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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

Whitestone, NY
69 calls reported from this number.
Who CalledCaller IDDate
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-10-06
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-09-30
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-09-29
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-09-20
New York City,2010-09-20
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-09-15
New York City,2010-09-14
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-09-14
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-09-13
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-09-09
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-09-07
New York City,2010-09-07
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-08-12
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-08-11
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-08-10
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-08-02
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-07-27
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-07-16
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-07-15
New York City,2010-07-12
New York City,2010-07-09
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-07-08
New York City,2010-07-08
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-07-07
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-07-06
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-07-01
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-06-30
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-06-29
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-06-28
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-06-25
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-06-11
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-06-07
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-06-03
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-05-27
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-05-26
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-05-25
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-05-24
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-05-21
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-05-20
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-05-19
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-05-18
New York City,2010-05-14
New York City,2010-05-13
New York City,2010-05-11
New York City,2010-05-10
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-05-06
New York City,2010-05-06
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-05-03
New York City,2010-04-27
New York City,2010-04-26
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-04-23
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-04-22
New York City,2010-04-21
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-04-20
New York City,2010-04-19
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-04-16
New York City,2010-04-15
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-04-14
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-04-06
New York City,2010-03-30
New York City,2010-03-22
New York City,2010-03-17
New York City,2010-03-16
New York City,2010-03-10
NWYRCYZN01, NY2010-03-09
New York City,2010-03-09
New York City,2010-03-08
New York City,2010-03-05
New York City,2010-03-04

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