21-1-11 I have gotten at least 20 from various #s the last from 208-610-0771 Dearborn MI. Whenever you quiz them they just hang up. This is a scam outfit that moves its call centers frequently and i don't know what kind of a guy Mark Burton is but lieing Scum-Bag Slime ball comes to mind! If you want to write him, 21955 Cypress Drive #48-f, Boca Raton FL 33433 is his address, but cc the attorney general from your states consumer protection division when you do because this outfit is under investigation nation wide.
 Dec 01st, 2011
I also got a call a few days even tho I'm on the 'Do not Call' list. Get this .... when I told the guy he violated the 'no call list' by calling me, he said his "computer" called & that I asked to talk to HIM because I pressed '9'. The reason I did press 9 so was to get info on which to file a complaint with the PA AGO. H-e-l-l-o ... if they didn't call ME, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to press 9, right???
 Sep 01st, 2010
This is Mark Burton.....

let me be very very clear regarding this erroneous blog put on this site. Our company began taking calls from irate people today. Our company DOES NOT engage in any outbound dialing robo dialing or messages!!!!!!

And by the way I am not a "little jewish guy"

Anonymous obviously has an ax to grind but your putting your efforts in the WRONG direction. If ANYONE would like to visit our location to verify this I welcome the opportunity. But STOP calling this company.

So we are very clear on this forum...I will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who continues to harass our employee's and business to the fullest extent.
We capture ALL incoming calls and keep records of all calls to this location.

Do not call this company regarding this erroneous claim. If a representative from this blog or anyone perpetuating this forum is interested enough please contact me directly and I will happily allow you to validate that we are and have NO ASSOCIATION with any type of contact on automatic dialers or otherwise.

Get factual information before you continue your misdirected witch hunt. The person ANONYMOUS who has made these claims needs to pony up...I am
Mark Burton
 Aug 30th, 2010
Their real phone number is: 954-426-2642, which is registered to PHL International at 836 S Military Trail, Deerfield Beach FL - head honcho is Mark Burton (little jewish guy who is never at the call center). Their parent company is American Debt Negotiators 866-969-4236), owned by Ran David Barnea, supposed home address is 21955 Cypress Dr, Apt 48f, Boca Raton, FL. They use several spoof names such as "Cardholder Services." I've received scam calls about car warranties from them too. Don't rely on the caller id because they use fake numbers. Use the above information to report them to - "file a complaint." You could also crank call them if it makes you feel better. :-D PLAY THIS HIGH PITCHED SOUND TO DEAFEN THE SCAM ARTIST:

Scam Message: �Hello, this is Michelle with cardholder services, calling in reference to your current credit card accounts. As a preferred customer, you are now eligible for interest rates as low as 6.9 percent on all of your credit card accounts. It is urgent that you contact us today, since your eligibility expires shortly. Please consider this your final notice. Please press 9 on your phone now to speak to a live operator and lower your interest rate, or press 8 to discontinue further notices."
 Aug 28th, 2010
Rachel from Cardholders Services - they were issued a citation from the FCC March 2, 2007. Is this the same group? Number on Caller ID - 1-872-000-6279.
I am also on the NO CALL LIST.
 Mar 11th, 2010
I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST. The number that comes up on my caller ID from these jerks is:
The recorded message stated that I have currently no problems with my cards, however I needed to stay on the line to decrease my interest rate.
 Jun 29th, 2009
This company calles at least twice a week for about a year now. I am on the DNC list but that does not seam to make a diferance(what is that for)I usaly press whatever # thay say to be taken off there list but thay call back anny way. Latley I press to talk to a live operator and when I ask to speek to an superviser thay hang up. I think that this company should do thir homework, thay say "that I can lower my interest rate on me cretit card" Well jackass the joke is on you I do not own a credit card.
Gary Deeds
 May 13th, 2009
I am sure that if people were to visit Ran David Barnea at his home address, which possibly just might be 21955 Cypress Drive, apt 48F, Boca Raton and asked him real nicely he might stop calling you. Same for his pal, Mr Mark Burton of PHL International Inc, which is supposedly at 836 South Military Trail, Deerfield Beach Florida (look for the parking space reserved for "Mark"). Surely these are men of honor and personal integrity, who, if approached at their homes, away from the distractions of corporate life, would be more than willing to listen to the public.
 May 04th, 2009
If you are on a do not call list and they are calling you, that is a violation they are commiting right there and can be reported. I hope these people get what is coming to them for scamming the public.
 Apr 16th, 2009
I see many people were taken by Consumer Law Group, 23123 State Rd. Boca Raton, Fl. Rose Labideau 800-814-6756 called me pretending to be my bank wanting to update records, she managed to get my account numbers and emptied my bank account. When I called them to ask why they did this they were nasty, some guy named Gregg spoke to me. When I called back pretending to be a new client they were sooooo nice. I advise everyone that has been robbed by these low lives to file as many complains. I filed with the FTC, BBB, Attorney General, Fraud hotline.
 Apr 16th, 2009
I have received so many calls from these people I have lost count. Today the caller id says Sales Dept 757-990-8981. On many occassions I have pressed the option to be removed from the list. The calls continue, I then resorted to pressing 1 to speak to someone, only to explain that I want to be removed. Each time I have done this they have dung up in my face. This has got to stop!!!!
 Mar 25th, 2009
I am posting here the following post from another web site in hope that people will contact this police chief who is willing and able to strike a blow against these criminal telemarketers making the "Heather with account services" calls about lowering your credit card interest rate.

