the number 905-667-5646 said they were calling from bell canada and offering cell phone, i didnt think nothing of it at the time as the phone company i am with is thru bell. Also been sick so not thinking clearly, i gave my sin, i feel stupid after looking up this number, i have been to different sites to report and making calls tomorrow. anyone can help me more plz email me at thx
 Feb 05th, 2010
Had this call at noon. In the name part of my caller ID unit the
number 905-667-5646 showed up instead of Unknown name. This has never
happened before! Below I've pasted this portion to view;
905-667-5646 1-905-667-5646 Thu 3/19/09 12:21 PM 3 rings.
I dialed *57 and the call was traced!

Then I get a call shortly after this from IQOR;
OUT OF AREA 1-877-503-2115 Thu 3/19/09 12:48 PM 8 rings.
I dialed *57 and the call was traced!

I didn't answer any of these calls.
But now I'm wondering if IQOR has something to do with
the first call today? Maybe so!
iQor Enemy
 Mar 19th, 2009