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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want


I find it rude when the caller doesn't leave a message.

557 calls reported

Who CalledCaller IDDate
ZechesZeches Applianc2010-02-04
Yvonne BarnhardtBliss, NY2009-12-08
Yvonne BarnhardtBarnhardtMain Y2008-10-17
York VetGeneseo NY2011-03-04
Wyoming County WActioonWyoming County2009-02-04
Wyoming County Early InterventionWoming County C2009-01-22
Wyoming County Early InterventionWoming County C2009-01-16
Wyoming County Early InterventionOut of area2008-12-23
Wyoming County DSSOut of area2008-12-30
Wyoming County Community HospitalP C2010-08-30
Wyoming County Community HospitalWyoming Cty Hos2009-01-16
Wyoming County Community ActionWyoming County2010-08-30
Wyoming County Community ActionWyoming County2009-06-09
Wyoming County Community ActionWyoming County\2009-02-04
Wyoming County Community ActionWyoming County`2009-02-04
WCCH LabWyoming County2010-12-01
WCATravel Help WCA2011-08-24
WCATravel Pro WCA2011-07-17
WCAThousand Oak CA2011-06-20
Washington DC2013-02-09
Warsaw Ob/GynWarsaw O B Gyn2009-06-11
Warsaw NYSocial Services2011-09-30
Walmart PharmacyWalmart2008-10-02
Walmart PharmacyWalmart2008-10-02
Walmart DiscoverWalmart Discove2012-06-23
Walgreens Specialty PharmacyWalgreens2011-02-17
Walgreen's Specialty Pharmacy800 Service2011-10-26
Walgreen's Specialty Pharmacy800 Service2011-07-28
Walgreen's Specialty Pharmacy800 Service2010-09-13
Walgreen's Specialty PharmacyAnn Arbor, MI2010-03-22
Walgreen's Specialty PharmacyAnn Arbor, MI2010-03-02
Verizon WirelessOut of Area2013-09-05
Verizon WirelessVaroli Corp2012-11-05
Verizon WirelessBrentwood TN2012-08-16
VerizonColumbia SC2012-02-01
Valu Home CentersValu Home Cente2012-05-15
USDAUnited,St Gover2008-10-17
USDAUnited,St Gover2008-09-15
US Department of EducationToll Free Call2008-02-12
University EyeWyzykiewicz Pol2011-01-08
University Dermatology AssociatesUniv Derm Asc2011-07-14
University Dermatology AssociatesUniv of Roch2011-01-21
University DermatologyStrong Memorial2012-08-03
Tops MarketsTops Markets2009-01-17
Time Warner Survey800 Service2012-08-24
Time Warner Cable800 Service2013-10-16
Time Warner CableRochester NY2012-12-17
Time Warner CableOut of Area2012-08-24
Time Warner Cable800 Service2010-10-13
Time Warner CableOut of area2008-12-19
Time Warner CableTWC2008-12-02
Time Warner CableTime Warner Cab2008-02-28
Time WarnerRochester, NY2009-06-18
The Scooter StoreTheScooterStore2012-05-15
Telemarketer recordingNew York2014-07-24
TelemarketerBinghamton NY2013-03-29
Tea Party political adOut Of Area2010-10-28
Taylor Heating & Air ConditioningRochester, NY2012-03-22
Tanya SemarNunda NY2011-01-05
Tanya SemarWireless Caller2009-12-28
Tanya SemarBliss NY2009-01-29
Tammy KappKapp Tammy2009-05-27
Tammy KappKapp Tammy2008-10-02
Tallmans GarageCastile NY2011-11-15
Tallmans GarageTallman Bros In2011-09-09
SurveyerF NY Wappingers2013-04-09
Survey ServiceSurvey Service2009-02-26
Survey ServiceSurvey Service2009-02-25
Survey800 Service2010-09-21
