to be polite enough to leave a message

(954) 634-5085 32 hours ago

Generational Equity firm. Acquisitions. Annoying.

(714) 233-2137 33 hours ago

crap about seniors being eligible for up to $3000 in grocery coupons - another DNC list violator who is trying to scam seniors

(734) 526-2874 33 hours ago


(734) 526-2874 33 hours ago


(818) 533-8990 33 hours ago

Answered since area code was in our area. BAD IDEA. At first silence, then the sounds of a call center in the background. Sweet Young Thing's voice asked for us by name. When questioned about who was calling, she
answered "Cindy" and that she was with Concerned Homeowners. Before she could continue I asked if this was
about construction. YEP A cold call to our DNA listed phone number. Another scum bag operation.
We have reported this. Hope everyone else will too.

(404) 496-5780 33 hours ago

Trying to sell me a salon system

(312) 219-2046 33 hours ago

I won a free cruise! However I have to pay +$100 - don't bother pls

(312) 219-2046 33 hours ago

Someone called from this number and I called back, they won't answer and will drop call before it goes to voice mail

(727) 378-0789 33 hours ago

They call every day but never leave a message.

(213) 228-3150 33 hours ago

said was a volunteer afl-cio caller, calling a number in the federal DNC list
... asked to be removed

(787) 377-5314 34 hours ago

Owner of this phone number is making threatening calls.

(866) 887-8252 34 hours ago

said they were passport infinity - looking for someone that does not work at my business

(651) 333-4167 34 hours ago

Three days in a row I have gotten phone calls from this number from Minneapolis MN. I answer, but no one will talk. After a little while, they hang up. I have called the number. I get a recording that the number I am calling is not answering. Call back later. I have called back at different times of the day. Still no one answers.

(224) 588-9769 34 hours ago

SCAM!!! This person offered me a job posting ads on Craigslist.

(612) 490-3990 35 hours ago

Straightline Painting LLC
8229 121st Ln N, Champlin, MN, 55316
(612) 490-3990

Offering exterior and interior painting services for both commercial and residential clients. Serving Champlin MN and all surrounding areas.


(972) 497-2629 35 hours ago

Someone called from this number (972) 497-2629, and the caller ID showed as 1, no name.
Did not leave a message. Wed, 4-23-2014

(847) 481-5222 35 hours ago


(347) 441-0142 35 hours ago

Rings and no answer when I pick up

(208) 376-5080 35 hours ago

solicitor for:
all american sports
grandview hts HS for Jim Hall, its AD
2014 04 23

(763) 367-3944 35 hours ago

Persistent fax to a non-fax line. Here's what I did: Print "STOP" in huge, bold typeface on over 100 pages... and fax it back to them - the number is to a fax line. Choose whatever message you want, and spam their fax line, hundreds of pages at a time. I will be sending this fax several times a day, every single day until the calling stops. I recommend others do the same.

(after 3 days of faxing) I faxed total over 300 pages and it WORKED!! I received a phone call from a real person asking for a fax number to reach "so-and-so" (wrong number). I googled the phone number that called [ (800) 711-4555 ], it came up as United Health Care trying to fax over a "Medication Prior Authorization Request Form". I advised the caller of what was going on and she confirmed that it is UCH auto fax system. I have not received any more calls! ^_^

(925) 221-2292 35 hours ago

Called my home twice twice within 5 minutes and hung up. Very annoying!!!!

(866) 568-0290 36 hours ago

lol. what a bunch of scumbags:


(661) 670-2566 36 hours ago

Repeating caller from 661 area code. Saved as "Scam-11" in my contacts so I know not to answer.

22404932141 36 hours ago


(703) 348-2956 36 hours ago

Multiple survey calls from this number were made to my number. They got hung up on.

(443) 853-6898 36 hours ago

Don't Call Me! If I want something I will HONK you!

(508) 882-8535 36 hours ago

I have only picked up once from this caller. And the one time I did, someon ewas breathing in to the phone for about ten seconds and then said really peppy "HIIIII" and then I was freaked out

(919) 675-1802 36 hours ago

"Joke" repairs BEWARE

(802) 922-9218 36 hours ago

They've called 6 times in about 5 minutes! no one there after the 3rd time i let it go to voicemail, guess what no message!

(919) 875-1802 36 hours ago


(203) 651-6554 36 hours ago

Called asking for an email so they could send me an article from my local paper.

(813) 424-9428 37 hours ago

Tried to call back and said number was out of service.

(601) 207-6881 37 hours ago


(989) 391-3076 37 hours ago

Called and coughed in my ear!

(517) 258-4013 37 hours ago

Authentic Alternative Massage Clinic
417 Grove St East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 258-4013
Our goal here at the Massage Studio is to help your body achieve a state of perfect balance through various alternative methods of therapy. The human body can be incredibly strong, but this is only possible when its delicate systems are in balance.
Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Homeopathic Medicine, Health Massage, Naturopathic Massage


(713) 581-2273 38 hours ago

This number is a telemarketing number for car insurance .I just hang up from them and asked them not to call my house anymore .

(407) 656-4446 38 hours ago

Hancock Tree Service
19 W Vining St, Winter Garden, FL 34787
(407) 656-4446
Hancock Tree Service is a full service tree company. We offer a professional and comprehensive tree service that is quality oriented and affordable for all residential and commercial projects.
Tree Service, Tree Removal, Tree Company, Tree, Tree Service Contractor


(928) 216-3272 38 hours ago

Massage Therapy by Jeremy LMT
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
(928) 216-3272
Keeping your body healthy so you can be happy! Jeremy Dellosa is a licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). He offers massage therapy, reflexology, sports massage, acupressure, Swedish, deep tissue, Russian, shiatsu & hot ttone massage, craniosacral therapy.
Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Sports Massage, Massage, Reflexology Massage


(925) 705-0044 39 hours ago

MPK Carpet Cleaning
1314 Brown St., Martinez, CA 94553
(925) 705-0044
We offer cleaning services for the area of Martinez CA since 2008.
Carpet Cleaning Service, Cleaning Service, Rug Cleaning Service, Carpet Cleaning Company, Tile Cleaning Service


(925) 201-6464 40 hours ago

United Carpet Cleaning
3093 Citrus Cir, #175, Walnut Creek, CA 94598
(925) 201-6464
For more than 8 years we have been delivering expert services to the residents of our community. United Carpet Care is based in Walnut Creek, CA and the surrounding area.
Carpet Cleaning Service, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Carpet Care, Rug Cleaning in


(720) 629-5796 41 hours ago

Danni Roland

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