This ring of telemarketers keeps calling, and keeps harassing everyone in the entire world of America. They will soon be after your family also. It all starts with a hang-up or dropped call during communication on a celluar device. They are an illicit non-profit drug racketeering group that are fronting as an internet telemarketing agency. They start out by simply offering you a small business loan, or better placement in Google search listings. In exchange, they move their manufacturing machinery to your personal property, to run the real top secret operations. They have been investigated for quite some time. Police have continually been eluded by these relentless thugs! The FBI and CIA has been notified due to the barrage of arsenal these gorillas have recently obtained. They have mentioned extortion threats of Nuclear Warfare, Taliban, and theft of military drone aircraft. They use many other telephone numbers such as: 888-829-8126 360-340-9591 323-316-1003 and 800-526-9766. You will not gain access to those numbers until you have been promoted as a "Vice-Guest" in their cartel.


Myron Corp and SERVER MAGIC are GRAVE ROBBERS! These telemarketing SCUM need to die in a slow painful burning self inflicted death!


Scamming telemarketers with a common goal: TO SCAM YOUR MOST RECENT WIFE'S VIRGINITY.. .

Cop and paste.. add to the numbers. We can stand tall as a larger number!
 Feb 04th, 2014