Hello to everyone and thanks for the great information. My name is kelly and I am a business owner in Utah and I am sick and tired of harassing and rude sales people calling and disrupting my business, Most of these sales people are very rude or hang up and I think that's more rude...
No matter how many times I ask or tell these people to stop calling, they continue to call with little respect for us or the damages they cause my business or all the calls we loose speaking with them. We need to fight fire with fire. We need to call them over and over and over again, we need to block these people from ringing our phone..
I want to share with all of you how I plan to deal with telemarketers and if you like what you learn, Please feel free to use any information you wish to fight back.
I have worked non stop Since November 2009 to Jan 7 2010 working on a way to call these people back hundreds of thousands of times: anonymously and to set my business up with a way to block these people before they reach my cell phone. I now have one of the most advanced selective phone blocking system in the world connected to my cell phone. The phone companies and techs I spoke with said it couldn't be done. I am here to tell you yes it can be done. There is a way to block, filter screen and reject any type of number or unknown number or unknown name to your cell phone and it didn't cost a lot of money.
I also found an auto dialer for the rude ass' that will call telemarketers thousands of times all day and all night. Think about it. Get there 1 800 number and you can drive there phone charges off the map causing them to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in tolls. Auto dial there receptionist over and over all day and all night. Disrupt there business like they disrupt ours and there is nothing they can do about it. I plan to call telemarketers 1 800 numbers all night long when they are closed, there's no one around to catch the call.
Try to track down the name of the CEO of the company then track down his or her cell and home phone and ring it off the wall 24 hours a day, week after week month after month. Give them a taste of what they give us.
It's not always easy to get an inbound phone number for a telemarketing company. It takes time and research but it can be done.
Some telemarketer numbers can be tracked down Evan if they use a company to spoof the number and hide there real number.
You can Google the number and learn as much information about the company as possible,
Track down the carrier and that will lead you to the company spoofing the number.
Call the company and make an official complaint.
I found another way that helps track down telemarketers inbound phone number.
The phone company will issue phone numbers to large companies in blocks such as
224-345-2360 to 224-345-2390 this is a good way to find an inbound phone number to the CEO or receptionist.
Call the number and change the last one or two numbers, lower or higher and see whom answers. I start with Evan numbers in fives. I have tracked down a few telemarketers this way.
OK now for the good stuff.
To use a way cool: Auto Dialer, Magic Jack, PCI Modem. from your computer no phone service required. lol
Get your self a Magic Jack phone service that runs on a computer through USB port and Internet connection. The cost of Magic Jack is 39.00 for one year and it comes with all the local and free long distance. Wow I couldn't believe it, but its true I use it all the time now...
Magic Jack can be activated from a lap top wireless at McDonald's or just about any place wireless. Plug it into any computer with Internet connection, land line or wireless and wow you have a working dial tone in about 5 minutes. It's amazing and Yes it works with Auto Dialer.
You can get an area code from Magic Jack to any 50 states in the united states. That's great for making them think your in a place your not.
When I call out on my Magic Jack it has an area code 2000 miles away.
Most telemarketers spoof there outgoing number using spoof company's.
If they can do it, so can I. If they find away to shut off my Magic Jack o'well, Ill go purchase another one. Really Simple....
Repeat dialer is a software program designed to call radio stations over and over to win a prize. It is easy user friendly and simple to use
and it will call the same number thousands of times fast than you can dial. If someone answers on the other end it will hang up on them and call again
and again and again non stop. The dialer will call and hang up on the first ring or second ring
over and over and over and over for hours and hours and hours. It's a wonderful auto dialer that cost only ten dollars. When I first downloaded the auto dialer
I turned it loose on my wife's cell phone. It drove her insane. lol
Repeat Dialer Version 3.53.2 Please down load the dialer here the cost is Ten dollars to register the software and it works with Magic Jack like a pro.
I got my Magic Jack at Best Buy. I have seem them at Kmart, Office Depo, and other stores, easy to track down. $39.00 Learn more about Magic Jack here.
Plug the Magic Jack into your USB port.
You will need a caller ID support external or PCI modem to plug the Magic Jack into. I use a PCI Dial up Zoom Modem 3025 full duplex caller ID support from office depo the cost was $49.00 This is the modem I use and it works wonderful. Learn more here.
