Anybody that gets a call from these people, please report them to the Federal Trade Commission and The Florida Attorney General. You can file complaints online at both places. The more people that complain the faster they will check into this company. So please, please, file a complaint.

The Attorney General's website is http://myfloridalegal.com/Contact.nsf/Contact?OpenForm&Section=Economic_Crimes
This website takes you straight to the online consumer complaint form.

The Federal Trade Commission's website is https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/FTC_Wizard.aspx?Lang=en
This website takes you straight to the online consumer complaint form.

This is Thomas Lee & Associate's address. This is what you need when you file a complaint on them. Use the address below! I have already filed a complaint at these two places. I hope everybody that comes here submits their complaint to the FTC and the Attorney General. All you have to do is tell what they said to you on the phone when they called you. They will check into this company, only after several complaints have been filed. This is why it is important to file a complaint!

Thomas Lee & Associates, Inc.
6501 Arlington Expy Ste A-109
Jacksonville, FL 32211
Phone: 904-329-1515
Fax: 904-647-6839

Thomas Lee's website is http://www.thomasleeinc.com/
 Jul 29th, 2009
they keep calling me at my job and trying to say they have an arrest warrant for me which is false and i am tired of dealing with they have one more time to call me or i am calling the police in florida where they are located and going to sue them for everything they are worth
 May 17th, 2009