Strong Memorial HospitalRochester, NY2010-08-23
Strong Memorial HospitalUnavailable2010-04-07
Strong Memorial HospitalUnavailable2008-12-07
Strong Memorial HospitalUnavailable2008-07-18
StephanieMacKenzie T2011-06-27
SRS & Associates - Fred Hirsch2010-11-15
SRS & Associates2010-11-15
SRS & Associates2010-11-15
Specialty Scripts PharmacySpclty Scripts2010-01-04
Specialty Scripts PharmacyMassachusetts2009-03-05
Specialty Script PharmacySpecialty Scrip2009-08-13
SPCA SurveysNew York NY2012-10-28
Social ServicesWarsaw NY2011-09-30
Social Security - Back to Work ProgramHarris Williams2012-10-30
Social SecuritySocial,Securit2008-11-21
Social SecurityAmerican Voice2008-11-20
Sienna College ResearchSienna Research2008-10-01
Sharon GrangerMorse Robert2010-08-11
Sharon GrangerRobert Morse2008-10-11
Sharon GrangerRobert Morse2008-10-11
Sharon & Lipshie P.C.unavailable2008-05-24
Sears RepairSears Survey2012-02-14
Sears Appliance RepairSears2012-02-09
Sears Appliance RepairRepair Service2012-02-10
Scarborough ResearchRes Scarborough2012-07-07
Scarborough ResearchRes Scarborough2012-06-29
Santos Consiglis-Just Us RenovationsWireless Caller2009-03-20
RSIBatavia NY2009-09-03
RSIRaw Saw Incorpo2008-06-18
RPM CollectionsOut Of Area2011-04-02
RPM CollectionsOut Of Area2011-04-02
Rob DistaffenWireless Caller2009-12-28
Rob DistaffenDistaffen,Robe2009-12-28
Road Runner InternetRD Runner High2012-10-18
Rite Aid PharmacyRite Aid2009-11-07
Rite AidRite Aid2009-09-11
Rite AidRite Aid Pharma2009-08-07
Rite AidRite Aid Pharma2009-08-07
Rhonda MainLenssens, C2009-02-26
Rhonda MainLenssens C2008-11-21
Rhonda MainWireless Caller2008-09-14
Republican HQLockport NY2012-10-23
Republican financePolitical call2010-12-21
Ray MainMain, Norma2010-01-04
Rawsaw IncRawsaw Incorpor2011-11-01
Raw Saw IncorporatedBatavia, NY2009-10-07
Raw Saw IncRaw Saw Incorpo2009-03-28
Rachel SnyderWireless Caller2009-08-17
R O OttOtt's Collision2009-02-04
Political Surveys2012-05-12
Political SurveyerNew York NY2010-09-07
Political SurveyerInsight Assoc2010-08-03
Political surveyDayton OH2012-10-31
Political surveyDanbury CT2012-10-29
Political surveySimsbury CT2012-10-25
Political surveyOut Of Area2011-05-05
Political SurveyManhasset NY2010-10-24
Political recordingOut of area2008-11-03
Political recordingPrivate2008-11-01
Political recordingPrivate Suite2008-10-17
Political call for Mariacher2012-09-12
Political call for MariacherBoston NY2012-08-29
Political call for HumistonTanning Bed Lim2012-09-13
Political call for Bob Turner2012-06-19
Political call2012-11-05
Political call#71650787032011-05-23
Political call#20262688052011-05-23
Political callBuffalo NY2011-05-18
Political callCell Phone NY2011-05-14
Political callCell Phone NY2011-05-11
Political callCell Phone NY2010-09-10
Political callCell Phone NY2010-08-31
Political callBuffalo NY2010-08-18
Political callTeleTownHall2010-07-15
Political callCongressman Lee2009-10-28
Political ad?Aptelia - Did2010-09-13
Political ad for PaladinoArcade NY2010-10-22
Political adBatavia NY2013-11-04
Political ad2013-11-04