Fayette Police Dept., Iowa - 12 Apr 2008
I am the Chief of Police in Fayette, Iowa and have received calls from this number. I am willing to pursue criminal charges, but am appealing to those who have been called to forward any information on this number to me. These types of fraudulent companies need to be removed from our society.

My email address is
 May 31st, 2008
The correct URL for getting information on the scammer identity and wwho to report it to is:
 May 24th, 2008
The web site www.heatherwithaccountservices needs your help in bringing down the culprits running this illegal telemarketing operation. Please email the site admin him at:

if you, as a result of receiving one of the "Heather" calls, have ever had any actual transactional dealings with American Debt Negotiators Coral Springs Florida and conversed in detail with the representatives of this company about their services or, more importantly, gone so far as to receive written materials in the mail that contain identifying information such as names of company reps and return mailing addresses, or have ever been charged service fees on your credit card by any of them, please email the details to the aforementioned address. On web sites like this one where people have been complaining about receiving thses "Heather" calls, there are posts from people who have had such contact with some of these companies. If you are one of those people, please email the details to the aforementioned address. Action is underway in several state and federal law enforcement agencies intended to shut the real culprits down and sort out the innocent parties (if there are any) at the same time.
 May 13th, 2008
no mess.
 Mar 03rd, 2008
here's the 411 on this card holder attn; robert pitsker president 20441 kenworth circle. huntington beach ca. 92646-5446 re; file no.eb-07-tc-604thi is in reguards to the ticket that cardholder services recieved in 06 from the fcc in wash.dc 202-418-2499 someone should copy all these messages and send them to the guy that handled this case back in 2006 at the 202 # think his name is al mcloud.
 Jan 23rd, 2008
This company "Cardholder Services" is really American Debt Negotiators also known as PHL . Their telephone room where they do the actual calling is at 856 Military Trail in Deerfield Beach. They would probably kill me for saying this. Mark Burton is the head honcho at this center. The owner is a little guy who wears a yarmulke but is never at the call room.
 Jan 17th, 2008
1-866-969-4236 extension #733 is Sherwood Scout. I filled up his voicemail with Sesame Streets Elmos world. Thanks for posting the number.
 Jan 12th, 2008
I called the number below 1-866-969-4236 and started hitting random numbers for an extension and found out the only first number you can hit is 7, then you can pick two digits after that. For example, I hit 712 and got a voicemail and the persons name was Bridgett. I completely filled up her voicemail by continually humming the US Navy hymn.
 Jan 11th, 2008
I recieved a call even though we are on the Do Not Call list. The recorded message stated that I have currently no problems with my cards, however I needed to stay on the line to decrease my interest rate. At the end of the message it stated to press #1 to speak to a live person. A man came on and said "Card holder services" and I asked to be removed from them ever calling my number again. The man then hung up on me.
Randy Heishman
 Jan 11th, 2008
