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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

79 calls reported from this number.
Who CalledCaller IDDate
Subcontractor for COAFTexas2010-02-20
Refused the nameDallas, TX2006-12-03
Fake Capital one2006-10-28
Capitol Oneunavailable2006-10-22
Capitol OneDallas, TX2006-08-13
CapitalOne Auto Financeunavailable2006-12-29
Capital One Auto FinanceDallas, TX2006-12-11
Capital One Auto FinanceDALLAS TX2006-11-29
Capital One Auto FinanceUnknown2006-11-07
Capital One Auto Finance2006-10-10
Capital One Auto FinanceUnkown2006-10-10
Capital One Auto FinanceUnknown2006-10-08
Capital One Auto FinanceUnknown Caller2006-09-14
capital one auto financedallas TX2006-08-19
Capital One Auto FinanceUnavailable2006-08-15
Capital One Auto FinanceUnknown Name2006-08-15
Capital One Auto Financeunavailible2006-08-15
Capital One Auto Financeunavailable2006-08-02
Capital One Autounabailable2006-09-06
Capital One AutoPlano, TX2006-08-31
Capital One Autonothing2006-08-22
Capital OneOut Of Area2007-03-06
Capital One 2007-01-04
Capital OneUnavailable2006-12-02
Capital One2006-10-08
9723785011cap one fin cof2008-01-02
(817) 689-55482008-01-09
Dallas TX2007-01-14
Not Available2007-01-03
unknown name2006-12-20
out of area2006-12-06
phone no.2006-11-28
Unknown Name2006-11-16
Unknown Name2006-11-16
don't know2006-11-07
OUT OF AREA2006-10-29
PLANO, TX2006-10-07
Unknown Name2006-09-12
Unknown Name2006-09-11
Wireless Caller2006-09-02
out of area2006-08-18
unknown name2006-08-18
DALLAS TX2006-08-15
Out of area2006-08-09
Plano, TX2006-08-08
Dallas, TX2006-08-06

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April 6th, 2009 lisa PA

I do pay my bills. HARD TIMES HAPPEN TO GOOD , HONEST, HARDWORKING PEOPLE. My husband and I made $135,000 in 2007 and had to move up north to help with his family members terminal illness. He was a cop for over 20 years, lost his retirement due to the economy and piss-ons like you have the nerve to say the crap you do? GROW UP! One day you will have to suffer. Never think you are on a high horse forever.

March 25th, 2009 Just Me FL

Hey just to let you know"I pay my bills" ..I pay my bills too but they still call me, day and night.

March 25th, 2009 Jenny OR

This is the worst company to deal with. My husbands place of employment recently made a lot of cuts and he lost his regular position due to seniority (or I should say lack of), this brought our income down $2000 a month and although we are making it things are tight. He gets paid on the 25th and our payment is due on the 19th so we are 6 days late every month now because we don't have the extra $800 to get ahead, I explain this to them all the time. They don't care, they still call 30 times a day even when I tell them the payment is scheduled for the 25th. We have never had a 30 day late and before our income was cut the payments were always on time. These people are awful and I will never do another loan with them again. Looking to refi ASAP.

January 2nd, 2008 I pay my bills TX

There must be a lot of deadbeats on this page, you're probably getting calls from them due to the fact that you are driving their car for free . Pay your bills, losers. You contribute to my higher rates when you don't.

July 5th, 2007 alisa

if you have a motorola cell phone ..check out your phone features can silence them permenantly as in ..straight off to voicemail without so much as an audible ring on your side. so they have a choice ...leave a voicemail message or stop calling.

April 27th, 2007 TSACGIV


February 21st, 2007 Tired... MI

A little word to the wise on Capitol One Auto Finance. They don't start out with your car loan, they buy it from smaller loan companies. They give no extension numbers because they are contracted with eight states to handle customer service calls. What you tell one office, they do not have to report to another because their office would not get your $$$. They compete for payments. The dialer in randomly sends calls to each office. It is not the Do Not Call Registry that needs to be contacted but the Better Business Bureau in Washington. Try asking for a statment of customer protocol and see what they do. I have also put a stop payment on a check to CAP1 to make a larger car payment and they cashed both checks, causing my account to haywire. After they promised they would only accept the one check.

