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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want



ERC | E R C | E.R.C. | ERC (800) 497-3803 | ERC? |

ERC = Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC. See also out of JAX, FL. They called me from 800.383.5558. I'm a third party not even related in any way to the person (Humberto) they're after. I got a new cell # last week that used to belong to that guy. If collectors are calling your phone in error, tell them to stop calling and take you off their call list. You can sue any firm that continues to call you after you notify them you aren't the consumer and to remove you from their call list. So make sure to log the date & time of all calls. I think the fine is $1000. per call after a certain amount of time to process your number out of their system. Hopefully I'll be out off their call list soon, but I'm still getting calls from other entities.... one by one I'll shut 'em down to save my cell minutes. I've been adding the phone numbers to my cell contact list as Collection Call 4 Humberto, then the real company name & the date/time I asked to be taken off the call list under "Last Name." That initial date & time is important since the clock starts ticking at that point. It also helps you to ignore the number when it rings since you know you've already spoken to them. Read through the following link to get all the details of the congressional Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Section 816 covers civil liability.

ERC LLC calls from over 50 phone numbers:

314-735-0520 510-246-3661 515-577-3040 602-235-0793 646-383-1472 646-383-1477 646-952-9798 651-318-2992 702-430-8914 800-246-9826 800-278-2420 800-305-5112 800-305-5557 800-326-0120 800-342-0839 800-344-3924 800-358-4328 800-373-1577 800-383-5558 800-383-5979 800-390-7420 800-390-7585 800-390-7586 800-390-7617 800-390-7644 800-390-7984 800-403-7479 800-403-7807 800-403-8950 800-403-9624 800-459-0766 800-459-0835 800-459-6099 800-459-6901 800-459-7902 800-474-0201 800-493-0791 800-493-1089 800-495-7902 800-496-0232 800-496-0748 800-496-4598 800-496-4599 800-496-8612 800-496-8916 800-497-0351 800-497-3803 800-497-3808 800-497-8044 800-501-7539