What losers! This is the second time I received a call from this company. Both time I pressed 1 and asked for the company name. First caller hung up on me. When I asked the Richard the second caller the name he said "unah" I asked him again and he said he already told me name and was not going to repeat it. He said he detected an attitude in my voice. I told him I was on the FNC. His reply was "big fu**ing deal"... I hung up.
 Dec 06th, 2007
I answer the phone for a very LARGE law firm in the ohio and KY area and I receive these calls about 6- 10 times a day, they always offer to lower my intrest rate provided i respond immediatly and press one with debt over the amount of 2500, then when i press one they either hang up the second I start talking or they make fun of me while I talking! WHY IS THE FCC NOT HANDLEING THIS?????????????
 Nov 27th, 2007
Again call from michelle from Card services when pressing 9 to speak to someone and you answer I do not know about th e interest on credit card question they hang up.
 Sep 20th, 2007
Cardholder services has been cited by the FCC for violating regulations against such calls. To see the legal papers (which contain the owner's name and legal address) go to
 Sep 14th, 2007
On the DNC, this company identified as Cardholder services. Pressing the number to discontinue calls yields an "invalid number" response. I chewed out the operator and was hung up on.
 Sep 12th, 2007
These fools have been calling for two months now.There was another situation, you may remember from one in NYC. When I contacted the FTC, those calls from the other company, have totally stopped for three months, so I am going to do this to these other freaks.
 Sep 10th, 2007
These jokers (cardholders services) have been calling me for several months now. No number or ID shows up on their incoming call. To this point I always just hung up or hit the take me off your the lest. A few days ago, feed up with the calls I hit 9 and was greeted with “are you ready for lower credit card rates”. When I said I want to talk to someone about getting you to stop calling me, I was hung up on instantly. I then checked out the net and found out it was a scam. I turned them in to the Louisiana attorney generals off and to the DNC, which I have been registered with since 05/03/2005. I also sent the info and some of the links from the net to a local TV and radio station in New Orleans near me.
Steve J
 Sep 03rd, 2007
I don't know if this is the number or not, since it comes into my cell phone as "Unknown" but the spiel is the same. Pressing "9" gets me through to a male (who sounds alot like the last person who called me). When I asked which credit card company he was calling from, he said the Corporate offices of Visa and Mastercard. Last I heard, these were competitors, not the same company. He also hung up on me when I tried to find out more information. How do I go about verifying it's the same company mentioned here?
Debbie H
 Jun 29th, 2007
Called using the standard blarney. When questioned about the company name and address they hung up. *69'ed them and will likely file a complaint under Oklahoma law 21 O.S. 1847a.
 Jun 08th, 2007
This might be apropos.
FCC Citation issued to
Cardholder Services Inc
Huntington Beach, California
 May 31st, 2007
Unless I know the caller, I never answer. I figure they can leave a message if its important. In this case, no message was left but the caller id says "Product Dev" and the number is 303-280-8689
 May 31st, 2007
Two calls so far, identified as Cardholder Services. Pressed 9 to talk to a person. Each time they recited a message about my credit card. They refused to give their phone number when asked. They can't have gotten my number from my credit card company... because I've never had a credit card. Duh.