January 20th, 2007 T. Diana TX

These people call my house every ten minutes and then have the nerve to hang up on me. I've had it with them. I spent two months in hte hospital and asked them not to call, just to get rest. You theink it stopped them? Nah!!!

January 12th, 2007 Judi NJ

Calls vary from "unavailable" to nothing listed. I have both a CC and Car loan with these folks, due to disability my CC is paid by the payment protection program, but not the car which is 30 days late. They call over and over and over, apparently no notes are ever made and I must repeat every time. Asked for the one month deferral and was denied. Cant refinance atm cause am not working for a long time to come. There must be a way to stop the constant calls.

January 6th, 2007 Kevin

Since I have been with these jerks, they call 2 weeks in advance harassing you when your payment is current. My payment is due on the 21st today is the 6th and they are questioning why I havent paid yet. Then they get ignorant when you tell them it is not due they give you some crap about your past history with other creditors and that you need to stay ahead on your payments. THE PAYMENT WILL BE PAID WHEN THE PAYMENT IS DUE....15 minutes later thru the next 8 hrs call after call after call... I wish a class action suit would be made against their harrassment tactics.

January 3rd, 2007 Chadley

These people will call all day and all nite.. i never answer. i got a second phone line on my cell account... in the process of changing my number on my account to that number since i never answer it or turn it on.

December 31st, 2006 Margee NY

They constantly call including Sat & Sun. Today is New Year's Eve and they started calling at 7:51am!! The other day when I did answer they were rude once they found out the person they called for wasn't home. I can only hope that the people who make the calls also have accounts with them and at some point will experience this!! At least then they might not be so rude once they see it from the other side. Then again I'm an optimist.

December 30th, 2006 Joe Pringle WA

These people are calling my house every day of the week, about once every two hours starting at 8:00 A.M. until about 10:00 P.M. When I check my caller I.D., it only says "wireless caller" and they have never left a message.
About two weeks ago, I had had enough and finally decided to answer the call. I asked who they were. The lady on the other end hesitated a little, but then told me she was from "Capital Finance" or maybe it was "Capital Auto Finance" I do not recall 100%. I asked who she was. She said that her name was Samba. I told her that if she or anyone from her company ever called me back, I would turn them in to the authorities for harassment. The calls seemed to stop for a short time and then they started again. Does anyone know who these people are? If so, what can be done to get them to stop?


December 28th, 2006 skyfyr

I am fed up with the harassment calls. I submitted my number to the no call list and will prosecute for harassment.
Theyt call on average of 15-20 times daily. I even told them once that the one they are trying to reach was not at this number....yet they still call.
Total buttwipes!

December 21st, 2006 tom

This number calls our house about 7 times a day and will not say who they are or what they want nor leave a message.

December 19th, 2006 frustrated OH

There is no sense in anyone calling as much as these people do, they really need to get a life! i agree with everything comment i have read and get the same thing, it doesn't matter when you pay they continue to keep calling, i have literally kept track and it is exactly once on the hour from about 8 in the morning until about 9:30 at night. i can't take it anymore. i am an honest person and recently have been off work due to an injury so fell behind on a payment and have been paying more than payment amount each month in order to catch up thinking hey maybe just seeing the effor i am trying to make to take care of this matter will show but no such luck, and everytime someone calls and you do answer you have to explain the whole story over and over again, whats wrong with making notes? I just want it to stop becasue when i return to work it will be third shift and i will not have it!

December 17th, 2006 Claudia LA

It is Sunday morning and the cell of my husband is ringing, which is unusual. He is still sleeping so I answer his cell and a young woman's voice tells me: "I am calling for Jeff" (my husband!). After telling her that he is not available and ask her if she wants to leave a message this girl tells me "no, it is a private matter, I'll call later again"!! 'Private matter at my ass'! I called her not to call no more and also called her a f... b...! Nobody talks to me that way and my husband is my matter!

