Very annoying - calling on my cell - now I realize this is the 8th phone# i've received that's actually from the same warranty scam place - do these #'s look familiar people?!?!! 989-732-0514, 847-232-3321, 877-728-9891,781-891-9348,818-870-9114,909-650-9185,416-000-8831,614-761-1584.
KP in NJ
 Mar 12th, 2009
Unknown who was calling, reversed phone lookup said Brett A somebody in Gaylord MI..
Didn't answer, didn't leave a message... From the sound of it, just a wrong number...
but from the sound of it online, it sounds like a scammer.
 Feb 26th, 2009
I have reported the car warranty scam calls to the Buffalo Better Business Bureau. Here is a copy of my email.
Dear Sir or Madam,
I would like to report what is apparently a scam asking persons to renew their car's warranty and perhaps divulge personal classified information. I live in Greece, NY, and I am 1X years old.
My address is XX XXXX Drive, Rochester, NY 1XXXX, and my home phone number is (585)-XXX-XXXX.

On Friday I received a call on my AT&T prepaid cellphone (number (585)-XXX-XXXX) from an un-named company asking me if I wished to renew the warranty on my car. A recorded message played, telling me that "This is the second and final time that we have tried to contact you, and if you do not take action, your vehicle will no longer be under warranty. If you want to speak to a customer service person, please press 1." This was at least the third time that they have contacted me or my family with the same message, so I followed the prompts, out of curiosity, to try to discern what was going on. I was on hold for about a minute and a half, and then I was greeted by a young woman's voice. She seemed ill-prepared and unsure of herself. She asked if I wanted to keep the warranty on my car, not knowing that I'm 1X, have no car, and do not live on my own. I played along, to get enough information to report to you.
(My family has two cars, which we purchased used from private owners [not dealers] ): a 1995 Honda Civic DX, and a 1997 15-passenger Ford Club Wagon. I do not recall my family ever getting information from either Ford or Honda about any warranties.)
The operator said, "I'm going to need to ask you a few personal questions."
I said, "Oh, like what?"
She said, "You will need to give me the make and model year of your cars.
I said, "Don't you know that already? Look, if you are going to tell me that I need to do something about the warranties, I think you should at least know what kind of car I have and how old it is."
She replied, "No, I'm just an operator. How would I know that?"
I said, "Well then, why don't you transfer me to somebody who knows this already?" She replied something like, "No, it's my job to ask you these questions. So what model year and make is your car?"
I was getting tired of this, and not wanting to completely lose my temper, I said, "Look, I've had enough. I know this is a scam and you are trying to rip me off," whereupon I ended the call.
My cellphone recorded the number that they called from as 1-(989)-732-0514, time received 12:03:41 PM on Friday, February 20th. Right before I was connected to the operator, a recording said: "Your call may be monitored for training and quality assurance purposes," so they may have a record at their call center.
I did a whitepages.com reverse search on the number here. I wonder if they could be using a person's number to make it harder to track them down.
Thank you very much for your help and for the good service that the BBB provides across the country.
Philip Fxxxxxx
for my family

Today the BBB replies with this:
Thank you for your email. We have received information about companies such as what you describe below. The issue that we are having however is gathering an address so that we can help consumers file complaints and post reports; without the address to contact the company we are unable to do this. If you are able to obtain the address to contact this company please advise.

Thank you for your time and for reporting this information.


Jeneen Penman | Senior Trade Practice Specialist

If anyone has more info, please email the BBB at geninquiries@upstatenybbb.org and link to this page. Thanks a lot.
Phil in Roch NY
 Feb 24th, 2009
Am getting 2+ calls a week from these people. Sometimes at different numbers. I called back this one and was told it was a "not working" number via phone company recording. Could have been a government number that has since become available again. Scams like this from behind bars are very popular. But with hackers ability to re-route calls, it could be anywhere in the world. I am job searching and this makes it twice as annoying as I cannot just ignore calls.
 Feb 23rd, 2009

File a complaint against this company for calling using spoofed numbers. What they are doing is 100% illegal! I am on the do not call list and they called my Verizon cell phone:

Vehicle Services Inc.
1052 S Cloverleaf Dr.
St. Peters, MO 63376

866-925-1783 Sales
866-315-1555 Customer Service
636-441-1604 Fax

Possibly affiliated

Steven C Chapa

Chapa Realty
1052 S Cloverleaf Dr
Saint Peters, MO 63376-6445
Phone: 636-441-1395
Fax: 636-441-1604

Caller ID: 989-732-0514
Caller: Vehicle Services Inc.

