********** THe Owners Info
SSN: 617-79-2226
Home adress is
ONTARIO, CA 91762-4900
(02/07/2013 to 03/23/2013)
Date of Birth: 11/15/1983
Born 29 Years Ago
SSN: 562-77-6411
Home adress is
BALDWIN PARK, CA 91706-4007
Tel: 626-393-8392
Phone: 626-338-9977
(04/19/2012 to 05/15/2012)

 Jul 17th, 2013
Thanks for your post. I act without thinking. And it has been a while. First off someone called my house leaving a voice mail saying I need to confirm my address to have a court day resend. I got a bit shaky. But right after the same person call my cell and give me a number to call. So I made the call. His name is also Erik Stone. So yea. Bad. So I pay monthly. Anyway, since the last two month the name on the statement keep changing, I so I search this up. Gosh, you scammer. Erg, get a real job. Cheating people is not a job. If it is there too many of you.
 Apr 05th, 2013
Been scammed as well because I used to have an account with US Bank. These people used Adkins & Jacobs. Also, RM Funding was mentioned. After all that I've learned about ID Fraud, scamming, etc, the mentioned of US Bank caused me to panic which stupid me gave them my SS#. Their scare tactic worked. The minute they acquired my SS#, they immediately ran my credit. Luckily, I have credit monitoring and it showed an RPA & ASSOCIATES, INC from California was responsible but I'm sure it's not legitimate. I reported the bastard that calls himself Eric Stone. Glad the person had the balls to call back.....
 Mar 24th, 2013
I recieved the same call from Palmar and associates and have been paying them too for two months! I am calling my bank right now and cancelling, im so glad i checked right now! thank you for yuor post,..... the guy said his name was eric stone! and was collecting for us bank
 Feb 07th, 2013
These people seem to be a scam...James Howlett called me representting a legal firm called PALMAR & ASSOCIATES....1042 N. Mountain Ave, Suite B140, Upland, CA 91786....(1-877-818-0144) threatening me with a process server for court to pay an old credit card a fool I have been having them auto-debit my bank account...well today I try to contact them and guess what....number disconnected.....and when I tried to verify their business and address where to be found....needless to say I then google them and find not only your comments and other links to these people also....when they first contacted me...they were mean and abusive and I was naive and like an old woman told them Yes I owed the debt and would pay...when I said I could only pay so much..they said that was not acceptable and I had to pay a high monthly rate which I have faithfully...what a fool I have been...I have now cancelled bank account and changed my number. ITS A SCAM FOLKS !
 Jan 31st, 2013
I too was threatened with a subpoena if I didn't immediately make arrangements to pay these dickless wonders. A "process server" was supposed to be "in my neighborhood" two months ago. Golly, they just can't seem to find me, despite having my address and the wrong SS number.