December 15th, 2006 T

Even once you've told them exactly when you will pay, how much, and agreed to their threatened late fees, they continue to call every 30 minutes all day. Once the check has cleared the bank, they still continue to call every 30 minutes all day for two weeks- if you answer and tell them you paid, they say "the calls will continue until our records reflect the payment." It would be worth it to refinance at a higher rate to get away from Capital One.

December 14th, 2006 Gee

They're stupid jerks that need to get a real freakin' job! Get a life!!!

December 10th, 2006 Katie FL

Okay i just spoke with ALICIA. I cant think of someone bieng more rude than her. I honestly brlieve that she must live a horrible life to be taht miserable. Hopefully none of you have to deal with her. YUCK!

December 9th, 2006 Traci

they annoy and harass

December 8th, 2006 Sandy

Never leaves a message, just hangs up. A payment was missed by mistake, and never recieved any written notice, just phone calls. All payments prior, were over and above, and early.Finally decided to look up number, now my turn to call them. Look out!

December 6th, 2006 cindy PA

this company calls constantly from 8am until 9-9:30 at night, they call at least 6-12 times a day, they leave no message, and I am only a week late, god forbid if people hit a rocky time.

December 6th, 2006 SAMANTHA CA


December 3rd, 2006 Elizabeth NC

This Nicole called me on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. Would not tell me who she was with, just that it was a personal matter. When I asked her the third time, she told me it was not my business. I hung up with her. In the state of NC, you are forbidden by law to harass anyone on Sunday. I hope they call again.

November 29th, 2006 jeff MO

they have called 7 times in 2 hours today

November 29th, 2006 Jon AZ

They call a minimum of eight times a day. We've never had business with them.

November 28th, 2006 Tammy

I have had my loan with them for one year. this is the first time I have been late. I have always paid more than my pymt amount. now they are calling every 15 mins.

November 26th, 2006 Jake PA

After already talking to these people yesterday and informing them that the vehicle in question was being sold (so no payment was going to be filed until later this week - and then for the entire loan amount) I'm receiving calls again the very next day after the last operator said he had made the note in the account. I've missed the last few calls, but there is simply no justification for calling every 30 minutes - flatly outrageous .

November 26th, 2006 Karen

This number is calling again. They were harassing us last month. They are doing it again. I picked up the phone this time, but no response was on the other end, so I hung up.

November 19th, 2006 Tony GA

Called on 11-19-06. Did not answer, as I was busy. But after reading this I will answer next time and threaten That I am on the do not call registry. I have never been late on a payment as they are set up on a debit.

November 16th, 2006 Jason AL

They're absolute pricks. The number they have me at is my cell phone, which prevents me from blocking the number, but I can quickly send to voicemail, but its just such a hassle. Can't wait to refinance.

November 15th, 2006 Greg

I wish I had seen this site before using Cap One Auto Finance. The calls started 2 days ago. If it continues, I'll refinance in a heartbeat.

November 14th, 2006 CHUCK


November 13th, 2006 janny IL

PLEEEEEEEESE make it stop!!!!

November 12th, 2006 Lisa OH

OH MY OH MY!!! I am so glad I found this site. These people call us 24/7. Lord people if you tell them that the family member died they still asks for money!! Hello??? They passed on. Guess you can't even die in peace. Someone needs to put a stop to this. Wow this is a messed up company that gets off on harrassing people. Heres a good one, if they call tell them your having sex with your dog and curse at them for interupting. Ha! Ha!

November 12th, 2006 Alyssa IL

They call all day, 7 days a week. About every half hour from 9 am until 8 pm, and do not leave a message. They are completely annoying. Their relentless calling does not make money suddenly appear in my account to pay them with, and it only makes me put Capital One LAST on the list of who gets paid.

November 11th, 2006 Jamie Jo

You know, I don't even have an account with these people, nor do i ever want too.. but they call me all the friggering time!! bastards. they are nothing but a rotton tomato, tuna boat smellin, dead carcusesseseses in a garbage can, good for nuffin piece of poopoo made in taiwan toy, barf bags!!

