This is Portfolio Recovery. They are as irritating as poison ivy. Nasty people with no compassion. I have breast cancer & do you think they care? I have informed them that I don't owe this money, however that response fell on deaf ears. They call up to three times a day. They try using different numbers. I have stopped answering. Wish they would stop calling. Wonder if they will keep calling after I'm dead? Most assuredly. Let them have my ashes!
 Jul 09th, 2013
Here's just some Portfolio Recovery Associates' numbers





















847 994 2540

518 207 3602

404 921 2521

484 489 2841

484 489 2840

626 209 2244

626 209 2241

800 772 1413

410 575 1863

620 662 1492

859 918 0780

678 265 1576

678 265 1568

858 346 1184

800 860 0644

443 313 1382

443 313 1381

412 282 1423

412 282 1422

412 282 1421

440 580 0721

440 580 0720

877 803 0008

757 864 0020

914 513 0163

571 261 0047
 Jun 25th, 2013
 Jul 14th, 2012
Ochep's run-on paragraph with no sentence spacing has what to do with phone calls from PRA? Some caveats while we're on this:

Credit ''fixing'' is an industry as full of predators as with debt collection, most of whom will be taking your money for groceries and rent and doing nothing apart from digging you a bigger debt hole and making you more prone to creditor lawsuits. The process of strategic default does not require a self-named ''credit counselor'' to hold your hand the entire time, nor does it require special powers of negotiation known only to an office full of glorified salesmen. All debt is negotiable, and you can make those same haggling calls yourself.
 Jul 12th, 2012
called and were looking for the previous owner of my phone number,told them i wasn't him,didn't know him,they were very rude and called me a liar,so I preceded to call them some not so nice names ,looking forward to tangling again with these people,I rarely get to swear like a sailor!!
 Feb 07th, 2012
This is a Bill Collector !!!! Filed a Complaint with OOC !!!
 Jan 30th, 2012
wow thanks resident47! super starting places. Be assured, I wont go lazy, so far today three calls all different numbers. First time they called, I answered since we get numerous calls for another person whom we dont even know, I asked them for a break down of this supposedly outstanding debt, in writing, well, they refused to submit. When time permits I will keep you updated, just for chits and giggles.
thanks again for your info
 Nov 11th, 2011
You're right, Gator. As I discussed here five months ago, PRA holds a ridiculous pile of phone numbers to hurl at your few, some of which were obtained from a defunct telco. They haven't bothered to change the ''Sunrocket'' CID tags, which only adds another layer of deception to calls from that number batch. I've long ago discussed what a ''not me'' case can do. The strategy is more complex if your name is on a debt account, and merely stopping calls is not likely to resolve the whole issue.

If I'm reading correctly between your lines, you thought you had ''settled'' with a prior collection agency. I'd bet they turned around and resold the ''forgiven'' part, just the sort of junky retread account PRA loves. This among many reasons is why paying a rogue third party collector is the worst solution to a debt problem. They will find all manner of ways to sour the deal, break the agreement, and then blame the debtor for ''lack of cooperation''.

Debt buyers like PRA have so little skin in the game they can well afford to offer an easy ''half price sale'' and still turn a huge profit. They also rarely hold any real proof you ever owed. This means you have tremendous leverage to beat them back into their hidey-holes. In your story you assert that no one should be double dipping something already paid. Remember that proving your liablity is *their* problem, not yours.

Your new best friends now are the FDCPA and any state laws you have which may be stronger. If PRA wants your money, you are owed a dunning letter promptly after your first contact. Respond to that with a simple and proper dispute letter, and they can't bother you again until they send validation. Possibly this will be enough to shoo them away. In case it's not, set contact restrictions in the same letter. If your creditor contract has a favorable clause, electing private arbitration can be like wolfbane against their filing suit. Finally, look at your state Statute of Limitations and see if your old account is too aged to sue over.

