The voicemail was about "service of process" and that it was the final notification for something happening on Thursday (yesterday). I received roughly the same message on Wednesday. When I called and unfortunately gave away my cell number (after having blocked it from caller id), they said they were looking for "Michael Winner". No matter how I look at it, whether they're looking for the English director/producer or local coach (that recently died), they're out of luck. Oh, and it's a SCAM.
 Nov 22nd, 2013
think this is a scam but I can not tell if it is. says they want money for a loan I never took out.
 Nov 20th, 2013
Calls several times a day, claims to be a processing agent, wants to verify SS#, name, serve legal papers. This is obviously a phishing scam...a real state or county official would show on ID with a verifiable number
 Nov 06th, 2013