Political ad800 Service2013-10-25
Political adWashington DC2012-09-19
Political adNewt 20122011-12-01
Political adBinghamtom NY2010-10-30
Political ad60721762702010-10-30
Political adArcade NY2010-10-30
Political adKim Bowers2010-10-27
Political ad2010-08-21
Political AdBuffalo, NY2008-09-04
Police AssociationAlbion NY2013-08-02
Pioneer Ford dealershipPioneer Ford ME2012-12-06
Peter SvennsonAssociated Pres2008-08-20
Penny ScholesPenny Scholes2012-04-25
Paypal SecurityOut of area2010-07-14
Paypal800 Service2012-08-24
Patrick GallivanPrivate caller2009-01-07
Pam ZolaRochester NY2009-05-22
Pam WilkieWilkie Pamela S2012-12-06
Outsource ReceivablesOutsource Recei2010-02-08
Outsource ReceivablesPrivate Caller2008-06-06
Ott's CollisionsOtts Collisin2009-02-10
Ott's CollisionR O Ott2009-02-04
ORSOverpayment Rec2009-08-19
ORSOverpayment Rec2009-07-14
One Ring Hangup2014-05-22
NY AlertNY Alert2009-09-20
Northwest Direct MarketingToll Free Call2008-04-24
No messageRochester, NY2009-10-16
Nielsen TV RatingsNielsen TV Rati2012-05-29
Nielsen TV RatingsNielsen TV Rati2012-05-26
Niagara Credit SolutionsToll Free Call2008-03-31
Niagara Credit SolutionsToll Free Call2008-03-29
Niagara Credit SolutionsNiagara,Credit2008-03-29
Niagara Credit SolutionsToll Free Call2008-03-26
Niagara Credit SolutionsToll Free Call2008-03-25
Niagara Credit SolutionsToll Free Call2008-03-24
Niagara Credit SolutionsNiagara, Credit2008-03-20
NiaCell Phone NY2012-01-11
National Rifle AssociationStrategic Tele2007-11-13
National MS SocietyMS Society2013-10-14
National MS SocietyMS Society2013-10-13
National MS SocietyMS Society2013-10-12
National MS SocietyMS Society2013-10-11
Naomi EllisRochester, NY2009-12-27
Naomi EllisEllis Danny2008-11-02
MSIMarket Strategi2010-08-08
MSIMarket Strategi2009-08-24
MS LifelinesOut of Area2012-07-05
MS LifelinesOut of Area2012-01-25
MS LifelinesOut of Area2012-01-09
MS LifeLinesOut of area2009-01-05
Monroe WheelchairCurbside Lifts2011-07-27
Milton "Pete" MainMr Milton Main2012-04-25
Mike Semar2013-09-29
Mike SemarCell Phone NY2012-04-25
Mike SemarSemar M2012-04-04
Mike SemarSemar Michael2011-03-02
Mike SemarCell Phone, NY2011-02-21
Mike SemarEvert Donna2011-01-11
Mike SemarCell Phone NY2010-10-25
Mike SemarNunda NY2010-08-18
Mike SemarWireless Caller2010-06-05
Mike SemarWireless Caller2010-01-03
Mike SemarUvino, Judy2009-02-26
Mike SemarWireless Caller2008-09-09
Mike @ Scooter StoreCell Phone NY2010-10-29
Michelle HerringRochester NY2009-06-06
Micheal WeissRochester, NY2009-06-26
Mercantile Adjustment Bureau800 Service2012-12-14
Mercantile Adjustment Bureau800 Service2012-09-07
Mercantile Adjustment Bureau800 Service2011-06-21
Mercantile Adjustment Bureau800 Service2011-06-21
MedicaidNew York2008-02-28
MedcoToll Free Call2009-06-13
McClurg DealershipMc Clurg Chevro2009-10-19
Mary KayeRochester NY2009-11-12
Marlo Beauty SupplyMarlo Beauty Su2011-01-31
Mann Bracken Attorneys at LawUnknown2008-11-08
Maker's of AvonexBiogen North2008-09-09
M&T Bank2008-10-11
LTD Commodities/ABC DistributionLTD Commodities2009-06-19