Don't pay them a dime. They're nothing but bottom feeding scum who try to scare people into paying them.
Anon Hot Chick
 Dec 24th, 2012
My husband received the same call and immediately called me (as I handle the finances in the family). I called this number 909-303-7016. I had the same exact expreience. He wasn't a lawyer....just worked for PM Funding. Process server was going to send paperwork....yadda yadda yadda... Exactly the same script. Checking Better Business Bureau now and also calling my local police department to report the possible scam as this account in nowhere on my husband's credit reports.
 Nov 07th, 2012
This is going to be long one to read but I am placing everything on here about what I have found out in dealing with this number, starting with the original number of 855-966-0081..
on 10/8/12 a call was placed to my father in laws cell phone claiming to be a process server looking for me. my father in law told him he didn't know where I lived and hung up. Within minutes this number, 855-966-0081 called my father in laws cell phone and left him a message that I owed money and that they were a legal firm and for me to call them back at the above number and left a case number. He called me and I immediately called them. I gave the guy who answered the call the case number and he said that I had reached a Legal firm and that they were going to serve me legal papers for a debt from 3 years ago from US Bank. He said his name is William Evans and that he was an attorney and that I had to pay them over $1500 to stop this legal action. I told him that I didn't have that kind of money and that I haven't heard from US Bank concerning this. I admit I did owe US Bank a couple hundred dollars, (no where near $1500) when I closed the account and disputed it at the time and I never heard back from the bank. He said they owned the debt now and that the bank had nothing to do with it. I told him that I haven't recieved any paperwork from them and he statrted yelling and said that if I didn't pay them, they would garnish my wages, attach my bank account and have the local Federal District Attorney charge me with a Federal Crime since the account was over $400 and have me arrested, so I told him I would send him $20 a week to pay it and he yelled "unacceptable", which pissed me off and I hung up...
After a few minutes of thinking about this, and being a person who does't run away from paying my bills and definetly not wanting to be arrested, I called him back and offered to pay monthly payments of $100 to settle but that I needed proof that I owed this bill. He said that he would have to run it by his administrator and see if it was acceptable and wanted my phone number to call me back. I gave him a cell number to call me on and he said he would call back in 5 minutes... I waited for about an hour without him calling back so I called him again. This time he said that $100 a month would be fine, but that I would have to pay $350 immediately to show that I was voluntary willing to settle this debt or that he could reduce the $1500 to $942 and that would settle the debt. He said the settlement amount was only good for that day, 10/8. Again I told him that I had no money so he told me to borrow it from somebody or that the process server would serve me with papers and that any offer was void. Again I told him that I had no money but that I would try to get a payday loan for the $350 but that it would take a few days. He said then that he would stop the process server until Friday, 10/12 and if I didn't pay $350 he would send the process server after me and again threatened to attach my Bank account, garnish my wages and have me arrested.
He then said I had to give him an address other than a PO Box, I told him I haven't had a PO Box since I moved from Idaho 2 years ago and then he asked if some address in Texas was my physical address, which was a drop address for me until I moved to Texas and found a place to live, which I have used only once. Since I was really sckeptical by this time so I told him it was. I then told him I needed some proof that I owed this amount again and how was I to pay him. he said that he would send me an email or fax this information to me. I told him I had no access to a fax and gave him a free email address that I use when I doubt things. He said he would send me an email with proof within 20 minutes and that as far as paying, he would take a debit card, credit card or I could deposit it directly into their commerical account at Bank of America and that all this information would be in the email, but they would not take a check or check card. I told him that I would try to pay the $350 by Friday, 10/12, he said ok but then again threatend me with arrest, etc.
Needless to say, I never recieved an email and I waited all week for it and during that time I found this site and read the other postings. Tonight I did recieve a phone call from 909-303-7014 which my caller ID said was from near Pomona Area, I let my messages take this call and it was from this Willam Evans wanting to know if I was going to pay this debt or not. I called him back and explained that I never recieved proof of debt and he yelled that his assistant sent it and I told him no as I have kept all emails to this account and none were from him or his Law Firm. He then stated he was not an attorney, I reminded him that he stated he was in our 3rd conversation and he denied he ever said that but that he worked for one and that was who was suing me. He then said he would personally send me proof within 20 minutes that I owed them and I agreed but then I started asking questions.
I told him I had contacted US Bank and that they had never heard of him. He said of course not, that some company by the name of "RM Funding" had bought the debt from US Bank and had turned it over to the Private Law Firm which he worked for. He said that information would be in the email. I told him ok and that I would wait for the email, he wanted me to call him back when I recieved it, I agreed.
I recieved an email from him or rather the Legal Firm he said was suing me. It was not a billing but a promissary note to pay.
The header is from:

Palmar & Associates
1042 N. Mountain Ave Ste B140
Upland, CA 91786
Toll Free: 855-966-0081
Fax: 909-985-5135

There are no attorneys name anywhere on it,

it is signed:
Sincerely, Administration Department

I called him back and told him this not a billing but a promisarary note and he said that this is their way of proof. It even had my drop address on it and I told him that was wrong and he wanted my physical address where I live now, I refused to give that to him because by now it is easy to figure out this is a collection company. I asked for the Attoney's name that he worked for and he refused saying everything I needed to know was in the email and again he gave me list of threats including arrest and that I have until noon on 10/15 to pay the $350 or he would contact the Federal DA in my area and have me arrested. I told him I would see what I could do about paying by then and hung up.
I have searched the California Bar Association for any attorney or law firm by the name of Palmar and Palmar & Associates, there is no lawyer by that name or firm by that name in California. I searched for the same info nationwide, again no firm exisits by that name. I also can't find a collection agency by that name or one using the 855-966-0081 or the 909-303-7014 phone numbers. I googled the address and the satellite view shows the address in an Albertson's parking lot. I am not going to sign or agree to a promissary note, but I am going to contact he Federal DA on Monday and ask them about this. I trully beleive that it is just a collection scam to gather information as they don't have my real address, where I work nor my Bank. I will post back with any more information I come up with. By the way the promissary note wants my Credit card or debit card information but not their account number and I can't find anything by RM Funding that buys deliquient accounts.....
 Oct 13th, 2012