I've been getting calls from a couple of different phone number and after searching online, I tried out an advise from a comment that mentioned a do not call service at 866-246-7196 scam for a small number of companies that call consumers who want to minimize complaints and save time not calling people who don't want to be called. I called them and they had this phone number on their list so they added my phone number to the do not call list. Since the calls have stopped I wanted to share this solution.
 Apr 23rd, 2013
Recorded on SPOKEO .....920 numbers are telemarketers. I simply do not answer unless I know who calls.
 Apr 11th, 2013
Called and did not leave a message. Lookup says Appleton, Wi
 Mar 27th, 2013
Also calls from 920-560-4991. Shitbags
New Jersey
 Jan 25th, 2013
New Jersey
 Jul 30th, 2012
Did not leave a voice message.
 Aug 05th, 2009