LTD CommoditiesOut of area2008-12-02
Livingston-Wyoming County WICLIvingston Coun2008-12-19
Linksys SupportOut of Area2012-08-24
Linksys Support3662312012-08-24
Linksys Support800 Service2012-08-24
Letchworth Elementary SchoolLetchworth Cent2011-09-09
Letchworth Elementary SchoolLetchworth Cent2008-12-03
Letchworth Central SchoolLetchworth Cent2012-08-30
Letchworth Central SchoolLetchworth Cent2009-09-03
Larry OmansWireless Caller2009-12-28
Larry OmansBliss, NY2009-10-01
Karson's Auto & Truck RecyclingKarson's Auto &2011-02-14
Just Us Repairsconsiglia,santo2009-03-19
JP Morgan ChaseChae Abraham2013-12-12
Jodi CampbellWireless Caller2010-03-24
Jodi CampbellRochester, NY2009-12-28
Jodi CampbellWireless Caller2008-09-14
Jim DomagalskiJim Domagalski2010-09-11
Jim DomagalskiSecuritas Secur2010-08-05
Jayme PersiaPhiladelphia,PA2009-12-28
Jay HolmquistGlenolden PA2010-12-31
Jason of ISAAC Heating & Air ConditioningWireless Caller2008-11-18
Jake @ Sears DeliveryCell Phone NY2011-10-27
Jack Davis campaignCell Phone NY2011-03-28
Info ServicesOut of area2008-10-28
Info ServicesToll Free Call2008-10-27
Heritage FoundationFulton KY2013-09-06
Greater Rochester Neurological AssociatesGreater Roch Ne2008-11-08
Glass Mountain CapitalRochester NY2012-09-20
Glass Mountain CapitalRochester NY2012-09-19
GE Money800 Service2012-06-23
GE Fraud Services800 Service2011-10-17
GE Fraud ServicesToll Free Call2010-04-19
Fundraiser for NMSSPrivate Caller2013-10-10
Fundraiser for NMSSDenver CO2012-12-06
Fundraiser for Breast Cancer AwarenessWest Harriso NY2013-10-24
Frontline Asset Strategies800 Service2011-11-22
Frontier CommunicationsFrontier2009-03-31
Frontier CommunicationsRochester, NY2008-08-27
Frontier CommunicationsToll Free Call2008-03-05
Frontier CommunicationsToll Free Call2008-02-14
Freedom MotorsFreedom Motors2012-02-16
Freedom MotorsFreedom Motors2012-02-16
Freedom MotorsFreedom Motors2012-02-06
Freedom Debt ReliefOut of Area2013-10-01
Five Star Bank800 Service2012-04-03
Five Star BankRochester NY2010-08-27
Five Star BankFive Star Bank2010-08-31
Five Star BankOut of area2010-08-09
Five Star BankFive Star Bank2008-09-09
FDC SurveysOut of Area2012-09-05
FDC SurveysA 66002012-06-18
Eulalia RalphEulalia Ralph2009-10-01
Eulalia RalphRochester, NY2009-09-08
EthelRochester, NY2008-09-19
Erin KristKrist Kevin J2012-08-29
Enterprise Car RentalsEnterprise Rent2012-11-05
Elizabeth BarnhardtLowery Guy2011-11-05
Elaine MoyerRochester, NY2009-12-28
Elaine MoyerDistaffen,Darle2009-12-27
EG Tax2015-02-26
EG TaxYoung Jennifer2013-01-16
EG TaxCell Phone NY2011-01-08
eBayState Farm2009-06-12
Eastside Nursing HomeEastside2009-12-28
Eastman Dental ClinicUniv of Roch2010-10-20
Early InterventionWarsaw, NY2011-04-06
Dutch BarnhardtBliss NY2009-05-22
Drive MedicalSt Paul MN2012-04-10
Dr. PentlandAlice Pentland2011-04-01
Dr. Bayoumi's OfficeAhmed N Bayoumi2008-11-08
Dr. BayoumiOut of area2009-01-16
Dr Presser's officeGeneseo NY2010-11-04
Dr PresserStephen E Press2009-08-06
Dr PresserDr Stephen Pres2009-08-07
Dr BayoumiAhmed N Bayoumi2010-02-04
