These people call from many different numbers. Just another bottom feeding debt collection agency. Sleazy people, as always...
 Mar 05th, 2009
This phone number is for a "bottom feeder" debt collection agency, trying to collect on old debts that are past the statute of limitations for collection. They will use whatever means possible to obtain your information. If you do pay them, it is possible the payment will show up on your credit report as a paid overdue account, and will be there for seven years. Also, these "bottom feeders" continually change their 800 phone numbers. Remember, if you call them on an 800 number, they will have the number you are calling from.

Other 800 numbers from these bottom feeders (google them for more information):800-860-0644; 877-803-0008; 800-772-1413; 800-654-8818; 757-519-9300; 215-441-3000; 215-441-3000 / 800-220-2274 / 800-709-8613; 800-685-4343 / 800-229-7670 / 888-550-4514; 888-249-4134 / 866-352-0237 / 312-360-3000; 888-656-7870; 800-754-0837; 800-651-4577; 516-714-1300; 877-982-0001; 860-242-7585 or 877-588-3630.
Mark A.
 Jun 25th, 2008
Another ripped off Credit collector who keeps calling me. I don't answer the phone. Let them talk to my voicemail. Hopefully my voicemail will call them back.
 Mar 12th, 2008
I received a collection notice from Tate & Kirlin Associates. The date of the letter wa 11/15/2006. It stated that I owed $2,089.99 but if I paid by 12/6/2006, I would only owe half. The letter was made out to my name and my husband's name. I called the number on the letter 877-982-0001 to inquire about this debt. The account was opened in August 1991 and the last payment was received in August 1998. My husband and I were not even married in 1991 and I did not have any credit accounts at all. I was just starting college! I informed Tate & Kirlin to order the original documents because I had no knowledge of this account. If I did this, I would no longer be able to pay half of the debt-I would have to pay it all. I do not recognize the company that the debt supposedly originated from and they no longer exist. Something told me to research Tate & Kirlin-glad I did. I think this is a bunch of crap! I pay my bills-just bought a new house, new car and 2 brand new ATV's-couldn't have done that with bad credit!
Tonya Elmore
 Nov 28th, 2006