November 9th, 2006 Tony

This number keeps showing up on my phone every 20 minutes or so and I still haven't answered the phone thanks to caller id. I'm ready to add "Caller Block" on my phone because it is ridiculous how many times they keep calling and won't leave any messages. They make me sick!!!

November 6th, 2006 tammy

They are the biggest pain in the butts. The called 10 times in 1 day. So far they called 4 times in the last 2 hours. I believe this is harrassment !!!!!!

November 3rd, 2006 Ed

They claim we have not paid although we are ahead in our payments. We have faxed them photocopies of our checks as requested showing that they have cashed them at least 6 times and they still call saying that we owe them for two months. They have also had collection agencies calling us claiming we owe on our Capital One Credit card which we paid off and cancelled over a year ago, and in the meantime our phone number has changed so we know that this is deliberate harassment. It's time to turn it over to New York State's Attorney General and perhaps also get a lawyer. There is no more honesty and integrity left in this country when it comes to the middle class being treated fairly.

November 2nd, 2006 Cas

I don't like Capitol One. I did not want to do business with them. However, it was the only one willing to give my son a car loan. We agreed to the loan. He is ONE day late with a payment because his fiancee cleaned out his bank account because she's "having a bad hair day". Instead of being understanding and flexible, they are now calling me, the co-signer.

October 27th, 2006 Marc

Ditto on below - constant calling the past two days. 15 calls in two days. Picked up one time but no one answered.

October 27th, 2006 amy IL

They are Terrible. I wish that Onyx had never sold my loan to them. The people who call from this number are completely rude and call at 8:00am on a Sunday morning. The call 30 times a day at least. The people that call from other offices are okay but the ones who call from this office ought to be fired. Very bad customer service.

October 24th, 2006 Blues MN

OMG I can not stand these people. You are a day late with your payment and they are calling you. When I bought my car I had a choice between the banks and I said HEll No to Capital One. But 6 months after I bought my car they bought my title from the Finance company I had. I was so pissed off. I told this lady who called me gee I don't like you people thats why I no longer have your credit cards now I have to deal with you with my car, Do you want the car back? I will give it to you. Assholes I will never do business with this company again.

October 19th, 2006 Marisa MI

This company is crazy. They call once an hour starting at 8am til 9pm. They call after 3 days late. Is there a law on how many times they can call and what days? I heard if you owe them money they call as much as they want 7 days a week but not before 8am and after 9 pm. Anyone know?

October 18th, 2006 Jim GA

Capital One calls every half hour all day, 7 days a week, and sometimes 4-5 times in an hour. We informed them that the person they are trying to reach is not at our number and have asked them repeatedly to stop calling, but they persist to harrass us for the past month.

October 17th, 2006 Doug VA

I have a new number, have only had my phone on for 2 days, and I have received at least 50 calls from this number. No matter how many times I tell them, they keep calling. They have been calling every 10 or 15 minutes since I got home 2 hours ago.

October 14th, 2006 Barry

This is enough to make you get rid of your home phone and just use your cell. 10 calls in one day.....

October 14th, 2006 Ross TX

Called 6 times in one. Refused to identify themselves. Kept calling in spite of being asked not to. I've reported them and urge you to as well. This is criminal.

October 13th, 2006 Debby - Part 2 NC

These people who work for Cap1 must be so wealthy that the gas prices and feeding their families hasn't affected them. They can are obviously such uncompassionate/rude/inconsiderate people who don't have to make choices as to feed their families by putting overpriced gasoline in their gas tanks to get to/from work and not getting any pay increase to supplement the higher gas/food prices. It would be justice to see them have to face the decision to starve their children and unable to get to their low-paying bloodsucking job that they love harassing others so much because they were unable to make a payment on-time due to the government ‘choking’ the life out of the working class people by overpriced gas/food and low paying jobs and allowing these people to harass individuals into nervous breakdowns by having to choose a job to feed, cloth their families or a vehicle to get them to/from this low paying job that just does get the family fed.

