I have no idea why they are calling me, beginning just before 8 in the morning, and at least twice more after that, never leaving a message. I have never had an account with either GMAC or Ally financial. I tried calling back to tell off someone, but hit a wrong button and disconnected.
 Jul 12th, 2019
Three times a day, every day, Ally / GM Financial would call our office. Even after I tell them who they are looking for is not working, or doesn't work for us, they continue to call. It is beyond irritating. Her name was Rickel and her return contact # is 888-611-6904. :-)
 May 10th, 2019
The man on the phone stated that he was from Ally Financial
 May 06th, 2019
They keep calling my office nonstop, multiple times every day for the last couple weeks. They keep asking for a specific person. Today this person was not here and I notified them of that, and THEY STILL CALLED AGAIN a couple hours later. I refuse to pick up any more calls from this number. Even if it isn't a scam and it's legit, it is still inappropriate for them to be constantly calling someone at work like that
 May 06th, 2019
Calling the workplace, looking for people by name. Clearly a scam
 Oct 16th, 2018
Call several times a day once a indian said to call this number, i dont have an account with gmac. SCAM
 Jul 23rd, 2018
when I was picking up the phone I heard someone say Hello... then I did my office phone answer spiel and received no response. So I hung up...
 Apr 09th, 2018
constant calls every day 4hrs apart
Tom Brackett
 Sep 13th, 2013
Rec'v this call AT OUR PLACE OF BUSINESS. Did not answer - as I figured it to be some annoying scamming call.
 Sep 05th, 2013
I have made arrangements fro my payment with them this is the first time it has been late. Is it necessary to call me 6 times day? everyday!
 May 15th, 2013
I'm getting calls from them on my office phone. I have a GMAC house note but it has NEVER been late, and I have no car notes. The one call I was able to asnwer they are looking for a Lindsay, I don't know anyone by that name nor do we have anyone here with that name, all the other times, they never leave a message. This is a state office, if they keep it up I'm going to turn it over to our AG's office to handle.
D from TX
 Nov 13th, 2012
This # is now Ally Financial. GMAC neer called like this. Ally bought their loans. When late, they call relentlessly, usually they dont leave a message. Hope this helps.
 Dec 05th, 2011
It's GMAC, pay on time or they will call and call and call and call several times a day on all the friggin' numbers they have for you. You only need be 1 day late and they start to harass you. I've even been called before the date to make sure I was going to pay on time. Great use of taxpayer dollars on these clowns. If I was 3 months late I could understand it but 2 days - come on.
 Jul 22nd, 2010
Again, I am a few days late on my car note and GMAC is calling day and night.
 May 18th, 2010
I've been getting nonstop calls from this number too, and saw that they just called on my work's caller ID. I have a GMAC account, but it's not overdue. Any time I've missed a payment they have mailed me a letter saying so right away -- they've never called. Sounds like a scam to me.
 May 04th, 2010
These A-Holes call and call, never the courtesy of a voice mail. I know it's GMAC Auto Finance. Why are they hiding behind 800 service on the call display. What are these a-holes afraid of.By the volume of calls you would think I was month's behind in my payments. The fact is I am less than 1 week late. When I answer the phone and it is someone from a call centre in India, I am going to hit the roof.We bailed these pricks out and they outsource work to India. Screw them.
Mr Az
 Apr 16th, 2010
I have been getting several calls a day from this number 888-611-6904. Never a message. What's up with this company.I see it may be GMAC Credit. I have a auto loan with GMAC and am 6 days late, seems like they are getting overly aggressive on late payments(6 days late) and they are calling several times a day. Wow!!!
Mrs. AZ
 Apr 15th, 2010
these bastard's(GMAC,AKA GOvernment motors)call if you are 5 days late with a payment 2 to 3 times a day.Just wait till I ever buy another thing from them after 42 years being a G.M customer.
 Apr 08th, 2010
 Jan 16th, 2010
I have received 3-5 calls per day from 888-611-6904. Call display says 800 service. They do not have the courtesy to leave a voice mail message.Very unprofessional company.
R from AZ
 Dec 05th, 2009
This number has been calling before 8 am on Saturdays and as late as 10 pm weekdays. After "weeks" of this number calling and not leaving a message,I finally answered. It was GMAC, (out sourced to India) asking for a person that does not live here. I told them who they were calling and asked them to remove my number from their list. They called for the next 7 days in a row. Each time I explained who i was, giving them my full name and asked them to stop calling. I finally asked for an American superior. I was put on hold for 16 minutes, but at this point I refused to back down. I am sure they expected me to hang up. The operator got back on the line and told me no body was answering, I demanded a phone number. I got through to Dallas. Explained I did not have and account with GMAC, never had an account with GMAC and never would have an account with GMAC! All this "and" they took Gov bailouts as well. MY ADVICE FOLKS BUY FORD!!!!!
 Nov 05th, 2009
I answered the call and it told me to "hold on for a very important message" constanly, would not tell me who it was from or anything so I hung up. Also, It's been calling my cell phone evey day for the last 2 days.
 Oct 29th, 2009
GMAC calling RE: a late/overdue payment.
No One
 Oct 03rd, 2009