Ms.Childress answers. Very rude. Will not give you the name of the company unless you give her your information. She also states that they will continue to call after you tell them not to.
 Nov 21st, 2013
If you are receiving repeated, misdirected, and/or abusive calls from a third party debt collector, you may find relief in the provisions of the FDCPA, the federal law which regulates collector behavior. Learn your rights at FTC-dot-gov. See also your state laws for additional support.

Kay was only half right four years ago. The FDCPA allows a daily 13 hour call window beginning at 08:00 in your time zone. NO day of the week or year is off limits. If your state law is more restrictive than federal, state supersedes.
 Apr 08th, 2011
"Miss Body" called regarding "a personal matter."
 Apr 08th, 2011
EXTREMELY RUDE... They called regarding medical bill....we are covered under military tricare We don't owe any medical bills. I adv them they need to call the medical office and tell them to resubmit their claim to tricare that's all they need to do , You think that would be simple, appararently not. Be rude with me I'm not the idiot in the Dr's office who can't submit a claim so they get paid. Maybe they need to call that person and be rude to them for not doing their job. I told MIKE that is all this office needs to do, how hard is that to call the Dr's office and tell them to resubmit, I have on several occassions and they still can't get it right.Bunch of damn idiots.....and call people and be rude doesn't make them pay you any quicker , economy sucks people are paying necessities anyway, people will pay with kindness and consideration not with rude , arrogant people.
 Jan 13th, 2010
yes some of the people are arrogant, but there is a lady who is very nice when i inquired. they had a wron g number and she was kind enough to fix their problem. dont know the lady's name but she is an aproachble person.
 Mar 26th, 2009
Revenue Recovery! This is debt collection agency whose employees are EXTREMELY RUDE! Beware that the people are ignorant and will talk down to you. They were trying to recover $64 from lab work that should have been filed with my Workman's Comp 2 years ago. They treated me like I was a criminal and Sheniqua (or some name similar) wanted to know why I didn't pay this the day after my surgery and lab work were completed. Then they said they didn't believe it was Workman's Comp and wanted to know my accident history because they didn't believe it--like it's any of their business anyway! Complete idiots--I'm warning you!
 Feb 24th, 2009
This is a debt collection agency--Revenue Recovery, located in Memphis and Knoxville. They will not give out any identifying information when you answer the phone, they will only say, this is Mr. so and so. Beware that it is a debt collection agency---and they are not nice!
 Feb 24th, 2009
Revenue Recovery Corp 2670 Union Avenue Ext, Memphis, TN 38112-4426

may also show up as RAB which is Regional Adjustment Bureau

Also has a contact listing of 901-454-1127 which would be in the 38134 zip code (Bartlett)

very rude, constant calling even after you ask them not to (against the law) use *60 on an At&T land line to block AT & T if you need's harassment
dirt digger
 Feb 27th, 2008
Do these people not knwo it is illegal for bill collectors to call after 9 p.m. and on Sundays? I have insireance so I have no outstanding medical bills.
 May 21st, 2007
collection agency
these people call day and night 7 days a week for the past 6 months
 Mar 21st, 2007
This is a collection agency for medical bills in Memphis, Tennessee
Individual calling is a Mr.Ross
 Jan 11th, 2007