October 13th, 2006 Debby NC

Here’s my rant about Capital 1 - I do have a Cap1 Auto account-gas prices up; payments are about 10-20 days behind. I do make my payments by electronic bank draft-these idiots will begin calling my home before 8am EST because they can't figure out the time difference from TX to NC & it is every 1/2 hour leaving NO message just ring the phone off the hook. I have Vonage & can sit at work look at my acct see that they are calling constantly-even when they have received the money electronically it takes them about 1 week to stop calling!!! I need my vehicle to get to/from work but these bloodsuckers are relentless & truly have no compassion for the working people.

October 10th, 2006 Paula

I was given a pay-as-you-go cell phone a couple weeks ago and have been harassed daily by people calling me and asking me for James, who was the previous owner. Capital One has this person's work phone number; I have asked various people to NOT call this number anymore as it is now mine, and they continue to do so. When I try to reach the company via telephone, I get a recording asking for an account number. I HAVE NO ACCOUNT with them! I have found myself keeping my phone turned off in order to prevent them from calling me. I also tried their web site thinking I could e-mail them a message notifying them that I am now the owner of this phone number, but have not found one. Can anyone help? Thanks.

October 10th, 2006 Sunny

They are very, very annoying... I, too get calls starting at 8a.m. thru 9p.m. Even on a weekend. I have an answering machine - I recently changed the greeting to state 'we're not avail. to take your call, but please don't hang up; be courteous and leave a message'! - it was changed specifically for these people. I understand they have a job to do, but if you cannot give me the courtesy of a message then I cannot give you the courtesy of 1 min. of my time...

October 10th, 2006 Terri

The same woman calls my cell phone every day, even after I told her she has a wrong # and that she's calling a personal cell. She leaves no messages. I have never done business with Capital One Auto Finance. Anyone know of a way to block calls to a cell phone? I don't answer the calls anymore, but it's still very annoying.

October 8th, 2006 Mary

My phone's been ringing off the hook lately! I finally did a *69 and then googled the number to find this site. I have no idea why these people are calling me, but I'm not thrilled to hear my phone ringing at 8 AM on a Sunday morning.

October 7th, 2006 mr G

Capito One is rich bank that is getting away with breaking the law ...this needs to stop...there needs to be a lawsuit against capitalone for breaking the telecommunications privacy law of 1999 and the proceeds should be split between all of us

September 22nd, 2006 Steve L

Keep in mind that these are 1st party collectors so the "remove me from your list" thing doesnt work. By law you can only give CEASE COMMUNICATION request to 3rd party debt collectors, and the Do Not call list only applies to TELEMARKETERS. Change your phone# to an unlisted one. Done.

September 15th, 2006 Chris NV

Called my phone 19 times in 3 hours, this is horracement

September 14th, 2006 Dagfin MN

These people are relentless.

September 13th, 2006 tom CT

the bastar5ds called and asked for some one i told them they would not be home untill 6;00 pm est and the assholes called back 5 mins later

September 2nd, 2006 Micella TX

Holy crud! DO NOT call my house 100 times a day and NOT leave a message! The first time one of my kids can't get through to me because these jerks are tying up my line ... well, I'm sure other parents out there know what I'm saying!

September 1st, 2006 Dan NC

Caller, not called. They never leave a message on our voice mail.

September 1st, 2006 Dan - N.C. NC

They have called me today, 31st Aug 2006 every 15 minutes from 8.05am to 10.25pm. Yes, they are total bastards at that place. They wanted us to sell our home to make a payment.We got Called Blocker, it blocks specific numbers we enter, we have them permanently blocked.

August 31st, 2006 Harassed in TX TX

Yes this is Capitol One Auto and yes, they harass you even if you've made payment! I hate these people!!!

August 31st, 2006 R OK

I thought bill collectors couldn't call on Sundays.
But apparently they can. I was only a couple of days overdue cause I was refinancing with someone else.

