469-619-3720 just called our business. It was an illegal robocall with a man's voice claiming to be calling from Capital Direct Merchant Lending. They are also known as Capital Direct -aka- Capital Direct Lending Corp -aka- Capital Direct Merchant Services -aka- Directors Financial LLC. They are located at : 3090 Bristol Street, Suite 160, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Their other location is at : 1323 Butterfield Rd, Suite 112, Downers Grove, IL 60515. Their phone numbers are 714-332-1004 -aka- 800-282-1353 -aka- 855-494-2273 -aka- 866-437-2341 -aka- 954-214-9941. Their email addresses are : info@capitaldirectloans.com, referral@capitaldirectloans.com, businesscash48hours@gmail.com, kg@capitaldirectnow.com. Their website addresses are : capitaldirectnow.com, capital-direct.com, capitaldirectloans.com. Caller ID simply shows up as Dallas TX, which means it's probably spoofed. Their little robocall spiel doesn't even complete, as it cuts out halfway through, and it also offers no Opt-Out option. Reporting the calls to the FCC.gov and the FTC.gov websites.
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 Jun 10th, 2015