Doug HendricksonHendrickson D2012-12-15
Doug Green2011-05-23
Doug DartWireless Caller2009-12-28
Direct LoansDirect Loans2009-01-21
DiPietro Political adCell Phone NY2010-10-18
DiPietro Political AdBuffalo, NY2008-09-09
DiPietro Political AdBuffalo, NY2008-09-08
Devin MoyerValu Home Cente2012-07-12
Devin MoyerCell Phone NY2012-04-28
Devin MoyerCell Phone NY2011-08-10
Devin MoyerWireless Caller2008-09-09
Dept of Public WorksVillage of Silv2009-06-05
Dept of EducationToll Free Call2008-05-22
Department of Social ServicesWarsaw, NY2009-03-24
Dentists officeSuren Mewar DDS2008-11-14
Debt GoneDebt Gone WCA2011-05-25
Darlene DistaffenDistaffen,Darle2009-12-23
Danielle EllisWireless Caller2008-09-14
Curtis MoyerWireless Caller2009-06-02
Council OpticiansCouncil,Optici2008-10-31
Conroy MotorsConroy,Motor Co2010-08-05
Conny LenssensLenssens C2008-11-01
Commercial RecoveryToll-Free -2013-05-07
Commercial RecoveryToll-Free -2013-04-08
Collections Agency800 Service2013-06-18
Clearwater ResearchClearwater Res2009-05-01
Christopher MainWireless Caller2008-09-14
Chris MainRobert Rutherfo2011-03-31
Chris MainRobert Stowell2010-01-04
Chris LeeLee Chris Congr2010-02-10
Chris LeeLee Chris Congr2010-02-10
Chris LeeLee Chris Congr2010-01-20
Chris Collins7164050749 CC2012-04-25
Childrens Cance2014-01-16
Child Health PlusBlue Shield Nor2009-06-04
Child Health PlusBlue Shield Nor2009-05-13
Chant MainWireless Caller2010-08-05
Centenial Law Offices2010-07-17
Capital SurveysNew York NY2012-09-11
California Baptist UniversityCA Baptist Univ2012-07-12
Bryant TwissWireless Caller2009-06-10
Bravo Health InsuranceBravo Health In2010-08-11
Bravo HealthOut of Area2012-09-17
Bravo HealthHealthspring2012-03-06
Bravo HealthBaltimore MD2011-11-14
Bradley Brooks of URS HoustonRochester, NY2010-04-20
Blue Cross/Blue ShieldOverpayment Rec2009-03-03
Black & Decker returnsDuncan, Lechest2012-04-03
Betty BarnhardtCell Phone NY2011-03-13
Bank of CastileTomkins, Trust2009-09-28
Bahama Cruise LinesTrvl Getwy WCA2011-06-15
Associate Press PhotographerWireless Caller2008-08-21
Ashlins Elegant RoseHopkins Heather2011-05-06
April MullinsWireless Caller2008-10-02
Appliance Repair ServiceCell Phone NY2011-10-12
America's Next Generation800 Service2013-05-05
Alpha Reovery CorpS406240-Greenwo2012-10-15
Alpha RecoveryS406240-Greenwo2012-10-16
Allstate Motor ClubToll Free Call2008-05-09
Alisa AndersonRochester NY2009-02-10
Advanced Dermatology AssociatesStephen E Press2009-01-16
Adirondack InsuranceOnebeacon2009-02-10
ACEChildrens Cance2013-08-02
"something" attornies at lawUnknown2008-04-14
Out of area2015-04-21
Out of area2015-02-21
Out of area2015-02-16
Landphair C2015-02-16
Out of area2015-02-11
Out of area2015-01-31
Nesco Resources2015-01-27
Hurtsboro AL2015-01-22
Out of area2015-01-10
Out of area2015-01-09
Chmylak Jean M2015-01-06
Out of area2014-09-25
Out of area2014-09-16
Out of area2014-08-22
Out of area2014-08-21
Out of area2014-07-24
Orangeburg SC2014-07-19
Cuba NY2014-04-12
Albion NY2014-01-16
JP Morgan Chase2013-12-19
Out of Area2013-12-05
