I gotta share this with you. I worked on trying to figure out who this caller is and get them to stop. It turns out the company assigned this phone number stopped using it months ago and the phone number has been discontinued. Any calls you get are spoofed.
 Aug 08th, 2013
I'm back to say thanks to Emily. I called 307-223-0458 and they did stop the phone calls!
 Jun 14th, 2013
This was a recorded message about lowering prescription drug costs. Don't know the name of the company. Caller ID shows Customer Service.
 Jun 13th, 2013
I searched for 973-273-7897 but did by chance open a blog link for 973-273-7896 and it paid off for I tried it on last Friday and it worked to stop the phone calls here's a copy/paste; I must be (now was :) on a sucker list. I'm getting calls from 973-273-78xx (last 2 digits varies). Then I figured out how to stop the phone calls; either call 307-223-0458 or send an email to; give the caller's phone number to verify the do not call request will be effective and your receiving phone number to remove it from the caller's list and it'll stop the phone calls.
 May 16th, 2013
It's a robo dialer. I've received numerous calls over the past several months. The dialer changes the number and caller ID. When my caller ID shows these area codes:(I know it's a robo dialer) 973,718,305,317,402,513,253,215,308. I don't even answer the phone when it's an area codes that I don't recognize or Caller ID's that I don't know.They just keep calling and calling with a different number. They must be stupid!!! Do they think someone would buy what ever they are selling from an area code that one doesn't know?? F@#^%$# jerks.
 May 07th, 2013
This is the first of what I assume will be many from yet another "Spam" calls. Is here NO WAY to stop this?
 May 06th, 2013