So this is how it goes. The Magic Jack plugs into the front of the computer into USB
Then a short phone line plugs into Magic Jack and runs to the back and plugs into the modem, it's that simple, If your computer has an Internet connection you will have a dial tone to make or receive calls free in the United States or Canada in about 5 minutes of registration of the Magic Jack.
If you have a business and wish to stop unwanted calls please read further.
I have a main business phone number that was forwarded to my cell phone. I found out that it is an open invitation to all telemarketers from around the country and out of the country to call me 20 to 30 times per day..
Not a smart way to run a business. My business is only here in Utah, so what the heck does any person have the right to call me from New York or any other place out side of Utah.
I contacted my phone company and my cell phone company and asked what can be done to stop unwanted calls. Well the phone company has some enhanced blocking features and call enhanced forwarding features and the cell phone company had nothing to offer.
I turned to the Internet and found a wonderful program that does the job amazing well. It is called PhoneTraceFee. It logs every call that comes in, Date Time Name and phone number.
I dusted an old computer off down in the basement got my self a Zoom 3025c PCI Caller Id support full duplex dial up modem. I have winXP and installed the software. It will play any wav file to any number assigned.
It also blocks and plays a disconnected message to unwanted callers and lets all business and paying customers in and rings the phone.
It also can block, out of area, no number, private number, any way you set it up. it's wonderful and it's free. It will log hundreds of thousands of calls and was tested to block ten thousand numbers. We like it so much we paid for it. We feel we need to support more companies making this type of software.
The trick is to get this software working out to your cell phone.. I found away.
OK this is how it works. A customer calls my main business phone line that has the computer connected to it, along with PhoneTraceFree installed. My phone line is programed to forward to my cell on a two ring cycle. That gives the computer one ring and a half to reject the call and play an out going disconnected message. If the computer does not pick up the call it auto forwards to my cell. It's that Simple, I programed PhoneTraceFree HANG UP on all 1800 numbers, unknown unknown, out of area, long distance, blocked and all local unwanted and sales calls, none of these people can ring my cell phone again EVER. PhoneTraceFree is more effective than any others that I looked at, because it does not let the caller ring through to voice mail were they can leave a dirty message or say something rude. It identifies an unwanted caller and HANGS UP ON THEM. all the other programs and software for cell phones are nothing more than a ring silencers letting the call ring through to voice mail. I tested dozens of programs and call screens and call filters before settling on this one. The program is extremely fast and accurate screening wanted and unwanted calls then forwarding to my cell. It's great as I have searched for years for this break in technologies. smile
Note: 2 ring cycle. It's not call forwarding, it,s called "Don't Answer Call Forwarding" thru Qwest Communications and it took seven phone calls to the phone company to get it hooked up. The phone company offers it and it's not used much so it's hard to find.
Here is a list of all the software that I found that is helping me with the battle of the tellemarketers. I scanned all software for spyware, malware I found none.
I also use coolspeach 5.0 to create an out going computer generated messages to unwanted callers. "Wav file" The unwanted caller gets the message just before PhoneTrayFree hangs up on them, talk about getting the last word. smile. the cost to register cool speech is $29.00
AutoDialer.-Zoom 3025c Modem.-PhoneTrayFree.-PC AutoShutDown.-MagicJack.-CoolSpeech 5.0.

Sincerely Mr Kelly
PS: My computer auto turns on at 7am and auto shuts down at midnight.
It screens, filters blocks and hangs up on unwanted callers during day time hours.
To shut your computer off use this program its simple to use. PC AutoShutdown
To turn on your computer automatically is done in bios under power management.
Good luck and bring the battle to those that want to fight.
Mr Kelly
 Feb 16th, 2010
I didnt get to the phone in time but who would call me from florida? I live in sd & idk anyone in florida
 Jan 30th, 2010
same thing, spanish
 Jan 11th, 2010
Computerized call, Spanish speaking. This is the same telemarketer calling from:


They keep switching phone numbers.
 Jan 04th, 2010
spoke spanish "very importante'
 Nov 13th, 2009