Toll-Free -2013-12-03
Albany NY2013-12-02
Toll-Free -2013-12-02
Childrens Cance2013-11-29
JP Morgan Chase2013-11-27
JP Morgan Chase2013-11-27
800 Service2013-11-22
Denver CO2013-11-15
Out of Area2013-10-19
Rochester NY2013-10-16
Lowe Tracy2013-09-21
Out of Area2013-08-30
Out of Area2013-06-19
Amsterdam NY2013-05-07
800 Service2013-04-27
Out of Area2013-04-21
Out of Area2013-03-28
Out of Area2013-03-27
Wireless Caller2013-03-27
Wireless Caller2013-03-15
Google Voice2013-03-05
Out of Area2013-03-04
David Fulciniti2013-02-25
New York NY2013-02-09
Warwick RI2013-01-10
Central Marketi2012-12-17
MS Society2012-12-09
Consumer Resch2012-12-09
MS Society2012-12-08
MS Society2012-12-07
Consumer Resch2012-12-06
Private Caller2012-12-06
Cell Phone NY2012-12-04
Consumer Eng2012-11-07
Yaw Charles2012-11-06
Farinola Patric2012-10-29
Cell Phone NY2012-10-14
Cell Phone NY2012-09-13
Hill Court Apts2012-09-12
Brentwood TN2012-08-24
Sacrament CA2012-08-24
No information2012-07-18
8006449064 80062012-07-18
Castile NY2012-07-09
Castile NY2012-07-08
Cell Phone NY2012-06-30
Feger Howard J2012-06-30
Cell Phone NY2012-06-26
Out of Area2012-06-24
Out of Area2012-06-22
800 Service2012-05-24
Barnes T2012-05-01
Cell Phone NY2012-04-25
Rochester, NY2012-03-22
William Sanford2012-03-16
Cell Phone NY2012-03-11
Marlene M Treat2012-02-26
Cell Phone NY2012-02-21
Cell Phone NY2012-02-21
Cell Phone NY2012-02-03
Jackson Matthew2012-01-11
Orchard Park NY2011-12-12
Cell Phone NY2011-11-13
Carrie A Sacco2011-11-13
Wireless Caller2011-11-06
Thosand Oak Ca2011-10-18
Castile NY2011-10-10
Carrie A Sacco-2011-09-23
Escondido CA2011-09-09
Cell Phone NY2011-08-10
Marr Phillip2011-07-24
Baltiimore MD2011-07-15
Faraone Robert2011-07-08
Cell Phone NY2011-06-14
Cell Phone NY2011-05-04
Cell Phone NY2011-03-25
Rochester, NY2011-02-04
Faraone Robert2011-01-06
Elder Health2010-12-21
Political Call2010-12-16
Thyroid Foundat2010-12-01
Cell Phone NY2010-10-17
GVB M2010-10-15
Wireless Caller2010-10-11
Wireless Caller2010-10-10
Vernon BC2010-09-23
Cell Phone NY2010-09-16
Market Strategi2010-08-07
Wireless Caller2010-07-23
Wireless Caller2010-05-21
Mr Alan Isbrand2010-05-17
Rochester, NY2010-04-23
Wireless Caller2010-04-08
Ciszak P2010-04-08
Mix Rodney2010-03-27
Lee Chris Congr2009-12-15
Smith, Les2009-12-13
Comm Consultant2009-11-18
Jonathan O Dale2009-11-01
Rochester NY2009-08-12
Buffalo, NY2009-05-01
Slawson Mark2009-01-25
Out of area2008-11-24
Opera Rin2008-10-29
Clearwater Res2008-10-11
Clearwater Res2008-10-10
Kerr Dean2008-09-24
Wireless Call2008-07-29
Wireless Caller2008-07-24
Out of area2008-07-18
Wal-Mart Superc2008-07-11
Baker Taylor2008-07-10
Lenssens C2008-07-03
Rochester NY2008-06-07
Pat's Tack Shop2008-06-05
Toll Free Call2008-05-21
Toll Free Call2008-05-21
St George, UT2008-04-30
Toll Free Call2008-04-24
Toll Free Call2008-04-14
Wireless Caller2008-04-14
Provo, UT2008-04-05
Rochester, NY2008-04-04
Nearhood Raymon2008-03-14
Mix Rodney2008-03-11
Miami, FL2008-03-01
Boston MA2007-08-17
Operations Div2007-08-12
Operations Div2007-05-29
A I2007-05-29



