Caller ID gave this number, 215-244-4200, and said NCB. "Brenda" left a message telling me to call back at 877-901-3200 with an extension number. I have no accounts with anyone.
 Sep 10th, 2010
I work in a home with a very elderly lady. One family member lives in another city & county. John Lehman, NCB Management, 877-901-3200 called for J. (married young daughter of employer in another city/county). His tone made me suspicious. My 'shady,devious-guy' radar went up. He asked for personal info & Where is she, is she still living here, etc. I aksed 'What's this regarding?' No respponse. I said, I work here, the family is out. He was forceful & asked probing questions. When I asked the nature of his business & what type of comapny this, he was evasive. He kept trying to get me to give out tidbits on her, "she lives in Lane County, right?" I said, " NICE TRY!" "But I don't give out ANYONE"S personal, for ANY reason. Certainly notto someone so cagey!" "I'm ALSO not giving Jennifer the message, if you don't tell me who you are or what the nature of your business is." Then, "Would you want your daughter or wife giving out YOUR persoanl informtation to some evasive, cagey, stranger over the phone??" That shut him up! He just gave me this 877 no, and hung up. I googled him - found ythis site. WE ALL REALLY NEED TO REPORT THEM TO THE STATE' ATTORNE GENERAL! The better business bureau hasn't any jurisdiction over collections. There are strict guidleines about how often collectors can call, what hrs. of the day, no calling two consecutive days. California has the strictest laws, Most states have some protective statutes. FIND OUT WHAT THEY ARE!! Report thugs like this to the State Attorney General in PA. & wahtever state you're in!!
 Mar 17th, 2008