Its amazing..if your not home be careful...they do not do the job they up and halfway do the job or pull up and put a stick in your yard and drive off charging you for service you did not receive
 Oct 22nd, 2013
So it's frickin' Trugreen, eh? I own a house in a different state that I rent out and had Trugreen when I lived there. For about the first two years of having renters I had Trugreen, then last year cancelled it. I told them I wanted only the bare minimum two years ago to get the guarantee and that was supposedly 3 services for that year. But here it is, 2013, and I'm getting emails from them saying they just came out to do service on my lawn for SERVICE I DIDN'T FREAKING ORDER. I kept wondering if I'd ordered it or not for this year, or if my services were up yet or not. I was thinking "didn't that service run out yet?" haha

Now I'm in Afghanistan for crying out loud; I AIN'T GOT TIME FOR DAT!

At the very least, it feels good to know I'm not the only one who's getting muscled by the "Trugreen Mafia". lol Time to call the better business bureau and report them. Maybe that'll get them to get their shit together.
Dick Johnson
 May 10th, 2013
The same report here. They show up at your home or they just say they put fertilizer on your lawn and you now owe them money. No call first, no bill sent out after the supposed service, then the continuous harassing calls for payment for their service that you never asked for and probably was never done. If I ever once used them to do my lawn, it was more then a year and a half ago. I lost half my grass in the rear yard, and called them to say adios long ago.

Anyway, They are demanding $140.00 or they will keep calling. $140.00 for a onetime supposed service and I have a small yard. That in itself is hilarious. Me thinks they're in business just to start a scam later when they get fired.
Me Too
 Apr 06th, 2013
Harassing calls. 3-4 times daily even on weekends. They showed up in the middle of winter and apparently did something to the lawn when I was not home and had not requested any service. then billed me 48.00. I said I would not pay this. They were very rude and now I think they are the ones calling. Never a message and no caller ID.
 May 02nd, 2012
annoying collection call from true green lawn service, don't get them they are horrible
steve g
 Sep 29th, 2011
Calls for Tru-green to collect past due monies. After telling Tr-Green that their agent burned out my loan I cancelled them I told them the last 37.50 will be paid when I feel Like it in fact they should credit my account, Did they listen "NO" did they care "NO" they just wanted their money and turned this over to a collection caller of the above phone number anybody who uses this outfit for charitable work should think again. They are scum collectors!!!!
Big T
 Sep 23rd, 2011
3rd call tonight, came in at 8:53. Getting multiple calls each day, either from Medallion, Special Olympics of KS, and or just saying toll free call, but all are related.
Janice P Herod
 Oct 30th, 2009
KS Special Olympics
 Sep 15th, 2009