Called, and no one responded, when I answered.


Called and hung up without leaving a message.


Answered and a recording was playing, "To leave a voicemail, press. . .


Rang twice, then hung up.


Looking for Connie. Wrong number.


Sent a text, "Hi" at 11:45 PM.
I am not sure who it is, or why they would send a text, so late at night.


Called, and said, "I just wanted to see who this is."


Rang once and hung up.


One ring, then they hung up.




Called and asked for someone not affiliated with the cell phone. Refused to identify themselves.


Recording, stating I won a free cruise.


Single ring and then hangs up.


Called twice today and didn't leave a message either time.


Scam call trying to sell security.


Calls and never leaves a message.
Looked up the address on Bing Maps, that JTH, was given. The building has PayPal on it.


Won't leave a message.


Has called 4 times in the last couple of days. They never leave a message. I don't have a Chase card, nor do I have investments with JP Morgan.


Didn't leave a message.


Scam claiming to be Credit Services and to call them urgently.


Calls daily and never leaves a message.


I am annoyed that the MS Society would call on a daily basis, but refuses to leave a message. As much as I agree with the organization, I have serious issues with their fundraising protocols.


Called at 9:40 PM. Wrong number.


Political call against Obamacare.


Claimed to be the Police Association, trying to raise money.


Text message spam: Message from user#95590: Hey, this new herb is really working. I look good now! I said this herb was good.


Political call against Obamacare.


Never left a message.


Robocall trying to lower interest rate on credit card. This is a scam.


Spam text: Heyyyy babyy its Lacy ;D sign up at I have no pics up.Use my number for search


An automated caller about home break-ins.


Called and asked, "Who is this?"
How rude.


Hung up when I answered the phone at 8:15 PM.


Sales call attempting to sell us a home security system.


Wrong number.


Bill collector looking for a neighbor.


Asked for my wife and when told she wasn't available, they said, "That's all right." Then they hung up.


Didn't leave a message.


Automated debt collection call with the message that if you are the person they are attempting to contact, press 1, if you are not the person, then press 2.


Received a text for Matt from Destiny. Wrong number and received an attitude, when it was pointed out to them.


A voice said, "It is thundering and lightning, do you want to take a walk?" After that, they hung up.


Recorded message about lowering interest rates on credit cards.


After I answered, demanded, "Who's this?"
I said, "Who are you trying to call?"
They said, "My wife."
Wrong number, but I can understand them getting a little agitated when a male answered the phone, when they were expecting their wife.


No message left.


Scam. Do a survey and supposedly you win a cruise.


No message left on the machine.


Wrong number, looking for Dave.


Spam text: Are you having a hard time paying your mortgage? Do you need help restructuring the mortgage to get a lower payment? If so, reply HELP. To cancel, reply STOP.


Hung up after only 2 rings, twice.


Hung up when I answered without saying anything. How rude.


Received a spam text: You have been Pre-Selected to test and keep a Brand New Ipad 3 !!! Claim your Ipad hxxp:// 2-0pt-0ut reply stop


Called at 6:30 AM, looking for "Illy." Wrong number.


Text message: cust0mer issue: frozen, H5BC LNNF. please call at 3027246361 msg#


We have received repeated calls from this company, trying to sell us DishTV. We have told them on about 4 different occasions to stop calling. We used to have Frontier, but got rid of them a while ago. We have started reporting this company to the Federal Trade Commission at, maybe they can get this company to stop calling.


We have asked this company to stop calling. They claim that we filled out a survey, in which we requested them to call. However, we never do surveys, so they are lying.
We have been turning in the information to the FTC at the web site, so we hope they will step in and take legal action against this company.


Fraud Service for Walmart's Discover card.


Recorded message that says we won something and that we signed up through a survey. We didn't do any surveys and didn't sign up for anything.


Trying to scrape up customers for a tax plan or something.


Recorded message that we had won a free cruise.


spam text


Receivables Performance Management, LLC
20816 44th Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98036


Wrong number. Looking for Debbie.


RPM Collections
117 E Bryant St
Smithville, TN
<a rel="nofollow" href=""></a>


RPM Collections
117 E Bryant St
Smithville, TN
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They called and asked I voted Republican or Democrat. When I told them neither, they thanked me and terminated the call. I thought that was the end of it, but a week later, they called and asked the same question.
What do they want?


I received a text message through White Pages:

Call out office at 856-691-3636. Reply only to 267-987-9967


I received an e-mail through WhitePages:

I found your listing on WhitePages:

Please call my office about a pending matter - 866-696-4188


Political ad for Carl Paladino.


Political ad from Chris Lee recommending a justice in the upcoming elections.


Tea Party ad against Pat Gallivan


Political survey for the upcoming elections.


Called, but didn't leave a message.