 Feb 20th, 2009
calls all the time- its a car warranty scam! they seriously need to be caught
 Feb 20th, 2009
These guys called me I didn't pick up and googled the number and found this page,...They called back and I took the bait, pressed 1 to talk to a sales rep and played along here's the conversation.

Phone Rep: "Hello this is kamir we're looking to extend your cars warranty before it expires."

Me: "Really are you my dealer?"

Kamir: "No we work with your dealer to provide warranty information"

Me: "Which dealer, I have two cars?"

Kamir: "Uh,..I'm not sure it doesn't say here, would you like to extend the warranty on both cars?" (said hopefully)

Me: "Well I have a 1983 Toyota, so I'm pretty sure the warranty is up on it."

Kamir: "Oh that's no problem we also sell extended warranty services for older cars that could save you lots of money on car repairs."

Me: "Oh well that sounds good, I don't need any repairs but I like to be safe!"

Kamir: "Great, can I get your VIN number"

Me: "Sure (I look at my drivers licesnse and make up a new VIN just randomly switching numbers) There ya go"

Kamir: "Great!, let me tell you what I can do for you... let me check my computer here and Oh,..(he sounds mock sad) because your said your car is an older one I have to check with one of the Warranty Experts before I can make you an offer."

Me: "Gosh I hope I qualify!"
I get put on hold and now Butch joins the call.

Butch: "Hi Mr. Banquo, I'm Butch and I'm a Senior Warranty Expert, now Kamir tells me you have an older car that MAY be out of warranty is that correct?

Me: "Yep"

Butch: "And there's nothing wrong with the car right? No engine falling apart, wheels falling off right? Because if I make you a great deal and you just take advantage of us for all those repairs my boss will kill me and I could be open to all kinds of fraud claims!"

Me: "Nope, nothing wrong"

Butch: "Ok I'm willing to make a ONE TIME exception and let you buy our warranty package without sending an inspector to look at your car first, BUT so that I don't get burned and you don't just submit a fraudulent claim I need you to buy our warranty package right now. Can I get your Credit card number please?"

Me: "But where's the warranty, don't I get to read it first?"

Butch: "It's on our website, I'll hold on the phone while you look it up and you can give me your credit card number and I'll start the processing."

Me: "Oh heck I don't have internet at the office (lie) so I can't look at it, can I go home and read it and THEN call you with my credit card number.

Butch: "Sure!! our website is http://vehicleservices.net/"

me: "And your phone number is?"

Butch: "1-866-925-1783"

Feel free to give them a dose of their own medicine,...call and ask what warranty they have, then have someone else call and say they want it cheaper etc... See if they'll warranty your riding camel etc... Let us know how it goes.
 Feb 20th, 2009
no message was left.
 Feb 20th, 2009
Something about health insurance and saving money.
 Feb 20th, 2009
Interesting that a google search for this number returns information about a US Army and AirForce Recruiting Station in Gaylord, MI.
 Feb 20th, 2009
Google.com says this number belongs to Brett Jensen (989) 732-0514 1359 Mapleleaf Dr, Gaylord, MI 49735

They called. I answered. They hung up without a message. Probably a scouting call to see when people answer their phones, so the telemarketer can add to "live one" list.
Vadalia Speaks
 Feb 20th, 2009
This is an automated message saying the factory warranty on your automobile is about to expire, press 1 to speak to an agent about renewing it. Very annoying because they call at least 3-6 times a month, on every phone number I've got, both home and cell and work! They stink!
my name
 Feb 20th, 2009