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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want


16 calls reported

Who CalledCaller IDDate
unknown, to cellphone936-569-95342009-06-27
unknown, to cellphone228-594-22072009-06-27
UnknownBeaverton, Or2009-04-16
Tacoma, Wa spammer253-382-90762012-04-18
ScammerHouston, Tx2013-08-16
PaWest TelecommGresham, Or2012-05-23
Opa Locka, FlOpa Locka, Fl2009-04-19
Medical Alert fraudcell phone TX2013-08-16
Highland Park CarHghlnd Park Car2011-09-27
Highland Park CarHghlnd Park Car2011-09-27
ESA Services-surveyunavailable2012-01-28
Cbeyond Communications425-658-89522012-04-18
L & D Marketing2012-01-28
Toll Free Call2011-03-17



i have received several calls from this number. I just hang up durig the recorded message.
Appears to be political but I'm sure they are asking for money at the end.


Called today but did not speak when I answered. Has called before so
I know it is the medical alert scam. They claim you ordered something
you know you did not order and want to ship it to you.

Don't fall for this one. And don't give out any personal information.


Another of the Medical Alert frauds being perpetuated on seniors. Just hang up.
Not to be trusted.


Caller claims he is trying to deliver a medical alert device. I knew I did not order any such thing so I just hung up. But I agree this is a serious criminal.


Medicare Fraud; scammer


Called my cell phone at 7:30 PM. Annoying to say the least. I did not answer as I am
sure it is a spammer using a spoofed number. At any rate Verizon is not my telephone
company & why would I get calls from out of state? I'm not going to answer.


Called me late in evening. I did not answer & they left no message.


Received call from both 866-785-6482 and 425-658-8952 both showing as Tcoma Wa.
Thye are spammers climing to be political calls.


Another political call survey. I deleted call.


I received an unsolicited call (on my cell) from 425-658-8952, and did not answer. Just deleted it.
I am on Do Not Call list for all the good that does. I resent spammers using up my minutes on my
prepaid cell.


Caller left no message. Why would I want broadband services from some out of state caller?
I would use my own telephone company first.


There is no such city as Ndidptnchs, Texas !


I have not purchased any tickets and this caller has no reason to be calling me.
I see it says it is Sprint but caller ID just says ticket center. I consider this
unsolicited calls and I am on the DO NOT CALL list.


This person called me twice and there is no message, just a series of beeps left on my answering machine.
Whoever they are, they have no business calling me. And I wish they would stop. I do not live in the Houston or Highland Park area and have had no dealings with this caller.


Daily calls, no one speaks when you answer.


An unknown caller, calling on my cell phone again.


An annoying telemarketer. I am on the Do Not Call List.
They are calling on my cell phone which I do not appreciate.
These people have no right to use up your minutes.


I do not appreciate telemarketers calling on my cell phone.
I am on the Do Not Call list but these people seem to ignore that.


This caller called me on my cell phone but would not say who he was trying to call.
Insisted I had called him at 7 AM that morning which is completely untrue.
I only use my cell phone for family members or enmergency and I had NOT called anyone
with it that morning.


Alltel is not my phone company and no reason they should be calling me.
They left no message. I am on the Do Not Call List.


This caller left no message and I did not answer.
I am on the Federal Do Not Call List but that does not stop them from calling..


I do not know anyone in the State of Oregon. There is no reason for anyone to
be calling me from there. I see this as a telemarketer who is violating the Federal
Do Not Call list.


Called on 4/16/2009. Opa Locka, Florida listed. No one replied when I answered.
Now I know this is a scam. I am on the Do Not Call List.


I cannot determine who this caller is but am quite certain it is from no one I know
and that makes it Spam in my book. Also looking in my phone book, there is the following
two prefixes that are valid : 936-205 and 936-254 and there is NOT ANY 936-229.
But that is what my Missed Calls lists it as; 936-229-9707. Naturally I am not going to call
the number back.