This is just another fraud / scam. Legitimate companies do not violate the DNC laws. Don't be fooled!
 Dec 14th, 2012
I received the call 12/10/12 at 1718 (time). They say they are a walk -in bath tub company and call themselves Home Safety Bath and Shower. They claim to of made the first walk in tub or the original. Iam very interested , so I set up a appointment with a rep that happens to be here in Corpus Christi and in the Neighborhood tomorrow. He said that his supervisor would call me back in a few minutes to confirm everything. I went to the Computer and could not find their sight. Sure as sin they call me back to confirm appointment . When I told him I could not find him on the Computer, he said their sight crashed and burned. So I told him in thaat case his company must be dead and I didn't want them in mmy house.He said fine ,we won't bother you anymore. End of conversation............I have a funny feeling we will hear back from this company.
 Dec 10th, 2012
this is what I found from someone else:I received a call on 9/5/12 from Home Safety Bath and Shower wanting to set up an appointment for a local agent to bring information about walk in tubs and showers. Caller ID reported 951-216-0982 was cell phone CA. I requested to be put on the company do not call list and he said they didn't have one. He also claimed that the federal DNC list didn't apply since he didn't quote a price or (directly) offer a sale. I pointed out the FAQs on donotcall.gov (#30) which refered to surveys for the purpose of selling. He brushed this off.
I received a call from the same number on 8/31/12 with the same speel and I requested to be placed on their internal DNC list and that agent said "I'm not going to do that".
did research
 Dec 04th, 2012
This number was left on my caller ID when I was out. Since I do have relatives in California I have come to the site to check this out but sounds like another telemarketer call. Thank you.
 Nov 30th, 2012
These people call all the time, never leave a message.
 Nov 13th, 2012
Really tired of these calls------------I do not answer any calls that I don't know-------------BUT-----I have to get up to check.
I have reported them to DNC hasn't done any good!!!
golf lady
 Oct 12th, 2012
this number called at 9:51 am on 8/30/12 less than a minute later got a call from algona, ia. would not be surprised if these are not spoofs
 Aug 30th, 2012