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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want



TFZ LLC | TFZ LLC | tfzllc | TFZ, LLC | TFZ | TFZ/LLC | TFZ / LLC | TFZ,llc | TFZ L:LC | 213-363-5124 TFZ LLC |


Caller ID "TFZ" 425-484-1802. A recorded message selling funeral services. Includes a voice menu with two options: 1) remove your name from their list (I am already on Do Not Call registry) or 2) Talk to someone. If you opt to talk to someone, you get a recording to leave your name and number for a call back. If you call the number on the caller ID, you get a recorded message with the same. This is clearly a predator who is going to great lengths to remain anonymous, targeting the elderly.

They appear to be located in Washington State, but the business cannot be located so you can't file complaints with the BBB:

WHAT YOU CAN DO is report these crooks to the FCC using the online form at:

Previous Posts:

Also comes through on caller ID as "Service Announc" "Service Call" or "Service Message", 402-982-0779, 402-982-0619 & 206-397-1563.

This is a telemarketing agency that claims to be offering lower credit card interest rates or loan modifications. They tell you that they got your name and number from some other financial institution that you do business with. So, according to them, your bank or your credit card company is somehow "affiliated" with this company. When asked which one, they will not answer you and will hang up. This is illegal.

This company tries also to misrepresent itself as having something to do with the government. That in combination with Real Estate in California at least violates several laws.

The company uses 'demon dialers' and computers to dial your number, and does not check the numbers they dial against the Do Not Call list. If you get the chance to tell them to take your number off their call list, they will hang up.

TFZ calls from 29 phone numbers:

1337 206-397-0563 206-397-1563 21236 213-363-5124 213-363-5177 213-363-5214 253-561-7906 310-599-9201 360-722-5910 408-587-2105 408-587-2198 425-484-1802 562-288-7185 562-289-8195 603-214-3541 603214356 603-214-3565 603-214-3583 800-228-0826 814-940-0200 818-870-8100 818-878-8100 888-870-8100 904-842-8106 909-842-8106 916-219-8187 978-570-2241 978-570-2374