Not sure who this is....I dont owe anyone anything.
Im starting to get calls for my dead brother too....Joy! so now Im dealing with them calling me but him as well....LUCKY ME!
 Dec 17th, 2010
Find out about their illegal harassment, trying to collect old SOL - STATUTE OF LIMITATION expired debts from clueless people!

Google: "portfolio recovery scam".

Report them to the Federal Trade Commission and your State Attorney General - and block their calls:

Google: "phone call blockers" - they can be purchased for little money at eBay

Some call blockers:
• Uniden DECT1288 blocks up to 20 numbers, plus Private and Unknown, with the reject tone, without ringing the phone.
• Panasonic KX-TG106 blocks up to 30 numbers, plus all unidentified callers, with a busy tone, after the phone rings once.
• JF Teck Caller ID with Ring Controller blocks up to 70 numbers, and can be set to always allow up to 100 to ring through.

By the way, if you want to set up your phone to forward their calls to the Federal Trade Commission, here's the number to use:

These pests buy very old junk debts for pennies on the dollar with expired statue of limitation, than use illegal harassment tactics trying to intimidate uninformed individuals to pay money for this junk debt, which is noncollectable since the statue of limitations has long expired. Never ever agree to pay ANYTHING to these law breaking rats, since by doing so you would void your statue of limitation protection. Google: \"Portfolio Recovery Associates Scam\" to find out more about their lawless behavior, send a letter requesting validation of debt [Google how to do so] and report them to your Attorney General, the FTC. They have many law suits pending against them. Don\'t fall for their scam - block their calls, or send a \"cease and desist\" letter [Google] or simply ignore them, or answer and sing a song or whatever. Fight these slimy roaches!! Good luck!
Junk Debt
 Dec 14th, 2010
If you're going to keep on this clumsy copy-paste rampage against PRA, might you at least credit your sources? Here's yours this time from 29 August this year: 731-215-8010

Please stop repeating that messy "Jonathan" quote which can't even spell "statute" correctly.
 Dec 14th, 2010
Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA) is AKA "Anchor Receivables Management" and less commonly known as "Revenue Discovery Systems".

Did not leave a messsage.
 Dec 14th, 2010