This number called me today. Didn't know who it was and picked up accidentally. I have a cell phone only, so anyone having my number is weird anyway. It must be a collection agency trying to phish and get people's information, because there was no identification given and the person said "How can I help you?" I responded that he called me and I have no idea what he wants. He asked me my name, I refused. He said my name and asked if that's my name, I said, well, it's a form of my name but there are two other confirmed adults in my city with my exact name and I have their information on my credit reports right now. He asked for my SSN, I refused to give it to him. I asked him to get me the name and number of the creditor for whom he is working, and he said it's Old Navy, do you have an Old Navy card? I actually don't, and I asked him to get me more information so I can call and verify things with them, and he hung up on me. Don't answer if this number calls, or one similar to the digits, because it's a scam.
 Aug 09th, 2013