The moment a person's name and the mention of debt is voiced in the same message, that will commit a privacy violation under FDCPA. Right now it's just borderline. Not that PRA is afraid to break laws, but as seen across the industry, obeying privacy regs serves to keep the collector mysterious. PRA hopes you'll crack at some point and return the call.

The long pregnant pauses before a message are unusual, but not too surprising if the calls are computer controlled. Total dud messages should be considered abandoned calls, where TCPA should apply. Document calls and save recordings, silence and all.
 Dec 27th, 2010
Left message, after a full minute of blank tape, said to call 1-800-860-0644 for a debt collection, but did not say who this was for??? Then stated their main office was in Virginia.

They also called from three other NEW Numbers, this month, but did not leave a message. I just keep blocking their numbers. They never say who these calls are for, and they seldom leave a message. Most times, they get my Voice Mail, use up 1-2 minutes of blank tape, then hang-up.
 Dec 27th, 2010
Yes, they'd like to have stuffed their stocking with a panic payment from you. Let us translate that typical debt collector phrase:

- "important personal business" / "important business matter":
It's important for my commission that you confuse a business problem with a personal one, so I can shame you into a fast payment before you have a chance to review the account.

Looks like you've had collector issues since late summer. It's about time you got educated, if you haven't been already. If you are receiving repeated, misdirected, and/or abusive calls from a third party debt collector, you may find relief in the provisions of the FDCPA, the Federal law which regulates collector behavior. Learn your rights at FTC-dot-gov. See also your state laws for additional support.
 Dec 27th, 2010
They called on Christmas Eve. Probably thought the holiday was a good time to catch me off guard. Actually I was out of town at the time, but they left a message about 'personal business.' First time these guys ever did that!
 Dec 26th, 2010