Fake Google Listing Scam. Hang up on it, block the number, then report the call to the FCC.gov website. These numbers are ALL the same scumbags : 201-283-9705 -aka- 201-425-1070 -aka- 201-720-0835 -aka- 206-445-6654 -aka- 213-603-9076 -aka- 305-602-0716 -aka- 404-400-1245 -aka- 417-800-2319 -aka- 417-800-2346 -aka- 417-800-2353 -aka- 480-690-0852 -aka- 504-210-0951 -aka- 504-215-7935 -aka- 504-230-0049 -aka- 504-434-7131 -aka- 504-896-9989 -aka- 551-444-5827 -aka- 571-223-5854 -aka- 602-225-5880 -aka- 618-221-0017 -aka- 646-755-9472 -aka- 650-277-2414 -aka- 651-333-4066 -aka- 657-202-9040 -aka- 662-298-4313 -aka- 662-655-4123 -aka- 669-400-3119 -aka- 703-272-4699 -aka- 707-868-4000 -aka- 720-450-9604 -aka- 732-813-5631 -aka- 760-206-7203 -aka- 773-945-5650 -aka- 800-405-7119 -aka- 813-474-7386 -aka- 843-207-9007 -aka- 845-842-7299 -aka- 928-741-3690 -aka- 949-281-0045 -aka- 951-221-6112 -aka- 973-755-2737 -aka- the dozens upon dozens of other numbers that they use or spoof are an illegal robocaller pretending to be Google. They are calling to offer to update your Google listing. It's a Fake Google Listing Scam and they are nothing more than a scumbag marketing company trying to sell you SEO and Pay Per Click ads. The fact that they are claiming to be calling from Google is against the law, as it is Misrepresentation and Attempted Fraud. Be sure to also report their illegal calls to the Attorney General's Office (in the state for each area code). The Company is known as 29Prime. They are also known as 29PRIME -aka- 29LocalListing, 29Prime, 29Services, Billboard Local, Collaborative Fusion SEO, Creative Marketing SEO, EYE 2 EYE SEO, Front Page Placement, Giant SEM, Green Thumb SEO, Local Choice SEO, Local Listing SEM, Local Merchant Solutions, Marquee Listing, Neon Nexus, OC Listing Inc, Paramount SEM, Place Fuel, Placement Key, Planet Visibility Marketing, Platinum Search Engine Marketing, Ranking Regardless, Reliable Places, Secure-Local, Summit SEM, Victory SEM, YMS Local, etc. I've never seen a company go through so many names in such a short period of time. They are located at : 9701 Jeronimo Road, Irvine, CA 92618. Their main phone number is 1-888-513-7746. Be sure to look them up on the BBB, Yelp, Rip Off Report, and numerous other websites.
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 Sep 30th, 2015