Please do not call my ceel again . take me off your list
Michelle Dickey
 Jun 22nd, 2010
This number calls my house on a regular basis and when I answe it is a automatic voice message in french, not sure what to do with this or where to call to have them removed, can you help?
 Jun 11th, 2010
This number called our house during the day - no one answered so we ended up with a really long message completely in French (we don't speak French so I have no idea what it was about). I tried calling the number and got an automated message telling me I was trying to call a long distance number and I would have to try again by putting a "1" in front of it (which is what I did)
 May 27th, 2010
GM bailout approval statistic spammer.

I am on the do-not-call list (and it's not expired), so this RDDNET.CA Toronto company is break Canadian law.

1) Auto dialers with automated messages are ILLEGAL in Ontario at least
2) Marketing calls to people on the government operated do-not-call list is also ILLEGAL

Why is this company break these laws? Can I sue them or something? $500 per infraction I've heard somewhere. Ok then, I want my $500. How do I collect?
 Jan 12th, 2010
stop phoning my house asshole
Leave me alone
 Nov 17th, 2009
They called me. Ten seconds of silence followed. The robot hung up on me. I called back only to be told to leave a message and to speak "louder" instead of "loudly". No one called me back. No one seems to be there. I wish I could call them at home to see what they wanted from me at my home.
 Oct 29th, 2009
Tara Jones wrote "I realize 'surveys' do not fall under the telemarketing donotcall".

Well, it's true that survey companies are exempt from the Do Not Call list, but there are also special rules for using automated dialers!

The use of "Automatic Dialing-Announcing Devices", or ADADs, is even more strictly regulated by the CRTC than other calls. ADADs can only be used during certain hours, they can't dial numbers sequentially, and they must clearly indicate at the beginning of the recording who is making the call and how to contact them. So even though this survey call (I received it this evening in Ottawa) is exempt from the Do Not Call List, and it's not subject to the CRTC's Telemarketing Rules (since only calls for the purpose of sales are considered "telemarketing"), they are subject to the ADAD rules. And they violate those rules by not clearly indicating at the beginning of the message who they are and "a mailing address and a local or toll-free telecommunications number at which a representative of the originator of the message can be reached".

Unfortunately, if they did provide that information so you could contact them, there is no requirement that they keep a Do Not ADAD list. As long as they comply with CRTC rules about using ADADs, non-sales related robo calls to Canadians *cannot be stopped*!
 Oct 29th, 2009
On Wednesday August 26, we received a call at 18:55
from NAME: unavailable (seems a popular name these days on the phone!!)
and NUMBER: (here's a little twist on this taped message the other people commented on:)
77#-733-6385. The message is same as mentioned here. Now, it has been a few..months since the bailout so why now? I realize 'surveys' do not fall under the telemarketing donotcall, but....really, area code 77#????
The thing is our household DOES have something to do with the auto industry so I was wondering what this is really all about. New legislation should be introduced to include this type of stuff. They are indeed a nuisance and someone is going to get hurt rusing to pick the phone, thinking it is their relative or so and it will only be this. I am going to try now the proper area code here. We are in Ontario, Canada.
Tara Jones
 Aug 27th, 2009
I don't pick up if I don't know the number. This company seems to be a Toronto based company called RDD Net, who does surveys with promises of gifts for disclosing your personal information. If this doesn't sound like a scam then WAKE UP. They have a web-site at If you find their phone calls annoying then get even. Call their number 1-877-733-6385 and leave a very long and rambling message about nothing, but be polite, legal ( no swearing ) . Feel free to fill their answering machine so business is clogged up. Register them at the do not call registry and check out the CRTC site to see if they have the right to call you legally. RDDNET - YOU WILL REGRET CALLING ME !!!!!!
 Aug 25th, 2009
There should be a way to ban these nuisance calls When one is elderly it is hard enough to get up to answer the phone to begin with.
 Aug 22nd, 2009
Automated call came from 877-733-6385 and on my answering machine they just said "Do you approve or Disapprove of the Governments Handling of the GM Bail Out? If you Approve Press 1. Disapprove Press 2." ... and then silence .. so I hung up on them.

Caller ID only says Long Distance.
 Jul 31st, 2009