Meantime, monitor and document all collector phone calls with exacting care, recording clean audio if possible. Sooner or later a junky collector will hand you violations worth up to $1K in a FDCPA suit. Pulling freebie credit reports, on real paper from the bureaus, may also be a good idea. Under FCRA anything placed in your trade lines must be accurate and there for a ''permissable purpose'', else you can sue data ''furnishers'' like debt buyers and credit bureaus which fail to reject the bad data.

Don't panic and don't go lazy. The early stages of debtor dispute are actually fairly simple once you understand the game. If you're smart about it your small efforts and certified mailings can save a lot of headaches (and assets) later.

Places to start your homework:

Debt dispute and validation

Statute of Limitations on debt
 Nov 11th, 2011
they keep on calling with different numbers trying to collect money NOT OWED to them. These people are ruthless. funny how they offer you a break in payments only if you allow them access to your bank accounts!!!
no ****** way - how they get your info even tho this collection was paid off years ago thru another agency.
They should be put in front of a firing squad then lets see how fast they dial numbers endlessly
I need to follow up with current laws preventing them from calling again. since they call with different numbers call blocking is useless
 Nov 11th, 2011
X, PRA's autodialers can't tell your recorded voice from that of Tennessee Tuxedo. (Don Adams, RIP) You cannot rely on your verbal demands because you cannot prove you issued them.

Send PRA a cease-comm notice via USPS Certified with return card. The FTC and many consumer watchdogs explain how to draft one. This will set a legal landmine, as such a notice is ignored at their peril. This kind of paper trail response has already been discussed in this thread.
 Oct 03rd, 2011
These people keep calling me when this clearly is not my debt, and as stupid as these crooks are seem to ignore the name and voice within the voicemail itself is a different person. I have no debts, as I have called and told them I am not the person you’re trying to harass.
Agent X
 Oct 03rd, 2011
these people are relentless, they need to stop calling me.
 Aug 15th, 2011
Mr. XDebt, you are promoting some more fairly common misinformation, which I will unpack:

} ''there's a 7yr. statutory limit to your debt.''

No, there is a seven year limit on *reporting* debt to the credit bureaus, under FCRA. This reporting limit has *NO* bearing on the ability to collect a debt. Each state has its own Statute of Limitations for different debt categories, the true legal ''shot clock''. That period ranges anywhere from three to fifteen years. Curiously, not one state has a seven year SoL on any form of debt, putting the lie to any confusion of SoL with bureau reporting.

} ''If they say it's gone to collection, they've sold the debt''

False. A debt account may also be *assigned* to a third party collector while still owned by the original creditor. (''OC'' for short) It is very useful to determine early in a dispute if you're dealing with assigned or sold debt, as the available defenses to each differ.

} ''Always deal with the original debt holder.''

Many times this is not possible. Part of the agreement between the OC and a collector of assigned debt will often stipulate that the collection agency takes right over. If you contact the OC, its rep will likely refer or directly transfer you to that collector, maybe without full disclosure you're being passed to a third party.

A debt buyer has no ties at all to the OC, which at that stage has already been compensated through writeoff of the face value and usually doesn't want your money.

} ''no legal obligation to repay a debt to anyone but the original debt holder.''

False. A debt buyer purchases with accounts the right to enforce the original contracts and sue to collect.

} ''Stop Answering unknown phone numbers. ... sent mailings for debts 10yrs old''

Doing nothing in response to collectors is a roulette game at best, played in hopes you won't be sued for aged debt. Ignoring dunning letters is a sure way to give up a lot of your rights. Answering a few calls is sometimes the only way to identify the various ''unknowns'' and catch a collector making stupid FDCPA violations, the kind you can convert into a winning legal case.