August 30th, 2006 Linda NC

Oh My Gosh ! ! I thought it was just me. I feel like we need a support group to get over all these harrassing calls! I am like penneyless in CA...same situation, but I am keeping my SUV. I pay late..sometimes 28 days. I tell them when I am paying and set up arrangements each time...AND STILL they call. Then I tell them to read their notes and hang up.

August 28th, 2006 Melanie

These people are ridiculous, I agree! Only 2 days late and they are constantly calling! One day, they called us repeatedly within less than 2-3 minutes per call within the same hour! Didn't know who it was so I didn't answer. But when I finally got fed up and the one time I did answer it said their reps were busy, would I please hold? PLLLEEEASE! You harrass me, I finally answer, and then you want ME to hold? I don't think so!

August 26th, 2006 Carly CT

3 days past due on my car!!!! They called 5 times this morninng! ON a SATURDAY. I payed today but I am refinancing.

August 22nd, 2006 Pennyless in CA

Yea... This was Capital One Auto Finance... Oh Well. I'm Single mom , 3 children, no fathers that care to help support the children and I Lost a Job...OH and HIGH gas prices didn't help me at all .... Good Bye SUV!!! take it

August 19th, 2006 jenalyn CO

I had to add this in, it is just going on 2 and I have counted and logged, 17 phone calls from these nuts. Again, after they have been paid...and not only that, have refused to listen to me or to take down the payment information.

August 19th, 2006 Jenalyn CO

I paid them and yet...they still call!

August 19th, 2006 jenni TX

they call my house about a billion times a day. my family never answers a phone call that is out of area or unavailable. never leave a message. this is rediculous.

August 18th, 2006 Ron

These people won't identify themselves. They call 10 to 15 times a day and will never leave a message. If my phone could foward individual numbers, I would forward them to a dating service.

August 17th, 2006 Bill

They are a pain.

August 17th, 2006 Ed SC

They keep calling my NEW cell number and asking for someone I have never heard of. I have told them 4 times already they have the wrong number. I think it is time to file a law suit for harassment.

August 16th, 2006 Chey NY

They have a new sneaky way to get you to answer. Caller ID shows the word, "Mom" so that more people will answer without checking the incoming phone number. They called my phone ten times within an hour!

August 16th, 2006 Jake CA

She said her name was Beth and wanted to talk to my dad about an "important business matter." I asked to what company she belonged and didn't reveal any information. Dialed back the number and it is Capital One Auto Finance. My dad has a Capital One credit card and they probably used his information.

August 15th, 2006 anonymous SC

I encourage all of you to go to the Do Not Call Registry website and file a complaint. They will investigate the matter and punish criminal activities. The more complaints, the more they will see there has to be a problem here.

August 15th, 2006 Marcus SC

I decided to time the intervals and they literally call exactly every 30 mins to the second. I let my answering machine get every time and no one says anything. They even have the nerve to show up unavailable on my caller ID. I guess they think I can't read a phone book and find out who it is. These idiots call on Sundays and after 9 pm.

August 15th, 2006 Joyce OK

The person that called from this number was very annoying. She asked to speak to Tom. I asked who was calling and what company she was with. She wouldn't give me any information. I told her I couldn't pass her through to Tom unless I could tell him who, what company and what the call was regarding. She was very tacky. She started insisting on talking to him. I hung up.

August 15th, 2006 Big M

This is ridiculous that these people call at all hours of the day and then if you answer the phone and the person isnt there .. you ask "may i ask whos calling" they say a name and not what business or anything until they call again and again till you answer about 30 minutes apart even on sundays .. Not a good thing to do as a business..

August 12th, 2006 Dave

Capital One Auto Finance. Also 972-244-0052. This borders on Harassment.

August 12th, 2006 Dave

Hope you don't work at night, they call all day long about 15 minutes apart. i agree with "Z".

August 12th, 2006 Jan TX

These guys are serious pests! NEVER do business with them!!!!!

August 10th, 2006 Lin

These people are ridiculous!

August 9th, 2006 Tim NC

They called me 10 times in one day!!!

August 9th, 2006 z VA