Time Warner calling trying to sell us their new wireless Internet.


Looking for "Jeff." Wrong number.


We received two calls from this number asking about our choice of candidate on Tuesday's primary.

It appears to be part of Jim Domaglaski's campaign.


Another political call for Jim Domagalski.


They are doing a survey on health care.


The political ads have begun. Jim Domagalski looking to elected to the NYS Senate.


Political survey for outgoing Dale Volker's replacement.


Must have been a wrong number. Looking for "Tomika."


These guys are a scam. Watch out and avoid them.


Looking for Rite Aid


Possibly a bill collector, looking for someone that they think we know.


Wrong number...looking for Tom Sawdy


Wrong number, looking for a guidance office.


Hung up as I answered. Very rude. At least say something like, "Sorry, I dialed the wrong number."


Will not stop calling to try to sell us Dish TV. We have requested that they do so, at least 5 times, now.
Next time, will be pressing charges for harassment.


The specialty pharmacy calling to set up our delivery and make sure that the information was accurate.


Tried to get us to sign up for the package deal which includes Dish TV. We have told them many times in the past that we are not interested.


An automated call from Chris Lee about his telephone town meeting. Won't remove our phone number, like we requested. Typical politician.


A collection agency for a bill from the hospital.


Town Hall meeting call, that you can't disconnect from. This is very annoying.


There was just dead air, when we answered. Eventually, it disconnected.


Teenager, who didn't know how to use a phone, called and after I answered, said, "Hey."
When I said after a pause, "You called,what do you want?"
He answered, "Is John there?"

Wrong number.


Asked for my wife and didn't want to leave any message.
We have asked this company to take us off of their list, but obviously, they don't.


Wrong number. Looking for the store.


Automated message that a prescription was ready. Unfortunately, it was a wrong number.


Called to try to talk us into signing up for their DishTV service.


Survey about health care in the household.


Kathy from Time Warner calling to inform us about different plans available.


Medco Pharmacy - prescriptions by mail


Wrong number


eBay verification system for their Turbo Lister. It is to link the Turbo Lister to your eBay account.


Very unhelpful organization.


They wanted to survey the youngest adult over 18 about their health insurance situation.


Frontier Telephone trying to get us into their Dish TV or their Internet package.


Trying to get information on a bill from over a year ago for prescriptions that was supposed to be taken care of, already.


Company doing survey for Blue Cross/Blue Shield and will continue to call until they do the survey.


Looking for the Gainesville Store.


Recorded message to call back the 800 number.


LTD Commodities returning a phone call about an issue with our account


Asked for Carrie.


Automated recording reminder about an appointment with Social Security


Dentist office called us by mistake


A political recording with a request to vote for Dale Volker.


A recorded message from Rudy Guliani(sp?) trying to get us to vote for Dale Volker.


Want to get people to give out pamphlets raising money for the National MS Society.


A political ad about Malcolm Smith wanting to cut spending for schools.
He isn't even our representative.


Want to poll registered voters


Called at 12:30 AM and didn't leave a message.


Asked, "Who is this?"
Not a very good connection.
Must have a wrong number.


Asked, "Is this The Gainesville Store?"


Asked for a Lynn. Had our number all wrong.


Sharinn & Lipshie P.C. Attorneys. They are a collection agency.


A legitimate call about student loan. This is a part of the Department of Education.


Verified PayPal transactions. Wanted to make sure that they weren't fraudulent.


They don't remove your number using their opt-out system. They continue to keep calling and it is annoying.
They are trying to sign up for a motor club, something like AAA.


The lady said that they were "something" attornies at law, but she spoke so fast, I couldn't understand her.
Then she wanted my address.


Asked a survey of questions about my cable, Internet provider and telephone service.


Obviously, a wrong number.

They asked, "Do you guys have chicken parmesan subs?"


Hung up as I answered the phone


Wanted to try to get us into a package with their long distance or high speed Internet.


They said that this is an urgent matter regarding our car's warranty and that it needed to be taken care of immediately.


They asked, "when was the last time you had gone out shooting?" and "do I still own a gun?


Received a message, "Please hold for an important message. This is not a sales call."
After holding, the call hung up.


Called but didn't leave a voicemail.