I'm on the federal Do Not Call list, and have complained twice. (My state actually prosecuted DNC violations and won. But the weaker federal law superseded the state program. Grumble.)
 May 30th, 2007
no message left
 May 03rd, 2007
Just got the same as everyone else call from recording "Rachel of Cardholder Services ..." again - immediately reported it to DoNotCall List AGAIN - when is the government planning to do something?!?!
 May 01st, 2007
Just attempted to report the number to the Do Not Call registry. I remembered that someone wrote on here that it wouldn't accept the complaint because the area code was invalid. If you report the number broken up as 52-998-287-3537, where you offset the country code at the beginning, it will take the number into the system. The page that says the complaint has been received came up after I entered it that way, so it should work for others if done that way.
 Apr 30th, 2007
These guys are using an automated call system with no regard for any state or federal no-call list. After the recording I pressed 1 to speak to a person and was asked if I had >$5000 cc debt. I asked to speak to a supervisor who would only say he worked for THL and did not know what THL stood for. I asked more questions and he hung up on me. Someone needs to shut down these idiots. They are probably just phishing for CC numbers anyway.
 Apr 30th, 2007
automated recording stating if you are 2500 in debt they can help. I hung up
 Apr 30th, 2007
I received a call from this number on 4-26-07, and have received calls from the same number numerous times before. I do not answer these types of calls.
 Apr 27th, 2007
no message left. also on no call list
 Apr 27th, 2007
phone, ans. machine off, i don't answer the phone anymore. saw # on caller id.
 Apr 26th, 2007
That link he gave should have been . My typo!
 Apr 21st, 2007
I've received numerous calls from this organization with the same pitch. I pressed 9 and told the stone who answered that I wanted "the name and number of the company you're calling from." He said "Cardmember services," and gave the number 503-906-2000. I asked where they were based, and he said AZ (HQ), but that he was in a TX call center. I asked him for a web site, and he said .

Figuring I had enough on him, I asked if they scrubbed their list against the DNC list, and he said the DNC list "does not apply to us, because we are working with your credit card company." I said "Oh really, so my credit card company gave you my name and number to call about switching me to a lower rate card?" He answered that they got my name and number from Visa. I told him that I did not believe that Visa has my contact information - only the card issuing bank. He said, "No, if you have a Visa, then Visa has your name and contact information." Seeing that I had him in a box, I said, "So Visa is in the practice of giving you cardholder information to switch me to another company's Visa from the one I have?" He answered, "No, you keep the same card, but get a lower interest rate. Visa wants to make sure they collect on their debts, so they are offering these lower rates to existing customers."

That's when the battery on my cordless cut off...
 Apr 21st, 2007
came up on caller id, no mess
 Apr 20th, 2007
"Mary" from Cardholder Services was contacted by pushing the number 1 on an automated message. She said this was a good thing and I should be glad that she called. The object is to have their company "negotiate" your debt, but you have to have more than $5,000 per card and be more than 30 days late with a payment. I told her we were on the Do Not Call list and asked how she got my number. She hung up without saying anything else.
 Apr 20th, 2007
No message left. Hang up as soon as answering machine comes on. Am on the NDC List.
 Apr 19th, 2007
did not leave msg
 Apr 19th, 2007
living in canada and have received many a calls in the last month both leaving messages from rachel at cardholder services and just cardholders services. The phone numbers that are calling are being listed as from Colorado, Iowa and Nevada. Here is a list of those numbers 712-429-0266, 712-429-0273, 702-447-9995, 303-280-8689 and 866-362-8162. Each and every number that has phoned has given the same spiel that everyone here has been talking about.
 Apr 18th, 2007
Recorded message identifies company as Cardholder Services, says to press 8 to discontinue receiving their calls, but pressing 8 gets the response that "that's an invalid response."
 Apr 18th, 2007
Out of area call. The message on my machine was a computerized voice saying this was my final notice. My first thought was scam because I'm anal about paying my bills way before they are due. I am curious as to how it would have gone if I answered the phone!
 Apr 17th, 2007
Call American Debt Negotiators and playback Rachel's message (link listed below) to them at very high volume. Their number is 1-866-969-4236
If you can't get through their phone queue then try hitting random numbers for an extension and you might get through. Obviously they are annoying 1000's of people and the ftc doesn't seem to be able to do anything. Also listed below is their web domain info. If you're annoyed enough you can complain to their ISP or the upstream ISP that owns the block of ip addresses - in this case VERIO. You might need to do this since is registered in Australia (suspect in itself).