The main strategy is to make information flow only in the consumer's direction, avoiding any admission of liability. Saying you're broke is not a defense, nor is asking how to pay, so do neither. Guesswork does not protect your rights and assets. Learning the industry rules will help the most.
 Jul 19th, 2011
I've never picked up. Don't recognize the number. I've been sent mailings for debts 10yrs old by these jerks. Remember there's a 7yr. statutory limit to your debt. Also, you have no legal obligation to repay a debt to anyone but the original debt holder. Never pay a debt to a Collection Agency. Always deal with the original debt holder. If they say it's gone to collection, they've sold the debt and it's been satisfied with their accounts. You have never contractually agreed to repay the collection agency, so tell them to stick it! Stop Answering unknown phone numbers. -Mr. XDebt
Mr. XDebt
 Jul 19th, 2011
Lou, if a cease-comm or validation request did not work for you personally, you cannot extrapolate that all such notices are useless. Did you send yours CMRR or try to cheap out on First Class? A collector *cannot* ignore any provably received notice without stepping on the land mine this notice sets. Like I said in April, if they want to be stubborn arses, take that mint greed card to a judge or private arbitrator and see if PRA wants to laugh it off then at a $1K price.

I agree that making noise in front of regulators is helpful for the broader populace, but it's not likely to solve a singular person's problem. The FTC is not a personal policing force. Maybe one AG will take pity and step in, but that public official is not your private attorney. You've no idea how much the big box banks are quietly bankrolling the debt collection industry, and likely your local reps with it.

You will also please note that Cate, commenting here in April, tried your brilliant idea and got only a lip service response. PRA kept calling but no longer transmitted useless CID .... big whooping victory there. The change might have been a weird coincidence besides.

People are being abused *now* by these fiends, and they only get a year from a given violation to sue under FDCPA. Yes, did you miss that part of the this thread and all the helpful FTC materials? Pining for a rescuer is not ''the only way to prosecute them''. Consumers are already granted private right of action! They do not have time to wait for legislative workshops, committee meetings, collections lobbyists, and the rest to fail to haggle out another minor rule amendment. (If anything that energy should be directed at compelling more states to apply a mini-FDCPA to original creditors as Texas and California have done.)

} ''Contacting them will only provide proof that you are indeed their target debt holder''

.... another myth which needs debunking monthly. Merely responding to a debt collector DOES NOT reset SoL, DOES NOT admit liability, and DOES NOT put you on any sucker list. It's *how* you respond which makes all the difference, which again I have already discussed. No thanks to the industry's evasive phone tricks, you might have to answer at least one call just to establish a pattern of abusive calls and their source. Then get on a paper trail like I keep advocating if your lips are too loose.

Spamming your same rant another five times within eight minutes, mostly to PRA threads where cease-comm is never mentioned, is not helping your credibility. 2011-07-11 23:17:59 UTC 2011-07-11 23:19:32 UTC 2011-07-11 23:21:43 UTC 2011-07-11 23:23:23 UTC 2011-07-11 23:25:02 UTC
 Jul 12th, 2011
Calling for credit card debt that I do not even posses or had owned.
 Jul 12th, 2011
Sending cease and desist legal notices does not work! File a complaint with your State's Attorney General, along with documented times/dates of calls or contact. You can also file complaints at but don't expect a reply from them.
Contacting your State Representatives to request new law enactment against these "loop holers" is the only way to prosecute them for their actions. (State of Missouri has already done so).
Contacting them will only provide proof that you are indeed their target debt holder, even if it was "charged off" years ago.
Be proactive and push for laws against them in your State. The old ones allow them to continue their harassment.
 Jul 11th, 2011
call itself came from a yonkers number 914-513-0163 but they number they left to return the call was 866-691-3568 and belongs to portfolio recovery....
 Jul 11th, 2011
AR: PRA has dozens of phone numbers to throw at your one. Blocking is an arms race you will lose. If you'd followed my advice from a day before your entry you'd have known to send a cease-comm notice, again via USPS Certified.

Attorneys general and the FTC are valid complaint venues which help the public good and may get the bad actors eventually fined and shut down. But understand that you must confront collection agencies directly if your goal is to halt or punish their mistreatment of your privacy and consumer rights. Unless of course you want to keep hearing the phone ring through 2012.

