+1 901-283-1352 this number contacted me about lowering my credit card interest rates they told me it was for all of my Visa and Mastercard accounts so I listen and then they told me the are looking at my account and my credit card number started with a 4 and wanted me to verify by giving them the rest of the number so I told the rep I can't do that because I don't know them. The Manager gets on the phone and gives me 800 847 2911 call back number if I want to check them out name Micheal Brown. So I told him cool as soon as you tell me my name I will give you my card number. He assured me he was looking at my Chase Visa card account. So I agree and ask for my name again and was put on hold while he gets. Then the line hung up on me. Just so you know I haven't had a Chase Visa card in about 8 years. Do not give these people any information under any circumstance.
 Jan 11th, 2018