Results returned from
Domain Name..........
American Debt Negotiators
11555 Heron Bay Blvd.
Coral Springs FL
33076anisation Address. Admin Name........... Daniel Post
Admin Address........ 11555 Heron Bay Blvd.
Coral Springs
Admin Email..........
Admin Phone.......... 561-483-7337
Tech Name............ Verio Hostmaster
5050 Blue Lake Dr.
Boca Raton
Tech Email........... hostmaster@VERIO-HOSTING.COM
 Apr 16th, 2007
Automated message (meant to sound as if it's from a legit credit card company) indicated debt reduction program offer expiring and to take advantage of 6% interest rate. I looked up the area code online and it says it's from Cancun, Mexico. Tried to call number back, got recording that this number was not in service.
 Apr 14th, 2007
No Message - We are on the Federal No-Call List & call came in at 3:52pm EST
Tom N
 Apr 14th, 2007
No message left
 Apr 12th, 2007
An unsolicited call from a credit company to a number on the do-not-call list. When I told them that I was on the dnc list, the line was immediately disconnected. RLG
 Apr 12th, 2007
they called me.
 Apr 12th, 2007
Unknown Name came up on Caller ID. I didn't know who it was so I didn't answer it. Our answering machine picked up but they did not leave a message. I looked the area code up online and it says it's from Cancun, Mexico.
 Apr 11th, 2007
It was a recorded message that said she was from Cardholder Services and wanted me to move to their credit card company, if I had debt in excess of $2500. Wanted me to press 1 to be connected to a live operator or 3 to discontinue receiving these calls. I pressed 3 and it started the whole sales pitch over again.
 Apr 10th, 2007
This is the second time this number has called even though we are also on the do not call list. Just says unknown
 Apr 10th, 2007
Called @ 12:00pm today. Asked for name of operator and company and his reply - "Are you out of your damn mind?". Click. We are on the national DNC list.
 Apr 10th, 2007
no message left, call recieved at 10:40am CST, tried to call number back, got recording that this number could not be reached and to check the number and try the call again.
 Apr 10th, 2007
no message left
 Apr 10th, 2007
I've gotten many calls from various numbers, all of which end up being American Debt Negotiators. I have reported each and every call to the do not call website, and I have listed the company's name on every report. Their phone number listed on their website is 866-969-4236 and I include that in the dnc report, even though they are re-routing their calls through disconnected numbers.
 Apr 09th, 2007
When answered, automated voice said 'Rachel from cardholder services.'

Automated message (meant to sound as if it's from a legit credit card company) indicated debt reduction program offer expiring and to take advantage before this occurred (provided answerer owes more than $2500).
 Apr 05th, 2007
no message left; caller ID reads 12:02 pm, unknown name.
 Apr 03rd, 2007
we are on the federal do not call list.
 Apr 02nd, 2007
Hung up when I answered.
 Mar 30th, 2007
Got a call today from this number. No one responded when I picked up. Maybe it was Nine Inch Nails playing in the background that scared them off...
Guy Jones
 Mar 27th, 2007
got this call yesterday. It says "Unknown Name" on my caller ID. I am blocking it as we speak.
 Mar 22nd, 2007
no message left
 Mar 16th, 2007
Spoofed caller id from Mexico. Call really from Palm Bay, FL. Telemarketers selling debt adjustment services. Caller identified company as Cardholder Services, Inc. When told that the company named was dissolved, caller said he did not know what the name of the company really is. Caller admitted he worked for a temp agency and had been hired out. He seemed confused to the name of the company - it operates under different names. He also said that they really weren't supposed to be calling into Georgia, but the computer does the dialing. A call to the director verified the name of the company, American Debt Negotiators, and he also freely said the company operated under other names also. He denied being prohibited from making telemarketing calls to Georgia. The company had been banned from conducting business in Georgia, other than servicing existing customers free of charge. The company was found to be charging fees higher than legally allowed, not being insured, and not making payments to customers accounts after receiving payments, among other things.,2094,5426814_39274688,00.html
The temp worker that made the call was actually hired out by his agency to another of the many corporate identities operated by the owner.
 Mar 14th, 2007
no message left
 Mar 10th, 2007