Learn how to exercise your FDCPA rights as an alleged debtor at FTC-dot-gov.
 Jun 21st, 2011
 Jun 20th, 2011
I am going to go and waste them and their families.. Enough!! I am going to sit out in front of the post office and or their bldg. of business.. Their are a group of us who are FED UP... They and you will know who we are....... SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Jun 20th, 2011
2011 is the SECOND year I have been receiving calls from this company. I have filed two complaints with the FTC in regards to this continuing call program, but they still call, including on Sundays. I now intend to use a call blocker.
 Apr 17th, 2011
Cate, your assessment of PRA and its industry at large is accurate, but needs minor correction.

The collection agency (C.A.) in receipt of a USPS Certified piece is not the one mailing back the mint green card. The USPS does that itself, providing external proof of receipt, which is the whole point of spending $5.54 on a #10 envelope. Proof of your sending won't help in determining if the CA broke a rule by making contact a few days later. Fetching the record from a USPS database would prove difficult, and you would possibly have to get sworn testimony from an employee that the record is accurate.

I say let them ignore a validation request and keep calling; I could spend the $1K statutory fine on legitimate billers when I file suit. Ditto for dirty tricks they might play over the phone. If you take a collection call with the attitude that information must flow in only one direction, from collector to consumer, you can gather evidence and avoid admission of liability. This plan of course is optional. It's your phone to answer or ignore.

If you are receiving repeated, misdirected, and/or abusive calls from a third party debt collector, you may find relief in the provisions of the FDCPA, the federal law which regulates collector behavior and provides you simple tools for your own defense. It grants you control of how you are contacted, and the means to sue at low cost. Learn your rights and first response tactics at FTC-dot-gov. See also your state laws for additional support.
 Apr 16th, 2011
One of nearly 50 phone numbers this gang uses to harrass people, 914-513-0163 does belong to Portfolio Recovery Associates, out of Norfolk VA. They have "skip" technology to be able to make it look as if they are calling from all over the USA, but all calls originate in their sad little shop in Norfolk. They like to call with their caller ID masked, in order to be more likely to fool and intimidate their victims, but ever since I complained to the state office of consumer protection under our Attorney General, the calls have been coming - to our house - with the company name on the caller ID. These bottom feeders buy up debt that is so old it cannot be collected, and then set out to bully, intimidate and manipulate and deceive anybody they can, whether that person ever owned the debt or not, into paying them big bucks for something they "bought" for pennies. Without the Best Congress Money Can Buy, this kind of extortion scam would not be tolerated, but it was enabled late '80s, when the Congress decided to give the whole economy to the financial sector - banking,Wall Street, insurance, etc. Do not ever speak with these swine, as it only encourages them, and they are taught to bully and manipulate and intimidate over the phone. Do send them a certified letter/return receipt requested, asking for verification of the debt. They will throw the letter into the recycling bin unopened, and never return the receipt, but you will have your own copy of the letter you sent, plus the proof you sent it, and a record on the Postal Service's computer showing that it was received, and the date. It might be worth your time to keep a phone log of all their calls to your home. If they call your cell phone without your permission, you can sue them. Plenty of info re these vermin on the internet, including their fraudulent 1099-C's they issue to the IRS.
 Apr 16th, 2011
I received a partial pre-recorded message from this company today. At the end of the recording they provided the following information:


120 Corporate Boulevard
Norfolk, VA 23502

I did a Google search on the address, and it came up as Portfolio Recovery Associates.

There are a LOT of reports about them being Fraudulent, and producing phony affidavits, etc.

Here are some of the links, check these out for yourself!!! One of these is even as far back as a legal complain filed in 1997!!

HOW can companies like this be in existence?? I will be filing a complaint with the FTC and with the BBB about this!

I hope others will file reports as well! These types of practices need to be stopped!
 Dec 03rd, 2010
Edgar Frog
 Dec 03rd, 2010
Calling at 802 am. this morning really?
 Nov 30th, 2010