Scam! Do not call these fools back. They will tell you, "You called us, so you need to give them you account numbers, SSN, etc." Hang up and call the main usaa number directly and report them.
 Oct 18th, 2013
Me again! Disregard the last two comments...this actually was a legitimate call from USAA!! I received a follow up letter via mail. I love USAA as far as companies go, but disappointed they didn't even know when I called them they had called me! They should have referenced a dept. in the message. Such a big company when I called to verify they hadn't called for something they said they hadn't. They were concerned about fraud and assured me they would follow up, guess they will figure out for themselves!! Anyway, not to worry 77-801-2448 should be legit. I didn't actually call it for safety but used my regular # for USAA to resolve the issue but it was a legitimate issue initiated on USAA's behalf.
 Aug 26th, 2013
Me again, went a step further & contacted USAA, they confirmed this is a scam, this is not them & they are having tons of fraud attempts via phone by criminals pretending to be USAA. Call your bank if this happens to you, call their main number not the one on your caller id (which can also be manipulated) or left in message and let bank know. It's not enough to avoid being scammed yourself, these banks are going hard after scammers and have great resources to do it, so do your part, take the time & report it.
 Aug 23rd, 2013
Rec'd call, didn't sound on the up and up. Caller id said "Mtg Operations" 847-550-7300 but they left message that addressed us by name and they said they were USAA bank and left the number 877-801-2448 for us to call them back. They left no context for the phone call which USAA would never do, and totally did not sound right. Sounds like bad news, if you get this call & feel you must respond call your usaa number on file, do not this one, SCAM! When I googled the 847 number tons of people getting calls from this number, some hangs up, no messages, others got messages pretending to be their banks (not just usaa) and saying behind on mortgage. Beware, this is scam.
 Aug 23rd, 2013
They called my sister's phone number where I used to live, but moved away nearly 2 years ago. They left a voice message, saying they were USAA Bank. I am a customer of USAA. I updated all of my contact info with them when I moved into my new home and have my mortgage through them. If the caller was USAA, they would know my current phone number. The real USAA calls my new phone number when they need to speak with me.
 Jul 24th, 2013